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  1. The streaming issues have a lot of variables to the host site's internet speed to your at home internet speed and everything in between. Things as simple as someone tripping over a plug can cause a mass event outage. Being at so many vastly different venues so often poses issues when trying to troubleshoot and configure things so it best suits a venue.
  2. Everyone hates Duke and Christian Laettner.
  3. Well then nevermind, still not exactly the rivals that UNC and NC State are.
  4. All of those teams are in separate conferences and don't have to wrestle each other for qualification spots into the NCAA tournament. That's a big difference between all of them.
  5. There is a tad bit of hatred between them. That would be like Ohio State and Michigan merging.
  6. Genius hack of the day If you don't want to do the one year thing you can subscribe to one of their other platforms monthly and get access to the wrestling platform. Tomorrow's genius hack will be telling you how UWW's random number generator is flawed.
  7. The NCAA has gone overboard with their 6th years now that Nate Gallick got another year.
  8. One of "his guys" has had success and he's gotten worse since Tervel quit wrestling. Cael got a D3 guy to tech fall Kollin Moore.
  9. None of those guys you mentioned were really at Snyder's level, nor were they in the prime of their careers when they moved.
  10. How do you know Varner isn't a good technician? Cael has more than just an ankle pick, just because that's his "go-to" move doesn't mean he doesn't know other techniques. And what evidence do you have that Tervel is a great technician? The guys he's in charge of aren't exactly lighting up the world.
  11. These are the new ones https://news.theopenmat.com/college-rankings/ncaa-dii-individual-college-rankings-october-9th-2019/74961
  12. I thought Wheeling Jesuit dropped their program?
  13. They really should accommodate former presidential candidates better. I had to sit with the commoners and they smelled.
  14. This is like seeing one Iowa fan wearing camo and thinking they all wear camo....wait bad analogy, disregard.
  15. It's not easy with one arm.
  16. Reasons that he isn't taking a redshirt, my expert opinion 1. Nationals are in his backyard 2. Doesn't cut weight for international 3. Easier transition to freestyle for a heavyweight 4. Doesn't want to
  17. Just a hunch, but I'm sure there is leeway for kids like Enchemendia moreso than Anderson who went to a prep school his entire life.
  18. He missed much of the season after Vegas when he hurt his knee during his sophomore year.
  19. Well now my FloPro subscription will go up by $25,000!
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