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    executionery4145 reacted to BobDole in Wrestling eligibility?   
    The only rule about eligibility in NAIA is you can't have grandchildren.
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    executionery4145 reacted to Idaho in College eligibility?   
    Except get a redshirt year. 
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    executionery4145 reacted to Mphillips in Technique sit   
    All things being equal...away from the head.  Many different scenarios though.
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    executionery4145 reacted to fullnelson in Technique sit   
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    executionery4145 reacted to RichB in 5 match rule ?   
    5 championsip bracket matches. 30 min
    2 champ matchee and 4 consolation = 32 minutee
    1 champ 5 cons = 31 minutes.
    Only way to do 6 bouts in 16 man brackets, 4 or 5 consies
    So to me 6 bouts in one day ok if at lesst 4 are consolations
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    executionery4145 reacted to neutralpositionref in 5 match rule ?   
    My sophomore year of high school, we went to a dual meet tournament.  It was a novel concept in TN back in 1997.  I had to wrestle four matches that day.  Based on event sizes of previous tournaments and/or my ability to advance or lack of ability to advance in tournaments, I had never wrestled that many matches in a day.  Well, by the end of the fourth match, all of which went the distance, I felt like I was going to kill over.  I can definitely see a safety factor in more than 5 matches in a day.
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    executionery4145 reacted to MadMardigain in Quadpod standup   
    A quality spiral ride usually works to stop a lot of HS guys.  If he’s quading up after the spiral is applied it’s maybe that your spiral position and pressure needs some fine tuning. 
    If he gets a really good jump on you off the whistle to the quad then you can just drop back, pick up a single leg, get to your feet, and then finish as a takedown.  
    On smaller guy who are quick enough to be on their feet and pivoting on the whistle before you can get a solid grip on the single I just be prepared to move right behind him to mat return.  Sure it skips a step but prevents you from losing him w h seconds left.   Most bigger guys maybe hard to mat return but luckily they usually move slow enough to just get to the spiral or single.  
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    executionery4145 reacted to davenowa in 5 match rule ?   
    while it would be nice to conduct a 16-man bracket through 3rd and 5th, unfortunately by allowing a 6th match, there would be more schools looking to run marathon multi-team duals with 7 teams wrestling 6 RR matches, lasting 10 hours.  however, my biggest issue with the 5-match rule is regarding the awarding of the team points via forfeit to the wrestler who has not had 5 matches (over the wrestler who has had 5, per 1.4.3 detailed in casebook).  often, the same wrestler who earns those pin points was beaten in the round of 16 by the opponent he then earns a forfeit over, as that kid hits 5 matches by winning/losing/winning/winning/winning (whereas the kid who lost in the 1st round often does not hit 5, unless a full 16, as he goes loss/bye/win/win/win).  no points should be awarded, with both taking 4th.
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    executionery4145 reacted to 1032004 in Coaching   
    Never coached but if I did this is what I’d probably focus on:
    1.  Good stance: as one of my old club coaches used to say, “you got no stance, you got no chance,”
    2.  Takedowns:  double, single, high crotch.     Being able to take someone down is arguably the most important skill in wrestling.  Double is probably the easiest, if you have football players on your team, it’s not really much different than a good tackle.
    3.  Bottom: standups.  In high school especially, being able to get out from bottom isn’t really about skill, it’s about how bad do you not want to let the other guy hold you down
    4. Top: half.  And if all else fails, let ‘me up and take ‘em down.
    5.  Run.  If you don’t have a lot of skill, at least be in better shape than your opponent so that that isn’t the reason you lose.
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    executionery4145 reacted to TripNSweep in Coaching   
    I'd never heard of that before but I watched a few videos and it looks like good stuff.  It's pretty similar to a lot of the same concepts that I've compiled in my notebook. 
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    executionery4145 reacted to Lurker in Coaching   
    Brandon Slay's 3x5 system.  I used to teach seven basic skills to all rookies first and foremost.  That was replaced at the end of my coaching career by the 3x5. I really feel like it is better to teach those concepts before any technique.
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    executionery4145 reacted to TripNSweep in Coaching   
    I would say be even more simple.  Just drill in basic concepts and ideas of things you should always do and things not to do.  When I first started coaching I was transitioning from actually competing to coaching and I had no idea what I was doing.  I just did the same stuff that my coaches did, but didn't really understand how to coach.  All of the things I did and took for granted, it took me some time to figure out that not everybody had been exposed to wrestling so they might not understand certain concepts or ideas.  I likened it to trying to teach somebody a language you speak fluently, but had no idea about the grammar, structure, etc.  So what I started to do was watch more, and I didn't watch the elite guys wrestle as much because they know what they're doing.  My idea is that a typical high school wrestler isn't going to run into that elite talent all that often, unless you live in PA or somewhere.  I watched a lot of the not as good kids, JV matches, etc. And what I looked for was common positions and tactics to win those positions.  From there you sort of have an idea of what you need to be doing.  Once you have that idea of where you need to wrestle from, and what skills, strengths and concepts you need to master then combine that with great conditioning and basic all around wrestling skills and I think it'll be great.  Like an example for me was I had a kid who could always get to a leg from neutral, but he seldom finished.  So what we did was had to explain to him that he had to take an angle on his finish and couldn't just bull rush through people.  Then you can get a little more in depth about how to finish, but first you have to teach that basic concept of why you're doing it and why it works.  
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    executionery4145 reacted to AnklePicker in Coaching   
    As a HS coach each year I get a set of kids who have never wrestled before and I have to coach them alongside kids who are training to win state titles. I teach them the same stuff. I start very basic but can progress rather quickly.  I think it’s important to develop drills around the 7 basic skills. Here’s a good resource for you:
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    executionery4145 reacted to BobDole in Coaching   
    Cradles are a great equalizer
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    executionery4145 reacted to Coach_J in Jimmy Fleming ?   
    Spates really seemed to enjoy the technique!  Went right onto the mat to see exactly how it was locked up!
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    executionery4145 reacted to AnklePicker in Misdirection   
    Fake like you’re going one way and go the other way.  The best do it very subtly.  Here’s a video from flo of Besik Kudukhov hitting his. Just fakes enough to freeze you. 
    Misdirection low single, shoot righty, he steps back switch up your knees and shoot lefty.  One way then the other.  
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    executionery4145 reacted to AnklePicker in Technique ?   
    Fake like you're going one way, actually go the other way.  
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    executionery4145 got a reaction from Tofurky in College eligibility?   
    Thank you
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    executionery4145 reacted to TripNSweep in Wrestling live ?   
    I follow the advice of Steve Martin on this who said that practices should mostly be drilling and very little live.  In the past when I coached it was the other way around for me, but a lot of times going live doesn't give kids the chance to work on technique, rather they just fight to survive and make mistakes so when they do actually wrestle a match they aren't as sure about their technique.  
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