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    DSims reacted to Frank_Rizzo in Historic NCAA Finals losses that were shockers   
    Rohn beating Lambrecht wasn't a surprise.  They were 1-1 against each other up until that point, with Rohn winning earlier in the season. 
    Rohn hitting a 3rd period mixer on Lambrecht whle being down 14-3 was the surprise.    
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    DSims got a reaction from Jasonmitchell32 in Question for you ex-college wrestlers   
    I wrestled at Cornell in the early 90's and we had several transfer in.  Kyle Rackley from OK State when they got put on probation.  Mike New from Penn St, Bob Whalen from UVA, Tim Sczeck from Army and a few from JUCO.   I can't tell you about the individual circumstances but because we were an Ivy League school with no scholarships, they could wrestle right away without losing a year of eligibility. 
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