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  1. How long will it take the NCAA to drop the number of required sports for DI?
  2. I just see it as they can't say anything bad about me. Notice they didn't mention other users. I'm the moderator's favorite.
  3. My goal is to live forever, so far, so good.
  4. I'm basically in a perpetual transfer portal at this time. Luckily for political parties I can transfer multiple times without eligibility issues.
  5. DO NOT tarnish the name of the honorable Judge Judy!
  6. People are so inundated with being Republican or Democrat that they think EVERYTHING is political.
  7. Amazing how many experts on epidemiology we have in the wrestling world.
  8. It's a club event so there is only loose collegiate affiliation. The Liberty coach takes the cake though, I'm glad he's a foremost expert on the issue.
  9. Maybe you should get a shirt that says "I survived COVID-19 and all I got was this lousy shirt."
  10. I could have easily been president, but I'm not.
  11. It's better to deprecate with friends...wait that's words with friends. Old age is getting to me.
  12. Pulling out those 50 cent words, that word of the day calendar must be paying off! In all seriousness, Mr. Ryan is a fine coach and one of the best in the business. I would not fault any of my great-great grandsons for wanting to wrestle for him and attend an Ohio State University. However, Mr. Ryan does seem to have faltered in the extended development of elite athletes within his program. Looking at guys like Tomasello and Martin, who would have guessed they would never win another title in their last three years? Add in someone like Bo Jordan(injuries yes), whom most would have guessed he'd get at least one title after his freshman year, and you have consistent data that does not look good for Mr. Ryan. When comparing Mr. Ryan to Mr. Sanderson you see a drastic difference in the extended development of the top athletes in each program. The Penn State athletes seem to innovate and add tools to their arsenal, while Ohio State athletes continue to do "what works" without adapting and improving.
  13. Hall has made three finals, Nato got PINNED twice in the semi-finals....PINNED, PINNED!!!!!!
  14. What about in 2018 when Moore was a favorite and got launched by a Kent State guy twice? What about Nato winning as a freshman and never winning again? Ohio State seems to have heavy favorites not perform at NCAAs.
  15. There is a contact us bubble on the streams, use that and they will contact personnel at the event.
  16. The forum software they use has a lot of bells and whistles. I don't think they invest much into this forum though, especially with upkeep and such.
  17. @JasonBryant can confirm via my email address that I am the real Bob Dole.
  18. I'm not helping the average
  19. Just because you can doesn't mean you should. Dresser didn't come off very well in his interview and he didn't even need to be taken to task by the FRL guys.
  20. Micic is on his second Olympic year.
  21. I bet if Cael offers a no holds barred access to Penn State that RBY would miraculously jump Desanto.
  22. You forgot the heavyweight stuff. After beating Hilger, Cassioppi jumped to #2...then a couple weeks after that he moved Mason Parris to #2 and bump Cassioppi to #3 with no reasoning or no significant wins(other than Stencel who was 7+) for Parris.
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