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  1. 7 hours ago, MadMardigain said:

    A quality spiral ride usually works to stop a lot of HS guys.  If he’s quading up after the spiral is applied it’s maybe that your spiral position and pressure needs some fine tuning. 

    If he gets a really good jump on you off the whistle to the quad then you can just drop back, pick up a single leg, get to your feet, and then finish as a takedown.  

    On smaller guy who are quick enough to be on their feet and pivoting on the whistle before you can get a solid grip on the single I just be prepared to move right behind him to mat return.  Sure it skips a step but prevents you from losing him w h seconds left.   Most bigger guys maybe hard to mat return but luckily they usually move slow enough to just get to the spiral or single.  

    Some times they’ll lead forward with their hands straight out . So can you jump bump foreword ? 

  2. Thank you for giving me terrific advice. I remember someone saying they would probably only teach 2-3 series for standing, top, bottom and defense. Like maybe a cradle and arm bar series on top for example. If I recall they said the main series will be the main emphasis even he’ll teach some moves outside of the series. I’m mainly trying to get other people’s perspective. 

  3. 4 hours ago, fightingsioux said:

    What else is there to say: the basics. Start teaching a few of the basic takedowns, a few rides, a few escapes and reversals, a few pinning combinations and how to counter them. Two or three of each category, no more.

    Drill, drill, drill. Then drill some more.

    Keep trying to raise their fitness level: plenty of books and videos on that.

    Perhaps hardest of all: make all of the above fun. Lots of games, contests, etc.

    One of the things that many coaches, schools and even communities don't realize is that there's a huge difference between a team and a program. To have consistently good teams you need a solid program, and that takes decades. It's a long haul, my friend. Best of luck!

    So you are saying use 2-3 series from each position ? Which series would you apply ? Does it depend on what kind of team you have ? Like abilities , personality, body type overall ? 

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