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  1. Micic is on his second Olympic year.
  2. I bet if Cael offers a no holds barred access to Penn State that RBY would miraculously jump Desanto.
  3. You forgot the heavyweight stuff. After beating Hilger, Cassioppi jumped to #2...then a couple weeks after that he moved Mason Parris to #2 and bump Cassioppi to #3 with no reasoning or no significant wins(other than Stencel who was 7+) for Parris.
  4. Mats are going to be evenly spaced throughout the football field with a LOT of room in between them. People will complain.
  5. Then how will that affect wrestling? If they are the best they will be varsity. The beauty of wrestling is you aren't playing politics on playing time. If the kid wins the wrestle-off he's varsity.
  6. If they are the best they will be varsity, that's the beauty of the sport. Other sports...you know like football or baseball or basketball, or really most sports that have full freshmen teams.
  7. So your evidence is based on NCAA All-Americans aka the best of the best for keeping a weight class? How come other sports still have great numbers when they basically force most freshmen to play on freshmen only or JV teams?
  8. So what's the point you're trying to make? I think everyone here will agree that as a freshmen great wrestlers are at a lighter weight than they are as a junior or senior. They will also agree that kids that start out at 106lbs as freshmen, they will grow into bigger kids. This isn't exactly earth shattering evidence. The whole "well all these kids started at 106/103 are now good wrestlers" argument is pretty lame. The best kids all start out at different weight classes.
  9. I'd say the least of his worries should be a couple extra losses on his record.
  10. Ahhh, good question. I would say yes they still count since they were completed matches.
  11. Depends on the type of DQ. If it's a DQ based on an illegal slam, too many locked hands, or something like that then they keep his points. If it's a flagrant such as cussing, arguing with ref, biting, or something of that nature then all points are taken away along with -3 team points.
  12. I thought the traveling with the team thing was changed recently? Was it just on the docket or something?
  13. Because if he wants Olympic gold he needs to beat either DT or KS....
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