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  1. Yet there are coaches that still seem to fill their lineups year after year. Blaming the kids and parents is the easy way out. Here we go with our participation trophies since coaches can't fill their line-ups, we cater to them instead of the coaches that have built a sustainable program. This type of decision blatantly punishes the coaches that are doing a great job. It's interesting that we get up in arms when a college drops a wrestling program, but not when we want to cut high school opportunities. This doesn't make sense. Losing Old Dominion decreased DI opportunities by 1.2%, however losing a weight class drops opportunities at our developmental level by 7%!
  2. That is the Disney complex where they are wrestling.
  3. We complain when a college cuts the sport, but cutting a weight class at the high school level is fine and dandy. We aren't helping ourselves one iota.
  4. ESPN hires just about any Joe Schmoe off the street.
  5. Metcalf was also a pretty good football player IIRC.
  6. I'm certainly positive that Anthony Cassar, Kyle Snyder, Nick Gwiz were all 105lbs at one point in their life also.
  7. Askren believes that at birth everyone has the same exact skillsets and that they are all developed at home early on.
  8. The mouse example he used as an example of talent not existing actually shows that talent does exist. Wrestling is a sport where you can minimize talent with other attributes, but in the end the top guys in the World and even USA national team are extremely talented. Ben isn't talented with speed or strength, but learning ability and body awareness are things he had.
  9. The Wisconsin position looks to be a paid position, so thus either Reader or McDonough are gone possibly. They can only have two paid assistant coaches, so one is definitely out.
  10. The problem with the minimum weight distribution is that kids 160+ are are slotted to be one or two weight classes below what they make or can physically make. I have seen many 195-285's be certified to go two or three weights below what they can conceivably make.
  11. Allowing 7th and 8th graders to be varsity isn't going to grow the sport. If anything it will push away the bigger kids that don't get to see the varsity lineup until sophomore or junior years because of maturity.
  12. #1 this wouldn't be prevented by locked line-ups. With the locked line-up scenario he does this without worry of the other team bumping. #2 this happens about .000001% of the time so it has very little affect on forfeit numbers.
  13. You'd think the supposedly "best" wrestling state in the country would be able have teams filling their lineups and not asking for a reduction in weight classes. Reducing weight classes is the easy way out instead of telling to coaching to man up and recruit the hallways.
  14. While not popular combining 106 and 113 would do more than what they are currently proposing(NFHS and PIAA). We are still talking about a half forfeit less per team on average so unless they both are forfeiting the same weight it doesn't do much. According to what I have seen they say there are about 30% forfeits in duals(4 per dual meet) this will take it down to maybe 3 forfeits if we are lucky. Sadly we will be having the forfeit debate again next year and the year after trying to blame the weight classes, when in fact it's not the weight classes, but participation that we need to look at. The NFHS can't mandate coaches sit in the lunch room and recruit kids or use social media 10x a week so their only option is reducing weight classes.
  15. People like you don't like the truth. If you want to have any affect on forfeits you need to raise the lowest weight. That's the truth since the two lowest weights are the hardest to fill. Taking away an upper weight just makes it so the coach doesn't have to "bother" the football coach to push wrestling. The problem isn't the weight classes it's participation and the fact that coaches are getting lazy in recruiting and retaining athletes. As @DynamiteKid stated, going to 13 weights just lets them off the hook even more and hurts the coaches that are actually decent at their job. Forfeits will still be there next year with 13 weights and that just means we'll have this same conversation next year, and the year after, and the year after talking about how something is wrong with the weight classes.
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