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  1. If they are talking anti-vaxxing they need Tom Ryan there. He's an expert on that subject.
  2. Between matches we want to see these celebrity matches Willie vs. Bader Pyles vs. Nomad Spey vs. Bryant Mike Mal vs. Bratke Feel free to add your favorites.
  3. BobDole

    RIP Joe Seay...

    It hasn't been reported by Mark Palmer, that's where we get all our death notices for former wrestlers and coaches.
  4. BobDole

    Braxton Amos

    From what the former presidential candidate has gathered through my intelligence sources, Cael isn't looking for a new Ferrari any more.
  5. BobDole

    Braxton Amos

    Amos has trained with Kharchla's father for a long time. However, Nick and Joe Lee also have trained at Miron's and thus have a strong connection to Amos.
  6. BobDole

    Check out this smoke show

    I'm more embarrassed that he has a more detailed and extensive Wiki page than I do.
  7. For every day that the wrestle-off is postponed the other wrestler starts with 1 point.
  8. No death or arrest of a former wrestler goes unreported by Palmer and Intermat. The best part is that all of Palmer's articles aren't behind the paywall so you get free access to everyone's deaths and arrests.
  9. Who were the 4 that voted for Dake? I have yet to see those people listed. There are 11 on the committee via TheMat.com J.D. Bergman, OH - Athlete Sean Bormet, MI - Coaches Council Jordan Burroughs, NE - Athlete Dave Foxen, NY - Fed of Clubs Sam Julian, PA - USWOC Jamill Kelly, CA - Appointed Kerry McCoy, MD - Elected Teague Moore, MD - JOWC Mark Reiland, IA - Elected, 1st Vice President Coleman Scott, NC - Athlete Greg Strobel, PA - Chairperson, Electe
  10. You "think" Sieracki would not have medaled? How do you know? He was never given the chance. If Sieracki was good enough to beat Lindland at least once he was good enough to bring a medal back from the Olympics.
  11. BobDole

    Fewer PA weight classes

    There was a 106lber in my state last year with over 20 wins...all forfeits. Obviously the team wrestled a crap schedule, but he still amassed 20 wins just by winning at the scale. People always dig at the big guys because they are "boring" or don't do as many moves, but it's a different game than the middle or lower weights. Heavyweight and 220 are two of the hardest weights to wrestle because there is a vast difference in the types of athletes they will see. I had a kid this year in back to back matches wrestle a kid that was 5'6" short and stocky, hard to move to wrestling a kid that was literally 6'7" tall and lanky and really funky. It's like saying a quarterback is the best athlete on the football field because he's involved in more of the plays and throws the ball the furthest. The skillset for a heavyweight is smaller, but that doesn't mean it is easier. Both 106 and heavyweight is needed in the sport and to call either easy or lessen the skills that it takes to be successful is a disgrace to the sport.
  12. AWN copy, had to dig it from the archives then use my Polaroid to get it on here.
  13. Here is an article https://www.nytimes.com/2000/09/01/sports/another-bizarre-turn-in-battle-of-the-wrestlers.html It doesn't matter who YOU think is the better wrestler, in this sport it is decided on the mat not some random nut from the Northwest.
  14. Since we are on the subject, here is an article that explains everything that went on.