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  1. I look up the eligibility rules for dii diii and naiaa. If I’m understanding it correctly they go by how many semesters you are enrolled full time? You have 10 semester in four seasons ? If you go part time after you compete for one season it doesn’t count against your eligibility?


    Division II 10-semester/15-quarter clock: If you play at a Division II or III school, you have the first 10 semesters or 15 quarters in which you are enrolled as a full-time student to complete your four seasons of competition. You use a semester or quarter any time you attend class as a fulltime student or are enrolled part-time and compete for the school. You do not use a term if you only attend part-time with no competition or are not enrolled for a term.

  2. I’m currently coaching at a high school . One of the assistant been having them wrestle lot of live . They start out in a circle and group rotates while the one stays in their station . During the live wrestling there’s often times when the wrestlers are wrestling someone who is way out of their weight class . My question is is it a bad thing or a good thing ? Can it increase chances of injuries ?

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