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  1. Nice win for Cimato. Gotta give him credit. Tsirtsis had a tough off season. I think his biggest defeat in his first two seasons was 5-3 to dardanes and 5-3 to Grajales. Just looking through track results he got taken down twice and got ridden for 3 min. Wow
  2. Did Tsirtsis just get pinned? Did not see it but said he got pinned and was down big before the pin on track? Wow
  3. HenDog


    Anybody know what really happened? Fired, stepped down? I see a lot of NU wrestlers not attending the Mich St open such as Brill, Tsirtsis and Sebastian.
  4. HenDog


    See he is not at 149. 149 is one tough wt class this year. Saw him as a favorite to win 141 if he could have made the cut. 149 maybe low AA??
  5. Henderson would be #1 at 141. He does not seem to cut much, surprised he is going 149.
  6. tbar is the most passive aggressive poster on this forum. Count down is on till he says retherford and guillbon are undersized.
  7. HenDog


    This weight class is sounding like the deepest. 10 different wrestlers could win this and it would not be a shock.
  8. Is Stieber being rumored to go 141? I thought he said in interview he would be at 149 but that was at the end of the season last year. I like Henderson and Stieber if he is fully recovered and 141
  9. Zain impressed me during the freestyle season. IMO he would win 141 pretty easy. 149 will be tougher. I was really impressed how Zain stopped Pico's snap for the most part. Their first few matches Pico was snapping him at will, I'm not sure if it was due to strength though, more a better game plan.
  10. Not saying Zain can't win 149. But H. Stieber will be very tough next year. Sueflohn, Tsirtsis, Sorensen and Clagon will be tough. Zain was so good on top at 141 as was Maple, Maple could not ride any of the top 149's his senior year. 149 is a big step up. Will Zain be able to ride Tsirtsis, Stieber and Sorensen? 149 in the Big Ten is going to be a loaded wt class. One thing about Tsirtsis I noticed last year is he could not finish against the top guys.
  11. Is Krop out for the year? Have not seen results for him in a long time.
  12. Hunter does not look that big to me. I would be surprised to see him at 157. Sorensen looked a lot bigger than Stieber in their match as did Houdashelt.
  13. Will be interesting to see what weight Hunter will go next season. Wonder if he will go back to 141? M. Jordan at 149?
  14. He sounds like he will not wrestle until Big Tens. What do you think his seed would be. Is he 1-1 in conference? Lost to Sorensen but beat Bietz? Will he be the 3 seed with Sorensen 1 and Tsirtsis 2?
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