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  1. BobDole

    Final Thoughts AWL

    You obviously haven't purchased a cable/satellite subscription because you can't just get ESPN and you fail to realize that's what it costs the cable company, thus when it's passed on to you they mark it up 25-50% or they wouldn't make money. It also takes MILLIONS of subscribers to get that price. By your same token you can figure out a possible way to raise $15 every week for a Track subscription, maybe find a sponsor, donor, investor, or panhandle.
  2. BobDole

    Final Thoughts AWL

    The thought that I get to watch poker, ping pong, corn hole, etc for "free' because I have ESPN or Fox Sports the Ocho is something people have to continually fight. ESPN and ESPN2 for instance costs over $8 per month on your cable bill if you would get it ala carte. That doesn't include your local provider taking their cut either. The good thing about paying for video on TrackWrestling or Flo is that the money goes back to those in wrestling and not some big wig at a big network. I'd much rather be paying for Willie's Bud Heavy than paying for some network bigwig's 10th vacation home.
  3. BobDole

    Duck of the month club

    2. Kemmerrer ducking the whole season
  4. BobDole

    Rocket Mortgage ad on Flo

    I'll pass on the Flo bros in bikinis....
  5. BobDole

    Coaching ?

  6. BobDole

    Coaching ?

  7. BobDole

    Coaching ?

  8. BobDole


    It should be free, everything should be free.
  9. BobDole

    "I don't know what the Gavin situation is...."

    You have to want to do the right thing, it's hard to force a kid onto the right track.
  10. BobDole


    If you do a Google search on RPW's founder Toby Willis....you will not like him.
  11. BobDole

    Let's make the team race a handicap

    How about no fun allowed?
  12. BobDole

    65kg Meh...

    I hope you're right, just weird that in the past 12 years we've only sniffed a medal once with Molinaro in 2016. Every other year we are 10th and way worse. This always seems to be a weight that we have very talented guys like Metcalf, Stieber, Ware, Retherford, etc that should be contending for medals when compared to the others on the team.
  13. We have imported Cubans and Russians before, but by the time all the red tape and "green tape" got exchanged they were way past their primes.
  14. BobDole

    65kg Meh...

    Are we that weak there or is the world just that much better? In the last 20 years we have placed twice, 2004 Jamill Kelly 2nd and in 2006 Bill Zadick 1st. Discuss amongst yourselves.