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  1. This is a publicity stunt, just like his match with Burroughs.
  2. I think he is contractually obligated to use the phrase "bougie bug" one time in each post he makes. Obviously he thinks it is a joke and cannot have a serious conversation without a sarcastic remark.
  3. https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2018/May/09/USA-Wrestling-breaks-total-membership-record#:~:text=Wrestling breaks...-,USA Wrestling breaks total membership record%2C with,233%2C000 members in all categories The record is just under 233,000 athletes per this article. If I were to guess states like California are big ones that are hurting the numbers. That and the lack of local level events that prompt most card sales.
  4. The mailbag was about the only piece that was original on Intermat for the last couple years. They had to make you pay for SOMETHING on there. The past few years, paying for Intermat was akin to a donation.
  5. He should have been given extra time to shed the weight. He's a top wrestler so he gets to do that.
  6. Only 3 years from this year's Olympics to the next one means less time to take off and still stay sharp. I think most guys will keep going as the margin for error is too small at this point.
  7. You can call it what you want, it was a major blunder on J'den and KJ's parts. At events like this you triple check weigh-in times and make sure you don't screw something up that is so simple. I would be much more sympathetic if they said there was a car accident that delayed them a half hour. There are too many indications that both of them should have known better about this whole situation.
  8. According to Willie in his intermat article, J'den checked weight on multiple scales just before 8am and was still a little bit over. To me that indicates that someone prompted him to weigh-in since weigh-ins were closing. The thing that gets me is that he was in the weigh-in/workout area and had to have seen guys making weight and recovering. At that point you ask your coach, what time weigh-ins are if you originally thought they were from 8-8:30am.
  9. The scan of him going into the weigh-in room/workout room was at 7:21am. That means the first thing he did was go check his weight to see what he needed to make weight. That is perfectly normal. Now, showing up to the arena at 7:21am means one of two things. The first is he thought he was on weight and good to go or that he thought weigh-ins were a little later so he'd have time to shed the needed weight. However, if it is the latter he should have realized pretty quickly that these were the OFFICIAL weigh-ins and question the timing there. This isn't his first time weighing in and he should have figured it out pretty quickly.
  10. Gable will have multiple national team camps to attend where he will be able to wrestle with guys like Parris, Snyder, Cox, Gwiz, etc along with others that are there. He has even practiced with Brock Lesnar in the past. There are no shortages of quality big guys around Minneapolis to work out with. For the Olympics and few weeks they are in Tokyo you want someone you are familiar with and understands your training needs.
  11. None, there is no where else with the coaching and support they have at NLWC.
  12. Brandon Eggum and Trevor Brandvold will also be there as coaches for him to roll around with.
  13. Both Snyder and DT have plenty of options in the NLWC room of guys they regularly go with. At this point in time these guys are all well established with their current camps and it is hard to imagine they go outside of their current training situations. JO and Dake are the hard ones to pin down. I would guess Dake works out a lot with the Dean brothers so they would be my guess at this point.
  14. Gilman- RBY is definitely possible JO- Likley someone like O'connor or someone he trains with regularly. Yianni wouldn't be too much of a surprise since they were partners for around a year. Dake- No way JB, it will be someone from Cornell Taylor- Bo is probably high on the list, will be someone from NLWC Snyder- Likely someone from NLWC Gable- Nelson is highly likely
  15. He'll bring Brock Lesnar to spar with.
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