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  1. JB, I can't disagree with your statement...my question is, has/did anyone from FLO or anyone else actually try and ask Marable or Sunkist? If not, that's where I'd be disappointed. I'll assume someone has tried to get some info but they have declined to comment.
  2. I'm surprised more of you didn't see Kilgore make a motion to his mouth after they got up to get their hands raised. I thought it was pretty bush league too until I saw him motion to his mouth to the ref and then drop the "F" bombs. Immediately I knew Varner had to have done something pretty cheap to get a reaction like that. I also think that's why Varner didn't react after taking those shots. Those of you that wanted Kilgore punished by USA Wrestling...do you feel the same about them going after Varner, or is that "just wrestling"?
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uR0cGlXD_rI
  4. Thanks for the link Mr. Dole, very interesting.
  5. After reading the information about the VA State Tournament debacle, I was wondering how many classes other states have and how many schools make up those classes. Appears VA's looks like this: The breakout looks like: 6A: 52 5A: 52 4A: ~53 3A: ~51 2A: 35 1A: 31 Private Schools: ~29 (but that is a quick guess, don't have hard numbers for them) *There are more schools in the breakout but theses numbers only include schools that have wrestling. *6A = largest schools, 1A = smaller schools. *6A through 1A schools are members of the VHSL each having their own state championship. *The private schools are independent and also have their own state championship for a total of 7 state championships per year in Virginia. Here in MO we have 4 classes of approximately 64 teams in each class. Off the top of my head (correct me if I'm wrong) IL has 2 classes: Over 600 schools in one class and over 300 in the other? CA has one class of over 800 schools? IN has on class (no clue how many schools) NJ has one class (no clue on how many schools). IA has three classes (no clue again). Kansas is one I thought had like 6 classes and something like 32 in each class? Correct me and add the other states.
  6. Thanks for the breakdown numbers. Obviously those seem like pretty small numbers.
  7. How many teams in each class? Here in MO we moved to 4 classes a quite a few years ago. Each division has roughly 64 teams, too many in my mind but was just wondering how many teams make up each class there in VA.
  8. Not sure about Brinzer talking to opponents either but I do know he used to talk to the gumby doll he had in his corner sometimes.
  9. My district reevaluated their coaches pay scale a couple years ago. A committee sat down and worked through every extra curricular position and graded it on about 9 criteria. Then depending on the "score", the pay scale was adjusted. Wrestling is paid pretty fair in regards to others in my district. In fact, I think it is only 1 percent less than the football and basketball coaches. I make just over 4 grand for coaching wrestling.
  10. I agree and specifically buy their products because they support wrestling.
  11. I'm no expert on this but from what I've read and experienced, for the most part you should only be lifting during the season to basically "maintain" what you gained during the offseason. Meaning two to three days a week. We didn't lift during high school season but we did during college. I believe most colleges hit the weight room during the season. I'd love to see some in-season programs that they use.
  12. It has been said ASU has an inside track on the Valencias, don't know how true it is but does make sense.
  13. I've heard ASU has the inside track on the brothers.
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