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  1. My first two podcasts were on this topic....I broke down the careers of the (in my opinion) 15 wrestlers of the 2000's who were not NCAA Champions. Part One http://suddenhistory.libsyn.com/sudden-history-episode-1 Part Two http://suddenhistory.libsyn.com/sudden-history-episode-2
  2. This week's Sudden History/D1CW Preview podcast will feature the Big Ten. It will be the first in a two part series. The first part will feature: Michigan State head coach Roger Chandler, Rutgers head coach Scott Goodale, and Ohio State Assistant Coach J Jaggers. Each of these guys gives a lot of insight into their respective programs. Check it out! http://www.mattalkonline.com/podcast/sudden-history/sudden-historybig-ten-preview-part-1-sudden-history-episode-31/
  3. This weeks preview podcast takes us to the West Coast for the Pac 12. The podcast features coaches from 5 of the 6 Pac 12 teams. There's still an outside chance I'll speak with an Arizona State rep. If so, I'll post it separately. The order of the coaches and the times they appear are: Jon Sioredas--Cal Poly Head Coach (2:30) Jeff Silveira--CSU Bakersfield Associate Head Coach (11:25) Kevin Roberts--Oregon State Associate Head Coach (26:39) Mike Mendoza--Boise State Head Coach (40:29) Jason Borrelli--Stanford Head Coach (57:10) http://www.mattalkonline.com/podcast/sudden-history/sudden-historyd1cw-pac-12-preview-sudden-history-episode-30/
  4. D1CW/Sudden History has tackled a new conference after a two-part series of podcasts with the EIWA, then the ACC before it. Now the MAC. The show this week features interviews with four of the MAC Coaches. They are in order: John Stutzman Head Coach Buffalo (2:30) Tom Borrelli Head Coach Central Michigan (17:52) Ryan Ludwig Head Coach Northern Illinois (36:40) Alex Clemsen Associate Head Coach Missouri (50:24) http://www.mattalkonline.com/podcast/sudden-history/sudden-historyd1cw-mac-preview-sudden-history-episode-29/
  5. Part two of the EIWA Preview Podcast is out! As mentioned above, this one features five of the Ivy League Head Coaches. In order and the time they are on: Columbia's Zach Tanelli (2:25) Princeton's Chris Ayres (23:55) Brown's Todd Beckerman (47:20) Penn's Alex Tirapelle (1:05:12) Cornell's Rob Koll (1:18:39) http://www.mattalkonline.com/podcast/sudden-history/sudden-historyd1cw-eiwa-preview-part-2-sudden-history-episode-28/
  6. Last week I posted an ACC Preview Podcast featuring interviews with four of the conferences top coaches....This week moving onto the EIWA. Since it's a gigantic conference, this preview will be split into two podcasts. This one is the non-Ivy version (or Patriot League) featuring Bucknell Head Coach Dan Wirnsberger, Army West Point Head Coach Kevin Ward and Lehigh Associate Head Coach John Hughes. New week I have one ready featuring 5 Ivy League Head Coaches. Check it out and let me know what you think. http://www.mattalkonline.com/podcast/sudden-history/sudden-historyd1cw-eiwa-preview-part-1-sudden-history-episode-26/
  7. I hope everyone checks out the two part ACC Preview that I put together for the Sudden History Podcast and D1CW site. The podcast especially! I felt like it could be a fun idea, it has interviews with (in order) UVA's Steve Garland, UNC's Coleman Scott, NC State's Pat Poplizio and VT's Kevin Dresser. They all discuss possible lineups and I have about 10 questions for each of them tailored to their respective teams. http://www.mattalkonline.com/podcast/sudden-history/sudden-historyd1cw-acc-preview-episode-26/ The other part is a write-up/rankings on the D1CW site. I am in the process of doing another podcast/write-up preview for the EIWA. I will work my way around to all conferences. Enjoy and I'd love to hear feedback.
  8. This weeks episode featured 2x NCAA Champion from Iowa Matt McDonough. One of the better shows so far, along w/ Reader last week, McDonough opens up about his career and being a Hawkeye. He also briefly touches on his teammates Dan Dennis and Tony Ramos' matches at the Olympic Trials. http://www.mattalkonline.com/suddenhistory
  9. The latest episode features South Dakota State Assistant Coach and 2011 NCAA Champion Jon Reader. Jon passionately and intensely speaks about his own wrestling career, his future competing, and the Jackrabbit wrestling team. Check it out. http://www.mattalkonline.com/suddenhistory
  10. This week's episode features Lock Haven HC Scott Moore. He talks about the team as well as his career competing for Penn State and Virginia. His 2004 season for UVA was just absurd statistically. www.mattalkonline.com/suddenhistory
  11. In this week's episode we focus on recruiting. The Recruiting Rewind for the Class of 2011 is unveiled prior to its official release. Also, team recruiting rankings and recruiting rankings for this years NCAA finalists are broken down. Sudden History on Itunes and everywhere podcasts are found.
  12. I can't believe I didn't mention it earlier.....Episode #14 has been released, if features an interview with former Minnesota/Rutgers NCAA Qualifier Mario Mason. I'm sure most people remember, he took a lot of heat on these boards throughout his career. Talks about a new position he has just taken, his work with Nick Suriano, his time at Minnesota and Rutgers and Frank Molinaro. http://www.mattalkonline.com/suddenhistory
  13. Episode #13 has been released. It has an interview with Penn's 2x NCAA Champion Matt Valenti. Matt speaks about his wrestling career as well as his current position in the athletic department for Penn. www.mattalkonline.com/suddenhistory
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