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  1. I got a question on the Peterson roll . The traditional Peterson roll is the wrestler rolls at an angle to get 5 points. Let's say wrestler A is going to Peterson but wrestler B prevents it by sprawling back. Could wrestler A just slide his knees under his chest and go backwards with it ?
  2. How do you join the freestyle or Greco team in the military ? How does that work ?
  3. What are the highest percentage moves in Greco ? Like in neutral position
  4. Do they still have a wrestling club ?
  5. when you have a reverse gut wrench and your opponet goes between your leg what you do to counter that?
  6. Can you have to many units that it could effect your eligibility for a division two school even though you mostly been enrolled part time? thank you
  7. Thank you everyone I'm interested in maybe walking on cal baptist the D2 school in riverside,ca
  8. How to be a walk on? How does that work? I'm looking more at a d2 or naiaa I'm currently ready to transfer from a jc and was told I have 3 seasons of eligibility. I'm currently in my lates 20s
  9. What to do when you try to do a leglace and stand up and ur oponet grabs ur ankle and tries to bump into u
  10. How to start up a wrestling club like freestyle/greco and folkstyle for the young kids??
  11. How to do an inside trip without tieing up?
  12. i understand for D 2,3 and NAIAA theres a 10 semester rule. im currently at a jc in ca which the season is in the fall semester. if i were to go part time like 10 units spring semester and transfer to a 4 year either a D2 ,3 or NAIAA would i be able to compete ??
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