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    WatWest00 reacted to TheOhioState in Is bigmik the GOAT poster?   
    Here's JTSS"s song, which was written after the 2002 NCAA's:


    Sung to the tune of "The Piano Man" by Billy Joel 

    It’s 9 o’clock on a Saturday
    We’re live in upstate New York
    Iowa’s in 4th place and falling
    Time to stick them with a fork

    Look over there, it's Mike Zadick
    I’ve heard he's never merciful
    Just went to his back seven times
    Against the dreaded Jake Percival

    So sing us a song, you’re the Iowa fan
    It’s hard for you to be merry
    No one thinks the Fulsaas twins
    Are the next coming of Tom and Terry

    Jessman Smith is a friend of mine
    Just got stuck by Rob Rohn
    He’s sitting next to Mocco
    Who’s eating a taco
    While his dad scoops him an ice cream cone

    No Hawk All American at 174
    You have the overrated Tyler
    Trey Clark beat Cael?
    He’d probably get stuck by Cyler.

    So sing us a song, you’re the Iowa fan
    This pain, how do we dull it?
    Let’s remember Royce Alger
    And that other guy with the mullet

    And Moore is practicing bridging
    He always goes to his back
    Opposing wrestlers are now excited
    To wrestle the gold and black

    Got nothing from 157 or 165
    No AA status for Luke
    I just saw old Dan Gable
    Looks like he’s going to puke

    During the awards ceremony
    Our guys are in street clothes and loafers
    You can’t win it every year
    Unless you’re the Golden Gophers

    So sing us a song, you’re the Iowa fan
    Better you then me
    If you think this year was rough
    Wait until 2003!
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