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  1. Nick - Thanks for responding to this thread. However, at this point it is looking like "Ryan" and a couple of others are just out to bash Flo. Nick has provided you with an avenue to try to help fix the apparent issues you've been having and you have ignored him only to complain more. I'm on Flo everyday and I do remember what it was like without Flo - NOTHING. As a coach, and a fan, I have no problem with the $150 fee for a yearly subscription. To me, Wrestling is worth 40 cents a day, but thats just me. As for people complaining about Bader - or the person who is pumping up Jim Gibbons lol - Bader has done/is doing more the sport of wrestling that 99% of people out there that call themselves wrestling fans. His commentating is great, his sense of humor is great, but you are right, when I want to be put to sleep I do prefer Gibbons and Johnson. The only thing better than Gibbons are the awesome student announcers we get on half of the big ten broadcasts. uggh.. Nick - FloWrestling - keep up the good work - The large majority of REAL wrestling fans love you for it. This year at our State Meet in Ohio, Bader was there filming. I overheard a group in our section saying "I feel like a celebrity just walked into the building." I felt the same way - I don't know if Bader drinks beer or not, but I'd love to grab a cold one and talk wrestilng with him.
  2. This is so frustrating. Obviously injuries are going to happen - but still frustrating. Last year it was Hunter sitting out the rematch against Russell. Before that it was Pucillo sitting out against Herbert.
  3. If we are talking just collegiate career – Burroughs isn’t in the same category as Dake and Taylor and in my opinion. He did not place as a fresh, took 3rd as sophomore, then back to back championships with a hodge his senior year. Compare that to Dake who as a Fresh, Soph, and Junior won titles in 3 different weights and as a senior is pretty much inevitably going to be at least a finalist in a 4th weight class. Taylor as a Fresh destroyed everyone all season, got “caught” in the finals and finished as a runner up. As a sophomore had one of the more dominating seasons (though in a weak weight) in NCAA history and won the hodge. As a junior he has crushed everyone, including the 3rd ranked wrestler at the weight 10-0, except Dake in two (one official) VERY close matches. He most likely will be in the finals for the 3rd straight year and assuming he dominates next year after Dake leaves and finishes as the champ both Taylor and Dake’s careers are far better than Burroughs. Now, internationally, we shall see…
  4. IF....IF....Taylor wins and finishes his career as a 3 time national champ plus 1 time runner up with only 3 losses. He has to be top 10.
  5. Haha.. We shall see. I can think about Kyle Dake for the next 9 months too, that doesn't mean I'm going to be any closer to beating him. Last year in the dual Logan won 7-0, but my bad I guess its "ignorant" to think he could do it again. I mean clearly Ramos has trained harder since he "hasn't thought about anyone sense (sense really?) last march." I mean Stieber took time off, relaxed, let Ramos gain ground, oh wait, he was wrestling on the United States World team. Like I said, we will see tomorrow night. I'll stick to it, Stieber by 6. I could be wrong, but Ramos doesn't win tomorrow night regardless if its in Carver Hawkeye or not.
  6. Stieber completely controls the match. Ramos is a stud, so I don't see bonus points, but I don't think there will be a question as to who the better wrestler is. I say Stieber by 6. He was a national champ last year and I say this version of Stieber majors last years and that is just scary.
  7. You realize that these are two completely different Notre Dames right? Yeah, just trying to lighten the mood. The OP didn't seem to like the direction that the thread was heading so I thought I'd try to redirect the convo. I thought it was funny. However, its Brian Kelly. Chip Kelly is Oregon's coach. Big difference. lol
  8. Good point. They found the winning formula for non-D1 divisions by grabbing any d1 washouts or blue chippers who fell through the cracks for whatever reason. Lindenwood, which won the 3 NAIA titles before Notre Dame's run, was also very good at this. Obviously if they competed D1 then they would have to find a new formula for success, but we still need to see if they can dominate d2 like they did NAIA. Very good program though. No doubt about that. For clearification I think you were refering to the transfers the programs has gotten over the years and that may be correct for some of the team...but the guys I listed as recruites have come to the program from high school and not as college transfers. Notre Dame College is a great school and not by any means a easy walkthrough...Its great to see the guy that had previous issues at other institutions and survive at Notre Dame College...probably alot of hard work done behind the scenes by the coach to keep the guys focused... Im excited to see how they do in D2 I think they will finish top 3 No I don't think they were referring to transfers. A couple of the guys you listed would not have qualified academically for a DI program. There is a reason they are at Notre Dame.
  9. Super 32 Coverage, Freak Show Coverage, NWCA LIVE Coverage, now this.... Love wrestling season!
  10. Absolutely awesome...Can't wait to see more!! http://www.flowrestling.org/
  11. LIVE video coverage provided by FloWrestling. In order to view live you will need to subscribe to their premium video service called Technique Wave. You can sign up for a monthly subscription or a year's worth. I think (don't quote me) a monthly subscription is $20 and a yearly is $150. This gets you access to the All-Star classic as well as nearly 2000 technique videos.
  12. Fastwilly - I would love more - and as soon as College Wrestling becomes a multi-billion dollar industry like College Football - I'm sure we will get more... As a Wrestling junkie I'd love to have as much College Wrestling on TV as Basketball and Football, but the fact of the matter is, money makes the world go around, and ESPN would be foolish to put a college wrestling event that sold a whopping 3,000 tickets on one of their networks over even a crappy college football game that probably has over 30,000 tickets sold and many more people watching. Once again, we are getting quality commentating, from people who are actually excited and knowledgable about the sport, and most importantly to me, I can watch it LIVE instead of weeks later after I already know what has happened.
  13. Thanks Calot..I didn't see it at first, but now I do. Fastwilly... I understand your frustration... But what do you expect? Do you expect ESPN to take off a College Football game on Saturday for a wrestling event....really? The fact is, Wrestling is not a mainstream sport - I'm just happy I will have a reliable stream with great commentary. I will have my friends over to my house who are not as "tech savy" just like I have people over to watch UFC pay-per-views.
  14. I don't know where this news is coming from, but I hope its true! Well actually, I have a subscription, I can hook my laptop up to my "60 inch high def TV" (Ok so its only a 47" LED 3D TV) and I can watch it live with GOOD announcing. Love it!
  15. ------ ... "the biggest match in NCAA history hands down"..... wow, I didn't realize it was that big Please tell me a bigger match at the NCAA Championships than what this would be, especially if the All-Star Classic (and possibly Souther Scuffle) are close. Kyle Dake -3 x Defending NCAA Champ -Only Wrestler to win 3 titles in 3 different weights -Would be the first ever 4 time champ in 4 different weights -Would be the ONLY 4 x Champ who didn't take a redshirt VERSUS David Taylor -Defending NCAA Champ -Defending Hodge Trophy Winner -70-1 Record (w/ the one loss coming in the NCAA Finals as a Freshman - in what most would call an upset) I'm open to a debate, but please tell me what match would be bigger than this. Dake wins and he make a claim for one of the top 2-3 college wrestlers of all time. To do that he has to defeat the defending champ of the weight that was voted as the best/most dominate wrestler in the NCAAs. You have an unbelievable scoring machine against unhuman defense. I've seen many great/memorable matches both live and on video, but this one if not the greatest is certainly right there with anything anyone could come up with!
  16. Jason, I respect all the work you do for the sport, however, my "Typical knee-jerk jumping to conclusions response" is based on years of putting up with the same issues. The Dake-Taylor matchup (although an exhibition) is the most anticipated Folkstyle match up that anyone can remember. IF it happens this year at the NCAA finals, it is the biggest match in NCAA history hands down. It just doesn't seem right that we may or may not get quality coverage of this. Not only should we get coverage, it should be a quality coverage with quality announcing (either you or the Flo crew) and not some scrub that doesn't understand the sport like students that put on Big Ten duals or the old timers that bring ZERO excitement to the microphone. I understand their are legalities surrounding this - however - I can get on the internet and watch matchups filmed by amateurs that are better quality and have more exciting commentary than some done "professionaly" ... As someone who loves the sport (like yourself) its just frustrating that we still have to put up with poor marketing and poor coverage for an event as great as this. I could go on and on...but in the end...I do understand its just the nature of the sport I love I suppose...
  17. Are you kidding...This is a joke... How difficult is it to get this on the internet live... I can get on my computer and watch Live Webcasts of high school duals put on by high school students with zero glitches... yet we can't get live coverage of this... absolutely pathetic.
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