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  1. I just missed it....How'd the Deakin match go?
  2. Not necessarily an answer to the original question, so I apologize in advance, but Mile High Wrestling Club in Colorado does a pretty solid job. 3 Junior World Team members in Ryan Deakin, Maya Nelson and Cohlton Schultz ain't too bad. Their dual teams have been mixing it up with the aforementioned groups for years with some success-especially coming out of Colorado which isn't traditionally a hammer type of state.
  3. Kyle O'Brian was a solid wrestler and Tyler was just young. He went on a terror after that loss and never really looked back and was never challenged again in high school. On the national level, he won consistently. I do remember a loss in the finals at Fargo against Mangrum I believe. He's always been dominant on his feet. The match where he lost to Ramos, dive roll underneath, in OT, befuddled us all and I think was more in account to pressure mounting and an inability to handle such pressure. There was conversation indicating that Barry Davis didn't help things in this regard and it's my guess that had some work gone into working through how to handle that pressure, a different end may have came about. I wonder often how much work is placed around the country in helping wrestlers handle the mental/emotional side of things. I think there'd be far different outcomes at the NCAA's if they did. But then again, physical development, technical development and the emotional/mental side of things are all aspects that must be addressed so when there is a breakdown in any one area, it obviously creates a void and allows for exploitation by an opponent. Tyler beat himself more often than he was beaten in my opinion. This is probably the case for many. I have been a fan of Graff's since he was a kid and have no doubt that he can contend for the spot going to Rio. My guess is that he will get the support from USAW to overcome the mental blocks or whatever it may have been in the past should he become the guy. It's clear that he can compete on his feet with anyone in the world. I guess we shall see......
  4. I think it's hilarious that the Russian officials speak as though the leaders of USAW would have any say so in convincing the Obama administration to allow a Russian thug into our country. It goes to show how convoluted their thinking is between sport and national security. I'd say, let the guy in. If he even breathes wrong, let Robbie Smith have him and see how it goes. Case closed.
  5. I think the two primary reasons for taking PED's in college would be enhanced recovery and increased stamina. Obviously strength would be an added benefit to a wrestler trying to get that extra lift. I've known a number of D1 and D2 guys who have spoken of the PED's after the fact. It is much more common than people want to let on. The competitive nature of these athletes would be a reason for their taking the PED's, no financial gain necessary. Of the guys I know who have done it, none have done so because of financial benefit. The image of champion was far more alluring.
  6. Wrestling is cyclical. What worked years ago, aspects of it anyway, will come back. Obviously the athletes are more dynamic than ever and technique is always much more available now at the point of a mouse, whereas years ago, it was much slower to pass on. The age of technology will rapidly speed our sport up. No shortcuts. No trick moves. Just hard work over time and the willingness to force your will on the other guy. Any technique done better than the other guy can defend will be excellent in competition. That's the beauty of the sport. No one way to do it!
  7. I saw the fall happened at like 5:49. Does anyone have the breakdown as the fall occurred? Thanks a ton!
  8. I'm a bit of a homer on this one, but Ben Cherrington wasn't an AA other than one time. 19-0, senior year, returning after an injury to win the national title.
  9. Wow! I just caught the match with 1:09 left in the first and watched the theatrics of the next few minutes. I cannot imagine what this match is going to look like come NCAA time. Incredible!
  10. Nice throw! If he was a wrestler, he didn't represent the sport very well getting punked the next two plays though. He got owned!
  11. A couple of years back, Jack Maughan from the University of Northern Colorado, had Denver reviewed by the NCAA as a potential host site for the NCAA's. There is a lot to do, great places to stay within walking distance, a solid night life, and easy transportation in and out of Denver. The mountains are within 15 minutes of downtown for those wanting to extend their week(end), still some spring skiing chances during Spring Break. Needless to say we thought it'd be a perfect spot. Our youth wrestling scene is exploding with more than 8,000 wrestlers statewide that provides a huge base worth reaching out to, if growing the sport is truly an interest. If I remember correctly, Denver was denied due to insufficient space on the Pepsi Center floor. In other words the dimensions of the floor space would not accomodate what the NCAA desired. Obviously the Pepsi Center is plenty big enough, holding up to 21,000 depending on the configuration of the flooring. In an area that is trying to grow it's program and with the addition of UNC as a DI program, it would seem like a great place to work on building more roots. The DII programs in the area of thrived for years, holding DII championships very succesfully in years past. We'd love to see it come to Denver.
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