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  1. This is exactly it! Thanks a bundle! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Random request here fellas ... Some years ago I came across an internet video of two young Russian wrestlers (I’d say about 12) going through a series of gymnastic style warmups- rolls, bridges, lifts etc. If this sounds familiar to anyone I’d really appreciate a link! I’ve been trying find for some time. Going to volunteer coach for my boys rec team this winter and I thought the video had some great ideas for building wrestling agility. Any help is truly appreciated! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Has anyone heard any potential names for the VT openings? Buzz on hokie board is promising. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I recently saw that Kyle Dake was working out with the team from functional patterns. I can as intrigues because it's a workout cycle that's made a lot of sense for me on my post wrestling life, but hadn't considered it as a component of active training. Does anyone have any thoughts / experience in using this program? Trying to determine if it's a good program in its own right and how it compares to other training programs for wrestlers. I'll try to post a link later ... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Great semi- good to see Villalonga and Tsirtsis go down. Action matters
  6. Not indisputable that Tsirtsis' foot was in bound. No way that's a takedown.
  7. This is sad, not funny ... I had three non-wrestling buddies over last night to watch NCAA. They were watching with me through Tsirtsis - Clagon match. They thought it was funny that I was so upset about them allowing Tsirtsis' 2nd period ride ... After the match, they got up and had a beer in the kitchen and didn't come back in for 30 minutes ... I get it- a win is a win in the NCAA tourney, but the officials simply have to do something to combat stalling.
  8. Ok thanks that's a big help. He seems like a real good guy to wrestle for. Just wasn't sure about coaching credentials or influence. Fascinating to hear about the iowa choice. Thanks for the info!
  9. Why does he get so much hype from flo? I only watched him at the end of his iowa career but how does he stand out amongst other 4x AAs and 2x NCAA champs? Or more to the point, amongst coaches? This is a genuinely curious question and not a judgment...
  10. Glad you mentioned this- Ed Ruth and joe colon did what they did and deserve no soft treatment, but i thought it was wholly unnecessary to mention their "issues" each time they took the mat. Each and every round. With espn coverage comes espn coverage.
  11. Never in my life saw stalemate calls applied as a pre-warning for stalling like this weekend. Was especially true in ride outs- stalemates called at 0:23! Plus I thought hanging on the ankle was a very specifically stated call for stalling, yet i saw it called first as a stalemate- why? Is this a rule? Did anyone else feel confused by the refs handling of stalemate stalling? Lastly and most importantly how does the ankle ride issue get fixed? PS I hate replay in this tourney and thought three reviews in the first period of 125 was an embarrassment to the integrity of our sport. Edit: I should note that the finals stall calls were great and much improved from the rest of the tourney.
  12. I've had this idea brewing for awhile. As a board we agree to pick one wrestler for 2014-15. Each match, the board community gives him pointers, video breakdowns, pep speech. This is a chance for us to pour all of our expertise into each match , period , position of our chosen subject. The collective wisdom of the board guides the wrestler to unprecedented success! I thought this might be a fun big data project for a few interested board members for next year. We'd need to pick a wrestler who could have a lot of free videos available for review. Any thoughts?
  13. Mat_Mopper


    Bringing the family to OKC. Beyond wrestling and the memorial any recs for sights to see or, more importantly, areas tourists should avoid?
  14. What a tough tourney this is each year! Took note of burroughs frosh NCAA bracket. Had #1 schlatter 1st round and lost 3-2. Won a wrestle back then catches storniolo and loses in ot. Freshman burroughs goes home and has no idea what he's on pace to do. This moment in time- having no idea what was to come in his career- is one of the great reasons to love this sport!
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