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  1. Haha. I just said the same basic thing ! lol
  2. 1. I doubt there's a wrestler in the 157 bracket that says "Awesome I have NESS" lol I'm sure its more like "Crap I have that guy?" lol The funny thing is you know Green was waiting for it and trying to keep his weight back.. etc and Ness STILL elevated him over. lol It's crazy. I've seen him do it from neutral, top and bottom..lol 2. His exciting style is exactly what our sport needs to keep it fun, interesting and exciting to fans OTHER than the diehard wrestling fans, and wrestler's families.. I'll be pulling for him to make the finals. he is fun to watch..lol Realbuto looked great against DSJ. Good for him..
  3. Yes. Then I think he pinned again in the following round.
  4. I'm not sure but I thought I heard the "announcer" on ESPN3 say ottinger bit him and then the Navy guy walked off the mat. He was hit with some kind of misconduct.
  5. Why was Tessari pulled from the Big Tens? I'm sure I missed this somewhere...
  6. The problem is that the olympics is essentially a monopoly. And we capitalists have learned that monopiles are not generally good for the consumer and for other businesses. So.. The US, Russia, all of the Stans, IRAN, Japan.. etc. Basically the countries with money.. should simply start a "new and Improved" olympic competition.. And simply compete with the current olympics. ;) No Boycott.. Just a better product.. I say this with tongue in cheek. But it would be poetic justice..
  7. As a Hofstra Alum and now a PA resident myself, I will say he's represented the university well. AA honors is nothing to shake a stick at. Get your degree.. Move on with your life. Give back to the sport when you can.. :)
  8. Neal, Hopefully your boys can put this behind them and get back to more important things.. School and their wrestling. All this other nonsense is simply that.. nonsense. Their punishment and consequences, whatever they may be, are between them and the school/team. People make mistakes. Especially young people. And they learn from them and move on. I've enjoyed watching them from the youth level on up and I hope to continue to follow them through the rest of their college careers. Jim Prestifilippo
  9. Criticizing Gulibon's losses to Beckman at this time is kind of nonsense. Beckman himself is a two time PA champ that's been in a d1 College Wrestling room for a year. I don't care how good a freshman you are, there's no comparison to being in a D1 collegeg room vs High School and wrestling a d1 college schedule. Beckman has a year head start on Guilbon. All I see is major upside for Guilbon being in the Penn state room with all that talent to practice with.
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