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  1. Hence why he's been mildly successful as a coach.
  2. Categorically false right there. Pertaining to using a red/greyshirt the kid can enroll in school and start his clock. Koll(or any coach) can be a douche and not give him wrestle-off or whatever they want to do to make life miserable, but ultimately if a kid wants to enroll they will. Koll is a salesman and recruiter. He isn't going to kick anyone off the team as that means he'll lose a lot of potential donor dollars in the future. Same goes for other schools with normal redshirts, if the kid graduates in 4 years and doesn't want to use a redshirt the coach can't do much about it. If the coach chooses not to use him and redshirt him as a freshman then they'll lose a year of service, that's it. The thing most people don't realize is a redshirt is only officially given AFTER the season is complete and the athlete doesn't compete in any team events. This means at most schools(non Ivy or military) if the coach has a tiff with the athlete and REALLY want them to redshirt they can just not enter them as an attached athlete or insert them in a dual. The bottom line is most kids will rely on their TRUSTED coach for advice on their red/greyshirt decision and 99.9% will adhere to it. Lastly, the coach isn't going to kick someone especially someone like Yianni off the team if he says, "well coach, I don't think I'm ready and going to take the year to develop." That's the easiest way to turn the word develop into transfer.
  3. If Yianni didn't trust Koll in his advice he likely wouldn't have committed to wrestle there. Ultimately it is the kid's decision, but most are going to listen to the advice of their coach. Sometimes(see Bubba Jenkins), they will sabotage the season purposely by flunking or missing weight so that their redshirt can't be pulled.
  4. Since Cornell is an IVY league school they do not have redshirts. They do however take greyshirts. Redshirt is not using eligibility while ENROLLED in school full time. Greyshirt is not using eligibility while NOT enrolled in school full time. Cornell gets around it with the local community college nearby and athletes will take some classes there to get a head start on college while not being full-time students.
  5. I found it weird they gave a caution and 1 to the Iranian in that sequence. I can see a little as to why they said 1 for the step-out, but the fleeing perplexes me. My best guess is that Dake started the sequence in the protection zone, thus no continuation. At least that is how they have explained it in past years.
  6. You're assuming he went to college. I'm positive that 95% of the people where he comes from still spell it colledge.
  7. He couldn't wrestle his way out of a wet paper sack.
  8. Are they still married on Facebook? That is the only true way to tell if a couple is serious.
  9. I'll take Lee over Gable, mainly because I know it will never happen and thus never be incorrect.
  10. I was dialed in, but it was the wrong number.
  11. Kenny Monday https://morganstatebears.com/news/2022/8/15/general-olympic-gold-medalist-selected-to-lead-revived-wrestling-program-at-morgan-state-university.aspx
  12. Back when I was in college we couldn't drink due to prohibition!
  13. I'd rather send them to a gun range, that sounds more fun.
  14. Both Pop and Beasley make the rules abundantly clear during recruiting. The athletes and their parents know ahead of time of the zero tolerance policy. If you don't like their rules, there are 75 other schools you can attend. Those rules aren't for everyone.
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