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  1. quote] Baldwin was at the tourney decked out in Binghamton gear. That is good to hear....
  2. I think the unexpected coaching change at Binghamton really shook the program. Pat Popolizio had a real outgoing personality and it was well received by the community and atheletes. Matt Dernlan is doing a fine job stepping into the shoes that Popolizio left him, I think it will come. I did not see Billy Baldwin at the two events that I attended... (maybe I missed him), I have the feeling Billy felt slighted when Pop left the program.... at least that was my impression.. but I never confirmed this with anyone.... I hope not..
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    Would you have called 2 for Dake when he "Merkled" Taylor earlier this year? Dake Didn't have a Merkle... (if it was a Merkle, he would have been required to return him to the mat - in bounds - the standing reversal would NOT apply.) Dake was under BOTH arms, not locked around the head and near arm. The 2pt reversal call was dumb luck. The lock was on the far side of the official - there was NO way he could see if it indeed was a Merkle or a lock inder the arms. (only the assistant could see the hand position). The question of a Merkle in a reversal situation was brought up. Since a Merkle is considered a SIDE lock (not behind) the criteria of "returned to the mat' MUST be met for a Reversal or TD.. Dake was only standing behind Taylor (with the Lock under the arms)... had it been a Merkle ... he would have had to return him to the mat - in bounds.
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    Yeah... but it was funny listening to Robles insist that is was a good Merkle, and he had no clue as to why it was reversed.... Guys like that should know the rules... and was really surprised that this was missed by both officials. All this video coverage has made it interesting....
  5. I was REAL skeptical of the review at first. It HAS corrected some situations.... ie: The 2TD Welch/Alton Match... the Merkle was locked on the OUTSIDE arm and head... poor call - Corrected... Yates/Yohn overtime TD - reaction time.... overturned for a TD... These were good video review situations ... BUT... they have to take place in LESS than 2 minutes ... 5 is just TOO long... Conditioning is TOO big of a component in College wrestling. To give more than 1 minute is not good for college wrestling (let alone my suggested max of 2 minutes). 5 minutes would just destroy any element of conditioning. Limit it to less than 1 or 2 minutes, and you've sold me...
  6. This is from a guy who has ACTUALLY been there ON THE MAT.... Maybe the USA should push to get MORE involved with international wrestling to help GUIDE it to be a more succesfull sport. Not to say wrestling in the US is flourishing at any great rate... but at least we understand what is going on down on the mat. We NEED guys like rossel3 to BE our spokesmen, and lead wrestling here in the US, and internationaly... !!
  7. Hmmm... (my observation here is primarily focused on Freestyle rules) The average spectator has NO idea what the rules of "International Wrestling" are... Over the past decade and then some, they've changed the rules so many times, I don't even know what they are anymore, let alone the average Olympic spectator. Rule(s) changes are dominated by the European higherarchy, and just like many european based sports, the rules are subject to 'Vast' interperetation. Who the hell knows when a scocer games ends... is there really a game clock.. or is it just 'kind of a guideline' etc.. etc... The rules confusion, has made the sport difficult to watch. Brick after brick flying out on the mat to contest calls. Calls that have to be confirmed multiple times, delays that take up more time that the actual match. International Wrestling has moved SO far away from the what it was 30+ years ago... I don't even know if it is the same sport. Don't get me wrong.. there ARE great international wresters, and wrestling... But... There are often times that is appears that the clearly more dominating, more aggressive and more talented wrestler loses matches because of the rules, and/or confusion of the rules. Counter wrestling seems to be prevelant, almost to the point of blatant stalling, and attempting to score points with NON wrestling tactics (the push out being one that comes to mind). It's not often, but I've seen matches won by guys who NEVER attempted ANY TD or offensive action, yet we are constatly told that the rules changes are made to 'support and encourage' offensive action..... I don't see it. Best out of 3... ties are won from the LAST point scored... HUH... How on earth does the LAST point scored encourage offensive acton....??? The NCAA is pushing for a 3pt FIRST TAKEDOWN... to encourage imediate action... yet international.. is encourageing dogging it for the LAST POINT.... ehhh.... Bottom line... : The average wrestling fans, let alone the casual fans... DON NOT understand the rules or even have a clue how a match is won. It's boring to them... and they click the remote to the next channel...and move on to the next sport... Yet they wonder why the sport is being dropped.... Yeah... keep changing those rules... where's that gotten the sport. dropping wrestling is flat out dissapointing. My 2 cents..
  8. Spladle is a funky move... if it's a move to get control (TD or reversal) you really have to have NF criteria before you can call it a TD or reversal.... then begin the NF count. The tigher is it.. the harder it is to pin the guy... with the head tucked to the chin... the shoulder blades tend to be flat with the back (unlike some situations where they protrude out pst the back) Stalemate.... LOL... no.... you can NEVER call a stalemate while a wrestler is in Criteria... ever... He just gets to sit there for the rest of the period. But still... A GREAT Spladle. !!
  9. Outstanding Spladle... But, truth be told... he's not even close to being pinned... Spladle is a very bizarre hold. most often, the shoulders and shoulder blades are positioned on the offensive wrestler, and the blades are way off the matt. The portion everyone sees (pinned) is the lower back... Yes.. and it's VERY flat. I can't don't know how to post a picture here.. but stop it at 1:22 you can clearly see right through to the other side, and his blades (the lowest part of the pinning area) is 6" up from the point on the mat (actually right on the offensive wrestler).... he never moves from that position.. Great Spladle though.
  10. Silverback... You have to understand the dynamics of the politics... This year I sat with my college coach at an Iowa dual. Iowa dominated the dual winning all but 2 bouts. I enjoyed watching the dominating action, but my coach commented to me, "..they are just thugs,.. pushing and shoving OOB, and after the whistle..." I had to agree with him, and as you stated, "It’s clearly unsportsmanlike." (and as an official, I aggree with you). But.. Remember, there are consequences. You have to understand just HOW officials are hired. Guys WANT to work these high profile duals, and if you want them, you have to follow the trend. If ONE guy starts hitting wrestlers with Unsportsmanlike Conduct, and NO OTHER Official is... he's NOT going to get hired BACK... plain and simple... !! Although, most matches are hired via associations, coaches DO have an input for regionals. Once regional officials are selected... those officials get the BULK of the duals... So everyone is veing to PLEASE the coaches (especially guys like Brands, etc.). SOME duals are actually hired by the HOME school still... (do you really think he's going to make that call from the guy who hired him... ?? - Not going to happen) Tournaments are often hired in the same manor. Until the rules committee makes "hands in the face" or "late push after the whistle" a POINT OF EMPHASIS... it will NOT change... ie... 4-5 years ago, rolling starts, and outright 'incorrect' starting positions were the NORM.. !!! EVERY kid was doing it... !! At a tournament, A coach once took me to the table (arms flailing, yelling and screaming) that was a 'ROLLING START'. I calmly agreed with him.. then asked him to turn around and take a look around.... I said to him... "...They are ALL doing it.... and I think it SUCKS.... but I CAN'T be the only official calling it... or I will NEVER get called back to work here again.... " Thankfully, the rules committee FINALLY came around and addressed the problem (it took them 2 years to get it right - with the extremely poor rule of 'belly first - elbow last' rule... ) The rules committee made it a high priority to call out false starts, and illegal starting positions. Officials were ALL asked NOT to tolerate these illegal starts... ...and... the resutl is that 90% of todays starts are NOW fair and legal.... There is STILL an outrage about STALLING... again... Why do you THINK, it is NOT being called EXACTLY like the book... I was told by a RULES committee member last week.... "Stalling is still not being called to the full extent the rules now call for...." (IMO, it's being called much, much better... but not to the fullest extent of the rule... ) Of course NOT... If we ACTUALLY called it this way... We'd be at the table every other minute defending the call, and giving out coaches warnings all night long... !! human nature.... Coaches WANT it called... JUST NOT on thier guy... Coaches need to STOP complaining when it's thier guy hit for the stall call.... and THEN... you'd see stalling called "...as per the book..." Officials won't call it... They want to get re-hired...
  11. Just like a double leg TD (Hands locked), he would have reasonable reaction time to correct or release any headlock that became illegal due to the reversal. Note: (and this is kind of a 'grey area' - Hands locked behind the head (pulling directly toward the chin) Standing in neutral position is NOT illegal. - Bottom wrestler, top wrestler hangs head over the shoulder, Hands locked behind the head (pulling directly toward the chin) is NOT illegal. - Top wrestler with double grapes vines (chest to chest) Hands locked behind the head (pulling directly toward the chin) is NOT illegal. The "grey area' comes in to play when the top wrestler slides off the 'chest to chest' and begins to move toward a sitting position (without the arm). At what point is the pressure no longer directed toward the chin. This is rarely ever seen (I haven't seen it). Although if it happend I'm gathering it would be hit with illegal, just because of the obscurity of it.
  12. WOW... What a match..!! Just the way it should be.. Exciting. There IS such a thing as a Standing revedersal... Dake does NOT have a Merkle... (Merkle is near leg in... NEAR arm and HEAD.... NOT FAR SIDE...) That being said... : Dake DOES have control UNDER BOTH ARMS.... Thus Contol. So BIG credit to the guys in stripes... he got it right. Interesting though... he's on the back side of the call... not sure that he could have seen that Dake is under both arms from that vantage point...
  13. Kyle is doing JUST what this sport needs.... !! Getting people talking about wrestling. It doesn't matter what the topic is, as long as it gets people to get up and look. I'm sure if Kyle stays at 157 he has a better chance of being a 4x champion, and that would be great. It would/will be a feat that only few will ever accomplish. For Dake to go "balls to the wall" and attempt the 4x - 4 weight class championship says a lot about him. After all is said and done. If Dake achieves this goal, it will create conversation OUTSIDE of the wrestling community, and that's EXACTLY what we need. We need to have ESPN interview him a zillion times, he'll be on magazine covers all over the world, and have every local wrestling club asking him how he did it, and why. He will be the Topic of the Day... and hopefully even longer. They will make comercials about him. Tiger, Bruite, ... you name it... It would be about time that wrestling gets a nationaly recognized poster boy for athletic wear. Why does it always have to be football, basketball, baseball, or soccer ?? Maybe, even someday, they make a movie about he guy... !! If he loses to Taylor, or even someone else.... that too will creat conversation. It won't be the same, but it will be conversation none the less. It's a win / win situation for the sport of wrestling... Look... it's even inspired THIS thread. and if you've ever had a chance talk to Kyle Dake.. he makes a GREAT ambassador for this sport... and we need more like him.Everybody should get on board with this... and help create the "stir" My 2 cents worth.
  14. As I posted back in March...: So... what happens next season ? Paddock took a year off to be with his brother (after a terrible accident) Stieber steps into the line up.. and has a phenominal season... I was under the imression that Paddock was beating Stieber for the spot... wonder if that will be true next season.. This one will be good...
  15. Rakkasan91.... Your absolutly right.... I pulled a blank there... and didn't add the 'post match Hand Shake' to my post. In fact, I'm quite the advocate of the post match .... a GOOD post match Hand Shake... Win or lose... poor sportmaship is bad for the sport. But I still don't get the forfeit Coaches Hand Shake.... *L*
  16. Handshake is only required for the wrestlers at the start of the match... No Hand Shake required to coaches... although I never found it to be a BAD thing. You shake an opponents hand to offer sportsmankship (and possibly wish them luck or a fair match) you shake the coaches hand afterwards to offer a congratulations and/or appreciation for coaching your opponents to a fair bout (we would hope).... it is time consuming.. and often just 'running through the motions' .. but if genuine... i think good. You just cant blow a gasket if the Wrestler or Coach doesn't recipricate the handshake (or is unavailable), as they may have other issues going on that require thier attention etc, etc... I NEVER understood why wrestlers (and thier coaches) go and shake the coaches hand(s) upon receiving a forfiet... ??? HUH... thanks coach for giving me a freebee ???? What are you congratulating that coach for... ?? I'm confused. I think the High School federation does NOT require a coaches handshake either... (at least not in NY)
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