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  1. How can you even be considered or get any votes for wrestler of the year when you didnt even win your weightclass aka wrestler of your weightclass? Thats just plain stupid. i mean if your gonna be wrestler of the year id think a prerequisite would be winning a national title
  2. Retherfords lowest weighin was 134.5 at Warrior Run dual Dec 20th and was eligible to wrestle 132 at Powerade on the 28th. But decided to go 138 at powerade and was never under 139.1 after that. that being said, i do agree he still needs to get bigger TLS - I agree 100% on Marstellers conditioning. That is just a dumb statement in my opinion. Hes in shape PERIOD! As for PSU lineup.. to maximize the use of the lightweights i think Mega should redshirt and Conaway go 125, with Gulibon at 133. As for 141, there is no way that Andrew is going to go back to 141. I think Beitz should be there and redshirt Retherford for 2013/14. Then the following season have Retherford at 141 with Beitz moving to 149. but ideally It would be great if Gulibon could get big enough for 141 and Retherford for 149 so conaway could go 133 and Megaludis 125 for 2014/15 season
  3. Taylor 6-5. Could be in tiebreaker. Regardless, i got Taylor 6-5. Gonna be a helluva match thats for sure. obviously i am not the only one thinking that, since 165 is last bout of the tourny. Should be , wait... WILL BE one for the books
  4. I dont recall saying one win making a season. I agree with you on that. I was simply reminding you that Conaway is better than mediocre.
  5. Conaway has a motor that wont quit.. Been like that ever since i can remember. ive known him his whole life. his dad was my coach in high school. He will never lose a match because of conditioning thats for sure
  6. Jamarr Billman n Bryan Snyder , Snyder had to def take it hard tho
  7. If 3 lbs aint a big deal the nwhy change it? Just because kids in general are getting lazier dont penalize the kids that are still putting the time in or the kids that simply just arent that big. Whether it be maturing late or just coming from an "small build" type family
  8. Sockobuw and husker du are right on as usual! Most of the teams that are forfeiting arent forfeiting in the middleweights! so why delete a middle weight. One of the dumbest thing ive ever heard. And HuskerDu's statement about junior high weights to high school weights pretty much somes up the rest of the problem. when i graduated '99 there wasnt a 215 in PA yet and if you were a 215 you went heavy and made those slow guys look stupid. Thanks sockobuw for bringing up Coy Wire! Pete Meilnick wasnt a shappy state champ at heavy either (AAA i might add) after comin up from 189. Now before i get beat up here let me say all the heavyweights arent slow, they just arent as athletic as a solid 215 and therefore pure athleticism (teach them a double and a half) can win heavyweight which leads me to another argument. can you bank on pure athleticism to win 103 -152? Hell no!! so why drop a weight where someone actually knows how to wrestle? And add a weight where you need to find a football player who never wrestled to fill.
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