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  1. There are 176,000 DI athletes, yeah spreading this money out over that many athletes is ridiculous. By their estimation almost $70 million has been generated by these athletes that they couldn't generate before. How many of those athletes are actively pursuing NIL endorsements?
  2. The guy is a conartist that is why people don't like him. Check out the podcast he was on that he was trying to get into the Olympics for Cabo Verde. https://www.kcra.com/article/dying-to-ask-podcast-august-wesley-tokyo-olympics/36814064
  3. He won the Olympic team spot for Cape Verde and was on the cusp of being in Tokyo this summer.
  4. He was on the cusp of making the Olympics this year. https://www.kcra.com/article/dying-to-ask-podcast-august-wesley-tokyo-olympics/36814064#
  5. He's actually signing with Slippery Rock with hopes they reinstate the program before he graduates high school.
  6. These are worse than the COVID and political takes on this board.
  7. I like the option of having up to two entries in a weight for the individual state series. This will help retention of athletes when they are stuck behind good wrestlers and cannot cut or gain the necessary weight to go to another weight class. There are a handful of states that allow this and more need to do so.
  8. Both schools are recruiting him hard, so thus I'd say Tommy and Cael both feel he would be an integral part of their lineup right away.
  9. Yes meant 4 have yet to wrestle.
  10. Intermat put out an article on how Ohio State has done with top 10 recruits since Tommy got there. They have now signed 21 top 10 recruits Of those, 4 have yet to wrestle(Kharchla, Bouzakis, Feldman, and Gallagher). Champs- 4(Snyder 3x, Stieber 4x, Tomasello, and Martin) All-Americans- 5(Jordan x2, Sasso, Pletcher, H. Stieber) Qualifiers- 1(Singletary) Did not qualify- 4(Decatur with 2 years left, Hoffman with 2 years left, Collin Palmer, and Sean Nemec) Transfers- 3(Thomas Haines, Andrew Campolattano, and Kerkvliet) Both Tomasello and Martin won NCAA's as freshmen and did not win it again. You could likely bump Pletcher to champion status as he was a heavy favorite.
  11. After that loss he will be lucky to get a scholarship to an NAIA school. I think Cael wants him as a waterboy now after seeing him lose.
  12. He technically took 3 Olympic years. 2016, 2020, and 2021 2014- Graduated high school 2015- Redshirt at Northwestern 2016- Olympic redshirt at Michigan 2017- wrestle 2018- wrestle 2019- wrestle 2020- Olympic redshirt 2021- Olympic redshirt/covid year 2022- Grand finale
  13. Visits either completed or upcoming for Indiana, Iowa, Penn State, Ohio State, and Michigan I believe.
  14. Any word on if Dieringer is going to Worlds as a "practice" partner?
  15. If there was a shot that could decrease the likelihood of dying from these I'm sure most would take it. Well only if the "data" was believable.
  16. Gable is going the Lesnar route if he wants to eventually go to the UFC. He will build his brand while making a nice chunk of change, then demand a BIGGER amount to headline a UFC event. He's basically by-passing the whole beginner part of the UFC. I honestly don't think he ever goes to the UFC.
  17. If you work in a nursing home, please get vaccinated. Thank you
  18. Washburn University is a great place to learn law.
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