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    cardsfsc reacted to headshuck in Warning points. I have zero.   
    I think there's an unhealthy trend of people liking each other on this forum.
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    cardsfsc reacted to GoNotQuietly in Marable missing weight   
    If a doctor says he is hurt then you have to respect that, imo.  That said, if you are going through a cut like that, and you walk into a doctors office, any physician who takes his oath seriously is going to say you absolutely have no business competing athletically just from dehydration alone.  What's the big deal with giving Marable a special wrestle off?  Make them coincide with the Fargo Finals (this has happened before), and we will all get to watch a great series between him and a fresh Green. 
    On a side note:  We should have Mat-side weigh ins at all levels.  That will stop this absurd weight dropping once and for all.
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    cardsfsc reacted to Coach_J in Kilgore should be booted   
    Thankful for the fuller story and the missed fishhook.  You want to fishhook, you got a couple well-earned shots coming.
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    cardsfsc reacted to PapaBearSLIM in Kilgore should be booted   
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    cardsfsc reacted to hammerlockthree in David Taylor...   
    Taylor has had some of the most brutal losses of anyone around, always handles them well. Weird career, seems to bob from between god and goat. 
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    cardsfsc reacted to JasonBryant in Predictions for tonight   
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    cardsfsc reacted to Flying-Tiger in Marable can Still win 70KG   
    Yes, he was referring to Marable, the guy that has never won a world medal; or an NCAA championship for that matter. IF that win wasn't a fluke , then why his he cutting all that weight to avoid Burrroughs?…and Taylor and Dake who have defeated him as well. 
    Marable should be out, especially if he missed weight and then claimed an injury. I hope USA wrestling gets this one right. The guy has done nothing to deserve special consideration. James Green showed up and won. He should represent the USA; he earned it. 
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    cardsfsc reacted to Bloate in The Mark Hall is the man thread   
    I don't' believe in trashing college athletes, but we have become so socially correct that any adjective used that is not in praise is deemed to be bullying. The terms "ass whippin", "beat down", shellacking", when describing a match, dual or other athletic event can no longer be used without being interpreted as an attack on the "non winner". When I walked out of Hilton arena in 1982 after watching Schultz defeat Banach, I either used or heard all of the aforementioned terms to describe the match. Not one time did I think that it was an attack on Banach but rather a an apt description of what in my opinion was the dominance Shulz displayed in that great match. If you can't call a dominant preformance by a wrestler as an ass whippin, we have gone to far in an absurd attempt not to ever again hurt anyone's feelings. Saying that on athlete wrestled like a man and another wrestled like a boy is certainly not a compliment but in my estimation more descriptive of the results rather than an attack on an individual wrestler.
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    cardsfsc reacted to hawkeye73 in Mike Zadick   
    Mike just doing what he loves to do his 2nd passion besides wrestling.
    Living and hunting out in the wild county being a man just making his living doing what he loves.
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    cardsfsc reacted to JasonBryant in The Mark Hall is the man thread   
    I guess some people get off on the fact they can come on a message board and anonymously trash 18-19 year olds to somehow feel better about themselves.
    Type of people we don't need in our sport. Congratulate Mark Hall and Jason Nolf. zero need to mock and trash someone who didn't win a tournament. SMH
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    cardsfsc got a reaction from snwbrdwint in Talking to an opponent during a match   
    Not sure about Brinzer talking to opponents either but I do know he used to talk to the gumby doll he had in his corner sometimes.
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