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  1. I remember reading something by Zeke Jones a few years back. I believe in the article he went back and broke down every match in that year's World Championships and gave the statistics/results. I will search for it online and see if I can track it down. It might have been in the USA Wrestling magazine a few years back. It was a pretty good article, very interesting.
  2. I remember reading something by Zeke Jones a few years back. I believe in the article he went back and broke down every match in that year's World Championships and gave the statistics/results. I will search for it online and see if I can track it down. It might have been in the USA Wrestling magazine a few years back. It was a pretty good article, very interesting.
  3. From photos here I would say legal. Doesn't look like there was a twisting of the neck. Hard to tell from the angles though. I have no idea but I'm guessing it was called illegal and "cost" the kid the match? And from the venue, I'm going to guess this was a state tournament match?
  4. www.missouriwrestling.com is no longer up and running. Found a new one that appears is ready to take over. http://showmewrestling.freeforums.net/
  5. If the refs would start calling it in the 1st period and being overly aggressive instead of overly passive, things would change in a hurry and everyone would adapt. I mean I'd much rather bitch about a ref calling stalling too much than them not calling any meaningful ones. Right now a ref could become a rockstar if they came out and started throwing the calls up like he should. I'm with the pushout rule. Might eliminate a lot of guys playing the edge and diving out of bounds. Something has to change, even hardcore fans are upset at the "state" of the game and are reserved to the fact that it's become a stallfest until the last minute or so. How do you think your average fans view our sport if the hardcore fans are disappointed in the product? Hell at this rate they should just put 1 minute on the clock and let them wrestle from there.
  6. Great post, very well put to say the least. I've been around the sport for over 35 years and currently coach a high school team. My 10 year old son shows very little interest in the sport and it's very sad. Not because I had plans for him to be an undefeated 4 timer who would go on to wrestle and win 4 titles for my beloved Hawkeyes but because I feel he's going to miss out on all the life lessons the sport would teach him. I"ve not "pushed" him at all, just subtle "brain washing" attempts when given the opportunity. I just know I'd be more than proud of him no matter the outcome if he'd just go out and give his best effort, seems to me your son did just that and will enjoy the rewards of that in the long run. Congrats dad, sounds like you raised a fine young man. Coach P, 100 wins isn't what it used to be I suppose but then again I think it depends on a lot of factors. 100 wins at a good program, where not every above average freshman starts is a heck of an accomplishment. Maybe the kid started the sport as a freshman. Maybe he was injured, a lot of factors could make a 100 wins a big accomplishment.
  7. On paper it appears Missouri has at least a decent chance to qualify all 10.
  8. Love reading Lewboo's stories like everyone else. Seems to me after reading the Brands 100 pt. story that he was probably a lot of guys' "kryptonite in the room. Got me thinking about who might have kicked his tail or been his "kryptonite" in the room? I'm sure most of us had someone in the room that they had lots of trouble with. For two years I had an upperclassman that I just couldn't get the best of him in the room even though I had a lot more success in real competition. He was one weight class heavier and two years older but never came close to placing while I always did much better. I tried to choose him every day to wrestle just to try and beat his azz but can never remember getting the best of him. So...my questions are: Lewboo, did you ever have a similar situation and who was it? Did anyone else have a teammate that was their kryptonite?
  9. I'm with Gasman....show up and buy your tickets outside the arena. Been to about 15 of these and there are tons of tickets available outside of the arena. Just make sure the lack of ticket in hand doesn't stop you from going.
  10. Show up at OKC and have your pick. Been the past 15 or so years and never had a problem buying them our front. They said both PA and IA were going to be difficult but had no problems (especially if you are willing to go above face value). I don't blame you for wanting to show up with a ticket in hand but don't let that stop you if it doesn't work out for you.
  11. I think Joe Russell gets forgotten a lot as well, great addition to the convo. Saw him at a clinic here in MO last year and the guy is a class act. Very unfortunate that an accident stopped him short of a very promising career on the mat.
  12. Thanks killdozer, makes me feel better...a little.
  13. Well I have to assume we overloaded the server? Not even sure if that's possible, some tech guy weigh in.
  14. Sorry for the dumb question here but....I've watched all weekend with no problems. Not counting for over a year with little problems....now nothing...won't even take me to the home page...do I really assume this is on my end? T1 guy....that question is for you as you seem to be the only one w/o problems.
  15. I see on twitter that they posted they are working on the home site....a lot of action at 125 it looks like.
  16. Did Gilman hang in an underhook and stall, I mean use strategic position, in the 1st period? Similar to how Mega always did to McD?
  17. I think it's an easy call if Clark continues to have weight management problems.
  18. What are the questions you want answered super? I'd love to answer them as best as I can.
  19. Obviously there were multiple factors involved as stated already. That being said, how long was McD hurt? I contend that having a torn labrum for an extended period of time had a huge affect on his ability to prepare...ie practice. Inability to practice like you know you should be practicing will have a huge affect on you physically and mentally...it's all related but most sane people would have to admit that if you have to go most of the season with a bum shoulder...you won't be as prepared as you would be with a full season with two good shoulders. Sure he didn't wrestle well at the NCAA's, sure he won some big matches throughout the season despite the fact. I contend that most of the guys wouldn't have even been in those matches to make the difference if McD was healthy the whole year. And yes, McD could have wrestled better and won those matches despite the fact, it's all on him but I think the shoulder was a major overall factor. And did you really say you tend to believe all people with their word??? Do politicians count?
  20. If you're an Iowa fan you may enjoy going to this link and listening to Ironside call some action. http://www.iheart.com/live/AM800-KXIC-5262/
  21. While I realize the singlet may be an easy excuse for some to avoid trying the sport, I have no doubts it does prevent some from giving it a shot. And I'm speaking of middle and high school kids who are brand new to the sport. Again, I realize it's a weak and easy excuse for some but I wish some of you guys could walk the halls of a middle school or high school and try and recruit kids to even give it a shot before you just dismiss it as not even a little factor in more kids being involved. I'm disappointed the uniforms such as the "double" didn't last more than a year or two.
  22. Just show up the day of and buy your tickets. You'll get to choose what level.
  23. I recently ordered over 60 singlets for our middle school program from www.grapplemonster.com Got them designed and in my hands in less than 30 days, priced great and awesome customer service, I highly recommend checking them out.
  24. FYI: They are currently working on a new downtown "attraction" area in STL known as Ballpark Village. Should add some newness to those that are tired of the "Union Station"/downtown area. http://stlouis.cardinals.mlb.com/stl/ba ... illage.jsp
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