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  1. Not so fast. Lance has made $1.217K over 8 years. Taxes chew up almost 40%, and then there are also training and manager expenses. He’d be lucky if he was able to save a couple hundred thousand of that.
  2. he took an Olympic RS during the 15/16 season and subsequently announced he would not be returning to the Badgers, focusing on Greco instead. He made the '16 Olympic Greco team, winning a match in the round of 16, but then lost to a former world champ, and 2-time Olympic Silver medalist.
  3. yeah, I normally attend every Badger home dual and I almost always sit in the middle of the front row closest to the action. The camera's are setup in front of me on the outside edges of the mat, with the scorer's table across the way, and the 'away' fan section in the background. The home crowd is never shown. Damn shame they do it that way.
  4. I will watch the video of the dual when I get home tonight, but I went to the Badger site to see some of the highlights. The field house is a big box with seating around all 4 sides. It appears that the cameras were in front of the main section where most of the crowd sits. Only a few fans sit in the other 3 sections. Unfortunately, that's what you see in the background of the video, giving the incorrect impression that the seats were mainly empty. My guess is that they had around 2,000 fans since they did a nice job of promoting this locally, and they had 2 of the top local highschool wrestling teams wrestle their dual prior to the Badger dual. That alone was expected to help draw more fans than usual.
  5. Good points. I'm a badger homer, so I'm biased, of course. But, my perspective is that Massa sustained a knee injury at the 2:12 mark but Wick was just about to score another TD. However, it doesn't seem that the knee injury hampered Massa after that. The rest of the match was a bit uneventful, although Wick seemed to be in control. But, near the end of the 3rd period it seemed pretty obvious something was wrong with Massa. My guess is the flu. Seriously. He doesn't normally gas, but he was toast.
  6. WI won 20-19 based on tiebreaker.
  7. I'm using Chrome. Try this link. Click on Bracket in the middle of the screen near the top. http://arena.flowrestling.org/event/c0e3f976-8415-4da0-a9c6-351adf2b9df2
  8. Lubeck has 1 more year of eligibility. If you count him, the Badgers have 6 guys on roster that will have previously qualified.
  9. Nah, we can all root for him. Sure came off as a likable kid in his post-win interview.
  10. No doubt it's a big upset, but #2 Moreno at 165 going down to 16-14 Wilson is bigger.
  11. I agree. I'm not an Iowa fan but that's a pretty impressive list of solid individuals.
  12. When I saw the title of this thread my first thought was that it was the answer to "What is the title to one of the shortest books in history?" Oh, yeah, here's a smiley face so you know I'm joking : - )
  13. Sweet. Today Taylor beat Earl Hall 4 - 3. The kid is for real.
  14. I'm not sure I saw it. What did the ref do?
  15. Agreed. I attended the WI/Rutgers dual. Rutgers looked very good, and is a young team.
  16. Based on how poor (and injured) Delgado looked a few days ago against WI, I can't imagine that he'll be wrestling in the Duals.
  17. Go watch the match against WI. Delgado favors his injured arm/shoulder and, when on his feet, rests it on his knee much of the time. He definitely looks injured.
  18. Once Thielke couldn't make 133 I think it was an easy coach's decision to move Taylor to 133 and Thielke to 141. I don't know if RT beats Thielke, but RT is looking like he would.
  19. Well, last year he was at 125 because Graff was at 133. This year he started at 125 because Thielke was supposed to be at 133. Taylor has looked like this since day 1.
  20. yeah, for whatever reason, he seems to be under everyone's radar. Last year as a RS-Fr in the Big Ten tourney he beat Youtsey, lost a close 4-3 match to Mega, beat Lambert, and then decimated Clark 9 - 5 for 3rd place. I know when I use the word 'decimated' people will take umbrage, but Clark had absolutely no defense against his TD's. This year he took 3rd at Midlands in a stacked weight class that included Schopp, Deutsch, Alexander, Z. Richards, Clark, Sabatello, Norstrem, and Jarrod Garnett. RT easily beat Garnett, and I suspect Garnett had no idea what a buzzsaw he was about to go up against.
  21. Oh, yeah, RT teched the ranked Rutgers kid 2 days ago, too. RT has grown nicely into the 133 weight.
  22. RT completely tears him apart 23 - 5. Wow.
  23. you know Brown entered college in 2008, and Evans entered in 2010, right?
  24. Yeah, they're not throwing in the towel. They're looking great in the 3rd. Wow.
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