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  1. Will fractured his elbow in scramble in the OT of his loss. He's already had surgery.
  2. All I was saying is that Lambrecht was having a great tournament and was having a great match, and I was very shocked when he got pinned. Since the topic of the post was about Finals shockers I was simply responding to that. The tournament that Rohn had up to that point had not even entered my mind, and I didn't bother to look it up since it didn't seem relevant to my point that I was shocked. I was not trying to slight Rohn in any way and the topic here was not about who should have won OW in 2002. Besides, if you had told me before the match that Rohn would win, I probably wouldn't have even argued with you. However, given the score at the time and how Lambrecht was in control the pin was a shocker, not just for me but for many others. I do remember at the time, that once Rohn had the front headlock, I was telling my dad sitting next to me, Lambrecht needs to get out of there because no good can come from that for him. (and this is coming from a former wrestler who scored a lot from being front headlocked). In my original post I included Lambrecht losing as a shocker, given the score at the time, and Metcalf's loss because I thought there was no way he would lose that bad to Caldwell. Too different reasons to be shocked. As a Cornell guy, I typically root for Lehigh, but I also have Sooners in my blood and was sitting in that section.
  3. Like I said BEFORE he got pinned, since Lambrecht was close to winning by TF over Rohn. Obviously the pin changed that.
  4. I believe you're referring to Cael. But I was thinking before he got pinned that Lambrecht could/should be OW, the way he was dominating the field, but there was no way he would win it over Cael. Lambrecht won by Pin, 9-0 over 11 seed, TF over Hrovat, 8-6 over Hahn, and then was on his way to a TF in the Finals. I was sitting in the OU section at the time, and I still remember Lambrecht's dad hunched over the rail after he got pinned. I was hoping he wouldn't have a heart attack.
  5. In my 20 years of watching the finals two shockers come to mind. Metcalf losing to Caldwell as badly as he did. I just remember everyone in the arena just stunned. The other big shocker was Lambrecht losing to Rohn. Lambrecht was up by 12 or so and the only way he could lose was by getting pinned.
  6. Justin wrestled for Missouri one year, I believe he lost in the AA round.
  7. All of Koll's success can be attributed to his first recruiting class as an assistant coach. Hopefully he reads this. To address a couple of points: Rob has done a fantastic job for Cornell but as someone says, wrestling at Cornell will survive without him. The facilities are top notch, and there is a strong alumni base. There was old-timers support before he got there, because they're the ones who brought Spates in. But he's also done a great job in keeping the alumni involved, some he coached and others he didn't. Since wrestling doesn't have a professional route, there will be plenty of kids knowing they also need a good education. Will Cornell be as strong without him? Who knows, but it will be good more often than not even after he leaves. The job is his as long as he wants it, but I say that because I don't see him coaching as long as someone like Bobby Douglas. I think he'll know when it's time to leave and when he does, he'll have opportunities (or can retire).
  8. I wrestled at Cornell in the early 90's and we had several transfer in. Kyle Rackley from OK State when they got put on probation. Mike New from Penn St, Bob Whalen from UVA, Tim Sczeck from Army and a few from JUCO. I can't tell you about the individual circumstances but because we were an Ivy League school with no scholarships, they could wrestle right away without losing a year of eligibility.
  9. The stars didn't "align" for Cody, he beat the tar out of every guy he wrestled last year. He beat top ranked guys and beat them easily. I think he has to go in as the clear favorite next year.
  10. Benedictine College in Atchison, KS just added wrestling a couple of years ago. NAIA.
  11. Portland State also had the last wrestler (and AA) from a DII or DIII school to compete at DI nationals, Dan Russell who beat Pat Smith in a previous year.
  12. To answer your first questions, I would have a hard time arguing that Koll is a greater coach than Cael because of Cael's national titles. Maybe Koll is greater, but I guess it depends on how you define coaching greatness. If it's based purely on developing the kids you have, then there is a good case that Koll is better. (And I think that's why most consider Koll and Flynn great coaches) However, a part of coaching is recruiting so that must be included. I think it is easier to recruit to PSU than to Cornell, but how much easier, I don't know nor does anyone else know for sure. To answer your second question. The GOAL for Cornell for the last few years has been to win a national championship. That wasn't the goal in the beginning, so to argue he has failed for 21 years you are wrong. Just like did I want to win a national championship while I was at Cornell? Sure. But my more realistic goal was to be an AA. While the goal will be to win a team national championship for the forseable future, I won't consider him a failure as a coach if he doesn't achieve it. He has taken the program to a level that most didn't think could happen and for that he has succeeded. When I first started going to nationals in 1999 and for a few years after that there was no Cornell section, I bought tickets through OU. A few years later, we had our first post-finals and there were only a handful of people, and they didn't outnumber the team. Now, we have one of the largest crowds every year (even in our down year this year), and in Philly I think we had 1,000 or 1,500 at the party. During his tenure, Cornell built the first (and maybe only) wrestling only facility, that is unbelievable. To sum it up Koll is a great coach because of the program he has built, the sustained success he has had especially given where the program was, and the obsticles he must overcome coaching at Cornell. DSims, why exactly would it be tough to argue that Koll is a greater coach than Cael? I would say Cael became great when he started winning national titles. Now that Koll is in his 21st season as head coach, do you agree that we should start setting his goals at winning a national championship?
  13. I'm not sure why I'm commenting on this but will anyway. Koll is a great coach. I was there in the beginning days. Spates resurected the program, and when he left we were a top 10 program, with Koll's help. We had a good group, but didn't have enough studs to get to the next level. After a drop off, Koll has made the program a title contender. I told him he was crazy when he told me they would challenge for a national title eventually. He then made me believe. Remember, he's doing it a top 10 academic university with no scholarships. Is he greater than Cael, that would be tough to argue, but he is a great coach. Let's let look at a few guys. Travis Lee, 2x champ, not highly recruited. Taylor was higher ranked in high school than Dake. There are some guys out there Koll cannot recruit, he can't get them in the school. He's been knocking on the door with one year he probably should have won, but didn't when they had a bad semis ( and a little help with Long getting kicked out of ISU). Say all you want about his only goal is winning the national championships, but that was unheard of for probably the first 10 years of his career. His job was not to win a national championships in the beginning. Did Cael only become a great coach when he got to PSU? He was probably the same exact coach, he just now has better resources.
  14. And if it wasn't for Iowa, Minnesota and Penn State the Big 10 wouldn't be as strong.
  15. JT, I hope you are right about Nevinger, but his health may prevent him from doing well. If he is healthy I think JT, your analysis is right, if it's not he may be two and out. Although, if he were healthy all year I think he would have been seeded.
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