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  1. I look up the eligibility rules for dii diii and naiaa. If I’m understanding it correctly they go by how many semesters you are enrolled full time? You have 10 semester in four seasons ? If you go part time after you compete for one season it doesn’t count against your eligibility? Division II 10-semester/15-quarter clock: If you play at a Division II or III school, you have the first 10 semesters or 15 quarters in which you are enrolled as a full-time student to complete your four seasons of competition. You use a semester or quarter any time you attend class as a fulltime student or are enrolled part-time and compete for the school. You do not use a term if you only attend part-time with no competition or are not enrolled for a term.
  2. Has there ever been any off campus coaches that have been successful? Like is not a teacher on campus or anything ?
  3. When dan gable was the head coach of Iowa , how did he run his practices ? What would he have him wrestlers do ? Lot of live non stop ?
  4. So even if you wrestle a season and take time offf ?
  5. If you enroll part time or not all would it count for semester for division 2 eligibility ?
  6. I’m not the one doing that I’m totally against it one of the assists is doing that way
  7. Also during live he has having them wrestle with guy that are way bigger like a 108 pounder wrestling a heavyweight
  8. I’m currently coaching at a high school . One of the assistant been having them wrestle lot of live . They start out in a circle and group rotates while the one stays in their station . During the live wrestling there’s often times when the wrestlers are wrestling someone who is way out of their weight class . My question is is it a bad thing or a good thing ? Can it increase chances of injuries ?
  9. Is the head and arm a good move for Greco ?
  10. I'm an assist coach at a high school and many of the wrestlers keep shooting with their heads down and theirs arm out instead of having their elbows in. What are some drills that could help eliminate this ?
  11. Let's say wrestle A has the leg and ready to roll but wrestler B sprawls out ?
  12. I got a question on the Peterson roll . The traditional Peterson roll is the wrestler rolls at an angle to get 5 points. Let's say wrestler A is going to Peterson but wrestler B prevents it by sprawling back. Could wrestler A just slide his knees under his chest and go backwards with it ?
  13. How do you join the freestyle or Greco team in the military ? How does that work ?
  14. What are the highest percentage moves in Greco ? Like in neutral position
  15. Do they still have a wrestling club ?
  16. when you have a reverse gut wrench and your opponet goes between your leg what you do to counter that?
  17. Can you have to many units that it could effect your eligibility for a division two school even though you mostly been enrolled part time? thank you
  18. Thank you everyone I'm interested in maybe walking on cal baptist the D2 school in riverside,ca
  19. How to be a walk on? How does that work? I'm looking more at a d2 or naiaa I'm currently ready to transfer from a jc and was told I have 3 seasons of eligibility. I'm currently in my lates 20s
  20. What to do when you try to do a leglace and stand up and ur oponet grabs ur ankle and tries to bump into u
  21. How to start up a wrestling club like freestyle/greco and folkstyle for the young kids??
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