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  1. In my very humble opinion as a coach, I personally think it is easier to teach a wide variety of skill levels (which is usually what I have in my room) to lead with one leg exclusively. My experience with this is that a kid can get much more comfortable having to primarily defend his lead leg. If a kid switches to his trail leg and his opponent successfully attacks, chances are... he is not going to be nearly as comfortable defending what is typically his trail leg. With that being said, yes, I am aware that on a rare occasion a wrestler might find his way to your trail leg (but the percentages are typically pretty low). Philosophically speaking- their should only be a few ways for a wrestler to find his way to your trail leg from a neutral position (putting together multiple shots, misdirection, etc). I don't mind some of my higher level wrestlers switching, for short periods of time, their lead leg if they have an attack in mind. Just my two cents.
  2. Immel... your pic is dead bud.
  3. I can see both points that have been made. Personally, I think that (and could very well be incorrect) sometimes we are not versatile enough. Russians do have their specific style of wrestling/training/methodology... but they have a more versatile ways of scoring IMO. I think the same can be said for the Iranians as of late as well. So, they might not change tactics, but they don't just rely on one leg attack with maybe a couple of set ups. If you look at some of our own legends... I, personally come to the same conclusion. Smith is obviously noted for his low level attacks (and I know he was ahead of his time with this series obviously), but I also see many ducks and other attacks as well.... JMO.
  4. Clearly a sad situation for states under those circumstances. For aspiring college wrestlers... it's hard to find a better place to get your name out there than Fargo. Each year they give statistics covering the number of NCAA DI AA's/finalists that all competed at Fargo and each year the stats are astounding.
  5. Take a look at the rosters from just the top 5 teams at the Jr Duals. You can't compare the competition level between the two events. There were some absolute wars taking place!
  6. I'm not sure that anyone would argue with that statement is there? The sport is constantly evolving like every other sport. Guess there must be some that argue otherwise... hence the post. I know there have been arguements/discussions about two wrestlers from different eras wrestling and who would win... but not sure that I have seen the debate about technique Maybe I missed it though.
  7. I guess I'm kinda lost on the "great gameplan" that was put together for Burroughs. Was the gameplan to establish a head outside single position on JB due to the fact that "they knew" they could execute a cradle roll from the single position? To go into that match thinking that they would get to that position, I personally, find a bit absurd. I'm quite sure they did work on stopping his double, staying in position, etc-etc. DT did find himself in that position and did execute that particular skill... and yes, twice. With all that being said... how many times was DT taken down with the same leg attack all the while knowing it was coming? How much time was left with DT up by 3 before getting taken down with the same leg attack EVERYONE in the country knew was coming? DT is great... no question about it. Can he beat JB? I think we all know that is "possible". The same can be said for Dake. But I find the topic to be false IMO.
  8. Not in the near future because Burroughs won't roll his head outside and cut to a single again...lol That was 4 of Taylor's 6 pts. Burroughs made it happen with not much time left and the last TD was no struggle at all.
  9. Is that the same team that lost to Midwest City, OK at home ? MWC , at least in Oklahoma, was also known for spiral rides during that tenure and we'll into the late 90s.
  10. I'm sure we will get to see this match again (albeit a different style of wrestling) possibly at the Jr. Duals and Fargo. California and Oklahoma usually fair pretty well at both of these events so it is definately possible that they wrestle twice more in freestyle.
  11. This arguement could go on and on. Cox could only wrestle who advanced with him moving forward. IMO, I'm not sure it is fair to downplay him being a National Champion to Rutherford's lower placing. Any way you slice it, Cox is on track to become a 4x NC (without a redshirt). This was also a previous topic of discussion with Pat Smith getting a RS, etc. Yes, Retherford did lose to an all time great on the front side. Cox wasn't extended that same opportunity in March when he appeared to be at his best IMO. Thus, we don't know what Cox would have done if he were extended the same "opportunity" that Retherford had.
  12. Yes... I think the two time National Champion could "hang" with Ruth. I would have liked to seen that match.
  13. I could be mistaken... but I think that Howe was all over Perry's legs when he was behind in the Big XII finals match. I believe every one of his attacks came out of an underhook. The thing that I noticed during the NC match was that Perry MADE SURE not to give up any hooks. The one time I noticed he did they went out of bounds. Smith (from the corner) was signalling to Perry to crossblock the soon to come high c from the hook if there again. Perry was well prepared for that match and made some adjustments from neutral... whereas, to me anyway, it appeared that there were minor adjustments made from Howe for that match. Of course, we are talking about two BIG TIME STUDS! I'm glad that we were able to see two wrestlers of such high quality at the same weight in the finals... Good for all of us spectators IMO.
  14. Based off of NCAA performances... I will take Dieringer over Green... especially on the biggest stage of them all. It wasn't like Green was just manhandling Ness when he got pinned. On the other hand, Dieringer had no trouble at all in scoring when he wanted and staying off the elevator.
  15. Garrerett over Delgado Schopp over Colon Stieber over Port Maple over Dardanes Dieringer over Green Taylor over Caldwell Howe over Perry Ruth over Thomusseit Cox over Heflin Nelson over Gwiaziowski
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