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  1. If Dean wrestles like he did in the US Open finals he will give Gavin a shot. Gavin is very freestyle savvy and has some slick techniques that would surprise those guys. Gavin will have a longer rest time than anyone else so that will play in his favor.
  2. Gavin is the wild card in the top half. If this was 5 years ago I would be taking him. He does have the most credentials on the national scene and is the only one to be on a world team. No one else in the bracket has really challenged to be on a world team.
  3. They said they won't air the picks as it wasn't that interesting. Rasheed had first pick, picked the top Gavin had the second pick, he picked the "4" seed(more on this later) Jackson had the third pick and he picked the "3" seed Foster picked fourth and picked the "2" seed Myles Martin had the fifth pick and picked a match against Foster Brooks had the sixth pick and he went MIA so they skipped him and let Lujan picked a match against Gavin They let everyone vote for Brooks' spot and put him with Nate Jackson The last pick, Dean had the choice of switching with someone so he bumped Gavin against Rasheed and took his spot in the "4" seed spot. It was weird that no one wanted to wrestle Rasheed. I would have likely picked him over the others for a match especially because it's early and you'd get maximum rest between matches.
  4. Every year! I can't believe the NCAA will not be in St. Louis for five straight years.
  5. I promise you that 2027-2040 will be in St. Louis!
  6. He qualified for state in the shot put AND 110 hurdles.
  7. He will be a true sophomore next year with a redshirt still available.
  8. The 2007 team was filled with NMU guys. I believe the program fell when their coach left shortly after 2007.
  9. https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2020/October/12/USA-Wrestling-statement-about-UWW-announcement-on-Senior-Worlds
  10. Does anyone know about Veterans worlds? I'm ready to dust off the Converse.
  11. Maybe this is where Kyle Dake got his all his secrets of anti-aging from.
  12. Going off the Flo Rankings 1 Thomas Gilman- would be great, but likely said no 2 Daton Fix - suspended 4 Joe Colon- likely couldn't agree on a weight 5 Seth Gross- likely couldn't agree on a weight 6 Vito Arujau- ? 7 Nick Suriano- weight possibly, also marches to his own beat 8 Nathan Tomasello- ? 9 Nahshon Garrett- likely weight 10 Zane Richards- likely weight The only ones that would not have possibly weight issues would be Arujau and Tomasello. Most of the top 10 are 61kg during off years.
  13. Earlier in the spladle would have been a way better time to call the pin with very little disagreement. The way he felt around for a pin was one of the weirder moments I have seen in DI reffing. He looked like the international ref when Simmons spladled his guy at worlds.
  14. He looks good for his age. I might need to talk to him about how he keeps chugging along.
  15. Where is Dan Lobdell who has the best switch in history of history?
  16. I'm fairly certain that referee did a few DII and/or DIII nationals. I too am baffled by the "checking the shoulders" part. Here are his "comments" on the pin http://yappi.com/forum/index.php?threads/ask-the-ref.233955/post-4941261
  17. The Iowa part includes the extracurriculars that you are mentioning.
  18. It was mostly because he was from Iowa.
  19. Yes and no TrackWrestiing rolled out their Gold+ service about a year and a half ago. It includes all of their UWW, USAW, and a lot of other content. This is includes live and archived video for $129.95 a year. Event organizers can opt-in to this feature and then get a higher return on their stand alone subscriptions for their event. Here is the information on it including the events it includes. https://www.trackwrestling.com/membership/GoldPlus.jsp The other option is subscription only where the event organizer gets the amount previously stated for each subscription they sell.
  20. TrackWrestling charges a portion, per their website. There are also options if the event is considered a Gold+ event. The Gold+ is their subscription service that gets you a lot of events for one yearly fee(similar to Flo's model). We basically have three companies with different models that are very different on how organizers make their money. Flo- They pay you up front for your event a set amount. Track- Based on subscriptions you acquire. Rokin- Subscription that wants you to subscribe to a specific creator and kinda hopes you forget to cancel. The biggest difference in Rokfin is you are technically the producer and the other two have options to furnish the streaming setups. All three have different advantages and disadvantages based on what you are trying to accomplish and your needs/wants.
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