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  1. Joined in 1999 or 2000. The top 5 posters, IMO: 1. JTTS - guy was hilarious. This cocky NYer was very addicted to this forum until he got a wife and disappeared forever. He had some really witty stories, like Mocco's fast food incident. Always riled up Hawk fans. His one quote that always stuck in my mind -- when somebody was going after him for being arrogant and cocky with his "6 figure salary" ... he simply replied, "Nobody told me about the pay cut." 2. Delfino / DF - the anti-hero; great storyteller. He asked the forum to critique his own obituary one time. 3. BIG - suspected of being many other monikers, he was the definition of Multiple Personality Disorder. He'd be the toughest guy on the Internet one minute and ready to jump off of a bridge the next. 4. Mudflap - Hawkeye insider with the best character this forum has ever seen. 5T. Medicine Man - fantasy matches and top notch photo-shop skills before anyone had such skills. 5T. Suzie - Nobody could cyber-bully a single wrestler as relentlessly as Suzie. Brent Metcalf may still be seeing a psychologist because of Suzie.
  2. My $0.02: 1. Brands Bros 2. Danny Hodge 3. Sammy Henson 4. Brent Metcalf (talk about wearing a guy's neck / lower back out) 5. Varner 6. Pico -- I'm buying the hype w/Pico, b/c it's his handwork that makes him exceptional; snap downs are nasty. He's not very quick, which makes me think his hands are uber-heavy (aside from the fact that he bounces cats heads on the mat regularly w/ his snap downs). 7. Lincoln McIlravy 8. The Farmer, Royce Alger The opponents of these in-your-face guys that who are brutally strong aren't having wet dreams; their having nightmares about getting embarrassed by these guys.
  3. I'm more interested in why Haze got one for the underarm spin that Ramos didn't come close to being taken down. If somebody could explain the "appreciation point" (old dirty?) I'd like to learn. It seems like 'we'll give you a point for a nice effort @ almost scoring'.
  4. That's great, Medicine Man. We had a State Champ who used to call it his "Pimp Drop" -- he'd pick a guy up off of a hi-c and walk around the mat until he was ready to dump the guy. Ref never called stalling. Pure entertainment.
  5. Nice snap single, pushing him into the cage and finishing with a double-leg that would make Tony Nelson look like Flash Gordon.
  6. LOL, I don't hate anybody that I can think of. I probably watch more tape of Taylor than any other person right now and think he was a great 2-timer. Ruth is still better and so was T.J. I know I am in the minority in thinking T.J. was the best 2xer, and that's okay. If somebody can tell me about an undefeated two-timer, I will change my opinion of T.J.
  7. With all of the criticism that Brands is taking right now, the decision to wrestle Clark was a great decision. The top 3 guys at 125 finished where they should have regardless of who started for the Hawks.
  8. Alright, I'll say it. It's f'ed up that Ruth wins a THIRD title in dominating fashion, has the same or fewer losses than Taylor (3 for both?), ESPN decides 165 should be the grand finale, and well, Taylor is treated like the second coming. I'll never get that other than the same reason people don't give T.J. Williams the credit he deserves -- which is the best 2xer ever having lost only once in his career.
  9. You can't help but think about what a guy could do if he gets in on a shot to avoid the scramble. I think Koll eluded to it ... but easier said than done. It's like you have to hit a double and immediately go a body lock before he can get off to the side to look for a leg to roll through w/.
  10. Agreed on the ref at 125. He is one of the best, IMO. I hope the bald guy that reffed Grajales vs. Alton isn't the lead ref tonight ... and God help us if they let Kessel ref.
  11. Perry was the last 4x AA. 2nd, 3rd, 1st, 1st. Mark was just so fun to watch ... always looking to pin and you never knew how he was going to put somebody on their back, but you knew it could happen from pretty much any position. St. John just got his 4th AA honor.
  12. I like watching Perry. His brother is my second favorite Hawk of all-time. He completely dominated. Speaking of where they start and end, you have 3 guys going for a 3rd title (one a PSU guy) and 2 other guys going for a second, but the Taylor infatuation is too strong.
  13. "That was one of my favorite positions, dropping down to my knees ... obviously."
  14. 125 - Garrett over the scarecrow. 133 - Ramanos gets taken down twice in the first period, but Graff gasses in the 3rd and gets caught by a cow. 141 - Stieber has looked as quick and active as ever. 8-3. 149 - I like Kindig. 157 - Ness by pin. 165 - Taylor by infatuation. 174 - Howe stays out of the camel clutch by not choosing down but still loses in double OT by an exciting Perry escape. 184 - Ruth 3-2. 197 - J'Den Cox is the one stuntin' here, as Steve-O goes down. 285 - Nelson doggystyles his way to a 2-0 win.
  15. Clark looked sucked down. Haven't seen a guy looked that sucked down, well, since Thorn and McDonough wrestled last year. It was like watching Skeletor wrestle himself.
  16. I was a freshman in high school when Mike VanArsdale showed us this technique. Right off of the whistle, he would lock it up, suck a guy back and throw in a leg at the same time for some back points.
  17. People complain quite a bit about this ride as a stalling tactic. And I've never seen it called because the guy is off to the side trying to trap the near side arm w/ his front knee. But there's a right way and a wrong way to use it. Watch guys like Schopp and Stieber ... those cats are looking to turn people with it. And they actually do tilt off of it. If a guy like Monk or Perry aren't really looking to score points with it, and you as a referee can tell the difference, then stalemate it the first time it happens and ding 'em for stalling the second time. I see it as no different than hanging onto a leg if that's how you are going to call that position.
  18. I can at least respect Perry for occasionally trying to turn guys on top. Guys who I would never let my boys watch ride: Delgado and Megaludis -- they can shoot 100 times, I don't care. If a referee is going to stalemate them to riding time every match ... then take me to Victoria's Secret instead next year ... yoga pants are on me, ladies. The world needs more yoga pants.
  19. Burak for Iowa. My little ass just happened to get moved to first class and next to Burak with the rest of the Hawks. Caught a plane ride last year to Denver to watch my Ravens win one of the greatest playoff games ever while they were heading to Stillwater. Back on topic, Burak was just a really nice, quiet kid.
  20. Mitchell Port and Colon stand out to me.
  21. Off of the top of my head, Shankey, Pfaffinger, and Cory Connell were fairly recent Iowa guys that went DIII and did well. Shankey won 2 DIII titles for Augsburg, Connell was 2nd for Wartburg to the previously mentioned Marcus V., and Pfaffinger was an AA for Mankato State.
  22. And while you're at it, the both of ya need to cut out the two first names b.s.
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