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    rjs got a reaction from Jaroslav Hasek in BSU President who Dropped Wrestling Retires (early)   
    My disappointment with and disdain for Kustra is unrivaled...his parting "gift" to Idaho being the dismantling of the most successful sports program in school history solely to squeeze in his "pet project" (his actual words) before dancing off into the sunset.  Very close behind that though is my frustration with The Idaho Statesman, KTVB, and most of Idaho's other media sources for their failure to shine an unbiased light on the realities of his tenure (Kustra has been portrayed as nothing short of a super-hero by our largest media sources), and the State Board of Education's blind and borderline illegal allegiance to him, despite his blatant violation of their own ethics requirements.

    Happy to see him leave...two years earlier than he originally announced...unfortunately there is now a TON of mess to undo in his wake!   https://www.ktvb.com/video/news/local/viewpoint/viewpoint-bsu-president-kustra-on-his-retirement-and-legacy/277-8149445
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    rjs reacted to cjc007 in NCAAs in Vegas?   
    Does Nevada have a D1 program? 
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    rjs got a reaction from herma48852 in Does Mark Hall have a path?   
    No one literally said "punk kid".  I was generalizing, based on your previous comments suggesting Hall would should hold out and mature more...no sense getting "beat down by Dake/Ringer for nothing". 
    Other comments included:
    wrestlingnerd:  God knows why (anyone would think Hall can beat next level leaders)...zero evidence he could "keep it respectable" with Dake/Ringer.
    Eagle26:  Hall is "Not even close" to competing on the same level as Dake/Ringer.
    Others also had similar comments.  My point is that Hall (1) was not a one-hit wonder at the Junior level, (2) has beaten world level competitors, and (3) should be considered at least capable of having the same or similar impact as other young wrestlers who have shocked the world early on in their careers...many of whom did not have as successful an international cadet/junior outing as Hall did (see http://www.leekemp.com/youngest-world-olympic-wrestling-champions/ ).  Don't forget that Snyder beat the world only a few months after getting pinned in the NCAA finals.
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    rjs got a reaction from silver-medal in Does Mark Hall have a path?   
    SO...the opening question was whether Hall has a path in 2018. I think the answer there is already given: No. He hasn't wrestled any of the WTT qualifying events.
    Could he have had a path? That is the better question, and it seems to me that the camps are split between "He's a punk kid who has no chance against 'the men' (Dake and Ringer) at this weight," and "Of course he could have had a path...he's a multi-Junior Worlds FS Champion with wins over "men" who are now highly competitive on the seniors world stage.
    I watched another "punk kid" who had not yet even won an NCAA title dismantle the reigning Olympic Champion on his way to winning the first of his three world-level titles (to match his three NCAA titles). Snyder was the first in USAW to do this since Smith, but we have seen other Junior-level champions from elsewhere around the world step up to win Senior-level FILA/UWW championships in their first year or two out of the junior ranks. Hall certainly has the ability to do so as well (as likely also do Lee, Fix, Steveson in the next year or two).
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    rjs got a reaction from uphillBronco in Boise State Coach.....any word?   
    Jason - appreciate your good sense and optimism.  BSU has a new coach...I wish him the very best!  Any chance you will conduct a Mike Mendoza interview in the near future on Mat Talk?  Would be very interested in hearing what Coach Mendoza has planned...for interaction with the alumni...Idaho wrestling leaders (scholastic and USA-Idaho, etc.)...current roster outlook...assistant coaching plans...interactions with Suples in Boise...and whatever else you can get him to talk about.
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    rjs reacted to smcfee in Keeping my word   
    No, I told him in another thread if it would make him feel better, I would post every day for a week that he was right.  Everyone was being so mean to him, and he was getting a complex of some kind.
    In addition, he was supposed to post the things he was wrong on, but he isn't participating well.
    But I will keep my word.  Put it here so no one had to read around it.
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    rjs got a reaction from headshuck in BSU 22 - ASU 21   
    West (165) and Dewey (174) get two falls to ASU's single pin (at 197).  Match ends up 5-5 head-to-head, 21-21 dual score, so BSU gets the tiebreaker.
    At 149 (last match of the night...# 15 vs, # 17 nationally), Martinez had a clear takedown in the 3rd...and a possible takedown earlier in the match...but does not get credit for superior position either time.  GM gets ridden by Krauss in OT, then takes a big chance looking for back points on his turn and ends up losing in OT.
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