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  1. The only rule about eligibility in NAIA is you can't have grandchildren.
  2. 1. Click your profile and go to My Attachments 2. Click on the topic title that the attachment resides in 3. Click Edit and click the trash can on the image.
  3. Contrary to what that buffoon Al Gore says, I am the one who invented the internet.
  4. 1. Go to My Attachments 2. Click on the topic that the attachment resides in 3. Edit your post and click the trash can on the image. PRESTO! As a note if your image is hosted somewhere else you don't have to worry about the limit. If you steal a picture from somewhere else it needs to end with .jpg, .png, .gif, etc. Also you can use a site like imgur to host the image and use the link here. To do that go to the button "Insert other media" and select "insert image from URL."
  5. This contract will work the same as the Track one did. They just piggyback off of the UWW feed. They have less control over this feed than they do a normal one.
  6. It is quite a tangled web that is being woven here.
  7. Technically Rokfin doesn't do the live events, it is the content creators. That includes their "free thinking media" group of creators.
  8. In the internet space almost everyone is a competitor. They both want subscribers, but have different business models.
  9. Rokfin's lawyers earlier in the week had questioned the Flo reps that basically the whole internet was considered competition. They mentioned Netflix, ESPN, the NFL, NBA, even specifically universities that streamed their own sporting events. It was quite exhausting how many companies that Flo considered to be competition. The Rokfin/Willie lawyers were definitely laying the groundwork for an overreaching noncompete.
  10. Martin is being called tomorrow afternoon.
  11. There have been many objections to her questions that were sustained. The judge has seemed fed up with her on an hourly basis when she is questioning.
  12. You have missed the numerous admonishments the judge has given Karen.
  13. See this Your post about Kerkvliet leaving due to Tom Ryan finding out he was vaccinated was shown as evidence.
  14. @jchapman get's a mention on the case.
  15. Pyles has taken the stand, check twitter for a link.
  16. Great idea, I'll sign up for the phone call and ask why he does the fancy block/unblock trick.
  17. It's hard to follow nomad on social media because he does the fancy block/unblock when I follow him. He's really cute with that.
  18. They are afraid of Rokfin. They can't sue Rokfin if Willie isn't involved. That is why they aren't going after Lobdell who now has a patreon site which is similar to Rokfin's. Nor are they going after former FloTrack employees that have content on other providers.
  19. The problem with the access part is big boy sports require injury reports and press conferences. Wrestling does not so you have to rely on having a personal relationship to get the access. As we have seen from this trial, if a school feels butt hurt they will threaten access to get a positive infinity of promotion. For media that tries to emulate the big boy sports it is a juggling act to offer opinion and not be critical.
  20. Everyone, but nomad was laughing though.
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