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  1. That was a mistake, he is listed at 133
  2. I don't see Brian Smith being interested. Mizzou is a better program at this point and while it is not the Big 10, the MAC is a much improved conference that he can win regularly while competing to get to a top 4 place at the NCAA's. At Purdue he would be hoping to finish in the top half of his conference and that would be a huge accomplishment
  3. Looking for 3 NCAA tickets in the lower level if possible. PM me if you are looking to sell. Thanks!
  4. Anybody know when these are both released. Thanks!
  5. One of my wrestlers went to an Iowa camp and brought me one of Metcalf's headgear signed by Tom Brands, Brent Metcalf, Mark Perry, Doug Schwab, Phil Keddy, Mike Zadick,and Joe Johnston. Also have signed posters from Zeke Jones, Dan Gable, and Cael Sanderson.
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