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    mgrimm reacted to madcat11 in Any results for Iowa -- Penn State?   
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    mgrimm reacted to silver-medal in Question about Stieber's career record.   
    Stieber has never lost since we don't count any matches in which he was sick or injured.  
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    mgrimm reacted to Two_on_one in Will There Be a Freshman Champ   
    Assuming this opinion of 25% chance for each guy is correct, here is how you do the math for the chances of at least one of them doing it. 
    (1-.25) x (1-.25) x (1-.25) = .4218 that none will win, or a 1.0 -.42 = 57.8% chance that at least one of them will win it all. 
    That sounds like pretty good chances, but I really doubt that many people would agree that all three guys have a one in four chance of winning this.  I would put Tomasello's chance at less that 5% even though I love the way he wrestles He is going to have to take out at least two or more of these guys (Dance, Waters, Gillman, Delgado, Garrett).  I would give Snyder or Bo Jordan a decent shot at winning. 
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    mgrimm reacted to paboom in First ever dual with a ref "unaware of what was happening."   
    I totally agree on JD.  With absolutely no experience, he made it look easy.
    Byers is suffering from one of two different things based on what I heard from him yesterday.
    1.  He is grossly overrated and does not understand the sport.
    2.  He was knowingly making things up which makes him dishonest.
    His calling the official by his name shows a serious lack of professionalism and getting awards as a wrestling announcer from the wrestling community is nothing.  It's not like he is going up against Costas or Buck.  Who is his main competition?  Bader?
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    mgrimm reacted to VakAttack in First ever dual with a ref "unaware of what was happening."   
    I kept thinking "is this as awful as I think it is?" Thank god for my sanity.
    Byers was just flat wrong on a LOT of things, notably Chris Dardanes "stalling", Beitz clearly fleeing the mat, saying the ref should know what time before calling stalling, and thinking Law's turtling maneuver was some kind of activity.
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    mgrimm reacted to tbert in MINNESOTA @ PENN STATE   
    Well its a good thing there is video, otherwise I would of thought Penn St. won every match.
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    mgrimm reacted to Old_Marine_Wrestler in Wow...Maryland is embarrassing   
    I wonder if he heckled the screen while watching Foxcatcher?
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