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  1. I wasn't going to respond since what's done is done, but since we're going with "first hand" accounts... This is half true. The skin had been cultured. It had come back positive for impetigo. It had been treated for impetigo. And it had been treated long enough (5 days). It was on the proper form with the proper information and done by a board certified dermatologist. And, it wasn't herpes. Your non-skin doctor (general local guy who has never treated a skin disease) by LOOKS ALONE wanted the dermatologist who treated the infection to GUARANTEE him with 100% certainty that it was not both impetigo and herpes. And since our dermatologist could not provide a guarantee on her medical license, we spent thousands of dollars to fly to Ohio to have a non-skin guy go on a gut instinct instead of a medical professional in the area of skin's opinion, culture, and treatment. Good form Ironman. We did our part to help the doctor make a good decision by letting him speak with the dermatologist, and at the end of the day, the tournament and its staff failed us. Here's the best part. We came back with herpes from the tournament. We had the only athlete required to demonstrate with absolutely medical certainty that a skin condition was something other than what it was marked and treated for. Yet, apparently that standard didn't apply to other wrestlers. As I told all of you at the event -- you've seen us for the last time. The bad news is, I think some others feel the same way. When you start feeling you are the show, it's often the same result as when you feel you've become a good enough coach or a good enough wrestler. The tournament is only as good as those in attendance. Adam T.
  2. Coming from a guy in the west, we are a LONG way away from winning the NCAA's. Let's work on getting a Top 5 team first. That would be a huge accomplishment.
  3. I like objective, but then you'd have to hold a guy on his back for at least 7 secs to gain "control". Yet if you just touch his far hip it's an immediate 2 with no reaction time. I just can't understand the desire to reward immediate points for hands touching, side headlocks, far hips, etc but when it comes to back exposure, that's something you get a long time before calling control. Isn't the basic premise of wrestling to put opponent on his back and stay off of yours? Have to simplify and start eliminating voluntary back exposure.
  4. Which situation where a guy was on his back holding the opponents foot was he not "in control"? That's the issue. There IS control, we have just created an environment where it's not called. Simple solution.
  5. Nearfall from neutral is actually more simple to call and understand, not less. It doesn't require the ref to award a takedown, which is the holdup on all of these "bad" situations. I saw at least 15 times this weekend where a guy was being held on his back in neutral for over 5 seconds and no points awarded. This is control by any definition but refs are afraid to award it. If wrestlers have an objective rule and understand that they will give up points by being on their backs, we will see far less of these bad scramble positions and more scoring. It's a win-win for the sport. No one I know said their favorite match this weekend was the low scoring, scramble fest with guys laying on their backs. It's always the high scoring affairs that bring excitement. We are screwing ourselves with rewarding voluntary back exposure.
  6. Sorry I missed this, but yes, OP is correct. The CA State Tournament is a marathon. For those of you speaking as fans, which by the way can't be all that fun to arrive at 9:00am and leave at 9:00pm, you are forgetting how long the day is for coaches and athletes. Not to mention the absurd amount of matches in a single day, all run as one continuous "session". We woke up at 5:30 this year to arrive for groom check at 6:15. Weigh-ins take place at 7:00am. By the time you round up your team and get back to the hotel, meet, and check weights, it's easily 10:00pm. Then some kids have to lose a little weight for Day 2. I believe after grabbing Carl's Jr. for dinner (fastest thing we could get), we went to bed at 11:30pm on Friday. Guess what, weigh-ins again at 7:00am on Saturday with another groom check beforehand. Sessions would be the idea way to go, spreading the tournament over Thursday afternoon, Friday morning, Friday afternoon, Saturday morning, and then finals Saturday evening (say 5:00pm). For those that see no reason to have a 32-man bracket over 3 days, you might try attending an NCAA Championship which is exactly that, a 32-man bracket over 3 days. It's the best attended wrestling even in the nation and also the most fan friendly. Might be worth copying.
  7. This is Adam Tirapelle, not Alex. Just in case there was any confusion.
  8. Had a last second cancellation in our group for a great room less than 1/2 a mile from Madison Square Garden! We booked this last March and it's over $400/night if you book it through Hyatt today. http://newyorkmidtown.place.hyatt.com/en/hotel/home.html -King Bed -includes breakfast -check in Wednesday, check out Sunday $250/night (that includes tax) Call Chris Conner to have transferred to your name. 559-312-7518
  9. Not me bud. But I'm happy to support the hiring process and the new coach in whatever fashion needed. Besides, we may be of more value at the high school level. Lots of great programs in the area to provide Fresno State with quality wrestlers. Really looking forward to seeing who ends up with the job. If we get the right coach, I have a feeling most are underestimating the potential of the program.
  10. The number is 60%. I would guess this is partially to make the recruiting budget work and partially to serve the local community. What your'e going to get with this is a lot of walk-on kids from Sacramento, Stockton, Modesto, Fresno, Visalia, Tulare, and Bakersfield (though Cal State Bakersfield will be competition there). Also, if you think in terms of population, there are ~4 million people in this geographic area. That's the same size as the entire state of Oregon and Oklahoma, and more than Iowa, Nebraska, and Utah. It's not a bad pool to draw from.
  11. Kids wrestling currently D1 from Sacramento to Bakersfield: 133-Emilio Saavedra #15 157-Isaiah Martinez #2 165-Jim Wilson #13 165-Adam Fierro #16 174-Bryce Hammond #13 285-Nick Nevills #13 Those are just the ranked guys. There are quite a few more starters throughout the country.
  12. 1. This is to stay within the budget. 2. This shouldn't be an issue to find D1 talent within the state. 3. It should be easy to find 60% of the talent from Sacramento to Bakerfield, as it's the strongest area for wrestling in the state. As I said, this job is set up for the right coach to be very successful. I'm not talking NCAA Championship or Top 5, let's be realistic. But you could very quickly become competitive and then see where 10 years takes you.
  13. Yes, agriculture. I believe it's a true 9.9, but you always have a budget. I would guess the first coach is going to start with a heavy California focus, as in-state tuition is 1/3 that of out-of-state. From an earlier article: "...the Fresno State wrestling budget, including salaries, operations and athletic aid, will reach $689,293."
  14. And yes, I was referring to Big10, Big12, Pac12, ACC, and SEC. Many of those schools don't have wrestling but what they do have is massive athletic funding. It's hard to compete with their revenue and budgets.
  15. Compare the number of D1 programs and surrounding states D1 programs that Lehigh is competing with for recruits. Then figure that at Fresno State, you're basically competing with two academic schools (Stanford and Cal Poly) and Cal State Bakersfield, none of which are fully funded or really very close to being fully funded. Lehigh is a great university in a hotbed of wrestling, make no mistake on that. But the competition for recruits is no comparison, and while PA may still have the most high school depth, there are an awful lot of CA kids that could use a place to wrestle where they don't have to be rocket-scientists to get in academically. On that note, Lehigh is MUCH more difficult academically than Fresno State.
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