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  1. BobDole

    Validative experiences

    My great experiences listed in no particular order. I once told Cael Sanderson to get out of my seat at NCAA's, he kindly obliged. I once told Gimp to get to work and not play with his Frisbee, he kindly ignored me. I took down a four-time NCAA champion...when he was a sophomore in high school. He is still trying to get revenge, but old age prevents me from wrestling live.
  2. BobDole

    Validative experiences

    Did you invent the internet?
  3. BobDole

    Facts about junior world medalists in college

    Can you list the medalists and their NCAA credentials?
  4. BobDole

    Florida to allow backups in postseason

    If a ton of schools as you put it would lose wrestlers, then more than just one school would benefit. The "ton" of kids that would transfer wouldn't go to one school. If more than four would transfer to this powerhouse school then they would be sitting on the bench that year. I find it hard to believe that this rule was passed when only one team would see a benefit from it. The transfer situation seems a little out of control, but there are probably some legitimate family moves on this list which are hard to take into consideration.
  5. Snyder never redshirted.
  6. BobDole

    Florida to allow backups in postseason

    If a ton of schools will "loose" or possible lose wrestlers...then more than one team will benefit from the rule.
  7. BobDole

    Florida to allow backups in postseason

    I have a hard time believing this would only benefit "one" school.
  8. BobDole

    FloNationals 2019 Details?

    I'll let the cat out of the bag, there will be a presidential suite for people who were almost president.
  9. BobDole

    Posts Liked

    Goodness @scribe.
  10. BobDole

    Posts Liked

    Hopefully @Admin @Administrator will just go to the ACP->Groups->Members Group and under the Social tab click the "Can view who reacted?"
  11. BobDole

    What's it going to be flo?

    Worlds is tough...
  12. BobDole

    What's it going to be flo?

    Goodness I'd hate for people to have high expectations for guys that have multiple world medals. It's not the end of the world for sports media to have incorrect predictions or hype someone that doesn't live up to expectations.
  13. BobDole

    No more T Row and Funky show

    Trow and Funky was great to hear insight from them. Loved the youth wrestling discussions and inside knowledge of how things work within the wrestling world. They did a great job, hopefully Askren's new podcast keeps that ball rolling.
  14. BobDole

    FloNationals 2019 Details?

    I hope they give out life sized bronze statues of Willie to the champions.
  15. BobDole

    If you are Zahid Valencia....

    If I was Zahid I'd be able to lift my right arm.