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  1. Hope he's not Ramos's new "Sentes".
  2. I agree, too many people don't get his true gift. I'd like to know what he does for a living.
  3. I've never ordered anything from them but from threads I've seen (not sure if it was on here) you are not alone my friend. Seems to be plenty of people that are more than frustrated with the company. Good luck, hope they come through at some point.
  4. I think it's the Big Ten Digital Network, probably has access through internet but not on a TV.
  5. I can't recall all the Clark/Hall match but it started off pretty tame as Clark got a takedown and then piled up a lot of riding time in the first. Second period had a lot of action with Hall hitting a cement mixer for a takedown I believe and almost taking Clark to his back. Clark was up 3 pts. (4 with riding time) with under ten seconds to go in the 3rd when hall did a standup, reached around, chin whipped Clark where Clark just squared up and kind of reached back in towards Hall to not give up the reversal. Hall immediately dropped to a front headlock position where he hit another cement mixer for the takedown at the buzzer. So he got an escape and takedown in that sequence and then Clark won on the riding time. Here's what the Iowa board had for the match. Clark agressive and Hall counters. Clarks headlock trying to pull down to the mat. Hall squeezes the elbow. Clark starts one way and gets the other way TD. 2-0 Clark Clark working the power half. Thinking bonus points. Clark still working for BP. 15 seconds left. Hall is flat. End of 1. 1:26 of RT 2-0 Clark. Clark starts down to start the second. Clark up and out and back on offense. Gets a TD Hall catches Clark in a reverse wing. Reversal. 4-2 Clark is taken down. 4-4 Audio is bad. Not sure how that score makes sense. Clark out for escape. 5-4 Clark elevating with 15 seconds. Clark gets a TD at the end of the period. 7-4. Unsure how that happened 59 seconds of RT for Clark. (help!) Clark riding Out of position. May give up a reversal. Clark now trying for backs SM 1:21 1:39 of RT Hall has big move capability. Clark riding tough. SM 1:06 on the clock. Clark throws hall back down to the mat. Clark working the chicken wing. OOB 34 seconds left 2+min of RT. Hall up to feet. Clark throws him down. Another SM 12 seconds left. Out for an escape and then a TD ! He reaches up and does a barrel roll for an escape and TD. Clark wins 8-7
  6. I'm not criticizing here, just interested in if Jordan is a "normal" aged college freshman? This kid is pretty amazing either way, just wondering if he has an "extra" year than a normal true freshman.
  7. DF, I think you're slipping...why even allow runner ups in this discussion. Doesn't make much sense to me. Is it because your "buddy" was runner up at the Olympics? Either way, I've lost a little respect for your oversight, you're a damn champion...act like it!
  8. +1000 ...you're clueless Zelph
  9. While I don't have an objection to women wrestling or even in the Olympics, I do share the same opinion as angry fish...if it's going to have a negative impact on mens wrestling then I have a problem with it. I'd like to agree with some and say forget the Olympics and just concentrate on the World Championships, go back to as many weights as we want and go from there. The problem is I think we would lose a great deal without the "Olympic Movement". Like most, I just don't see the reason the IOC refuses to add weight classes. Give everybody eight or ten and call it good. I realize it would still leave the medal percentage at 33%, which is obviously a major concern for the IOC. Why can't they add women's greco to help the percentage out? Sure, few would want to watch womens greco but what do I care if it means I get to watch more men have opportunities? Give everyone 8 weight classes in each style and reach the 50% for all I care. Bottom line, it's pretty obvious that the sport of wrestling has lost it's appeal to the IOC and they could really care less about our sport. We don't make money for them and they could care less about the history and it's "place" in the Olympics because of it. I realize more medals / participants means more money spent by the IOC but some quick research (The Olympic Movement generated a total of more than US$4 billion, €2.5 billion in revenue during the Olympic quadrennium from 2001 to 2004.) shows they make BILLIONS...so what's a little more for one of the original Olympic Sports? Going back to the medal count percentage. Are we on the verge (taking for granted we stay in the Olympics) of going to a 4-4-8 medal count down the road? That would put us at 50%?
  10. Thanks for posting the link to Alex's match. How in the world do three officials miss all those points though?? Just unbelievable if you ask me.
  11. I like the nearfall idea, that would be great and easy to install if you ask me. I don't think there's a negative that anyone could point to for that rule change. Not sure about the equipment idea. I could see more and more guys pulling on headgear but maybe I'm overthinking how much guys do it now. Video does need to be tweaked. I'm not sure why it takes so long in some cases. Pull it up, look at it maybe three times and make your call. If you're not sure or the angle isn't right then you stick with the original call. I realize stalling is tough but it really shouldn't be that tough. I think you could tie some sort of pushout rule in there somehow. Instead of one foot like in freestyle, how bout if you go completely out of bounds with both feet you get hit? Or if you go out of bounds twice in a row? Something needs to be done IMO.
  12. 11th - Missed Albany and Auburn Hills....hopefully never again!
  13. The prices are going to drop fellas. They already have on craigslist and other online auctions. I've been to every tourny for about the past 12 years and there are always tickets available outside the arena. Maybe it's different this year but last year they were saying the same things and there were plenty to be had out in Philly.
  14. Happy Birthday Coach Gable! What a great day!!! Named my son Gable Hawk after my childhood idol.
  15. I got Schalles (73)vs. Pat Smith (91) at 158 lbs. Smith was a sophomore I think that year so I gotta go with Schalles.
  16. RPKD, My thoughts exactly. I would like to know why the NWCA couldn't make the same deal with ESPN? I'll just assume that ESPN wants the name "NCAA" along with the event. That being said, I'm still hoping the NCAA will decide to give a National Championship Trophy to each event. They give one for indoor and outdoor track so I'm not sure why they wouldn't do the same for wrestling since it will make the most sense money wise. In my opinion, money will be lost if they only sanction the dual title.
  17. Yes it's the Gentry that wrestled for Stanford a few years ago. Not sure where he's originally from but I think one of his parents is from Canada and that's who he's wrestling for. He won Bronze so he did well. As for times. Here's a link to the schedule. I believe London is 6 hours ahead of EST here in the US. http://www.nbcolympics.com/wrestling/index.html
  18. Why can't the NCAA sanction a Dual National Championship and a Tournament National Championship? Is it not similar to the Outddor and Indoor Track Championships? I'm in the opinion they are all about the money and I think they would make a ton more if they sanction both events. If they fail to sanction one I think they will lose money and obviously the "individual" tournament will fall a bit in fans' minds. I'm a pretty big wrestling junkie and have been to the past 15 NCAA's or so but I'm not sure I'd spend the time and money to do that every year if my TEAM wasn't afforded the opportunity to win a title. I think you'd be taking a ton of the intrigue/drama out of it.
  19. Hate to hear it DF but good luck to you and thanks for giving us all some laughs.
  20. I too enjoyed seeing that result!
  21. I'm with most everyone else. Too much shaking. Shake for the introductions, match, and after the dual...that's more than plenty.
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