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  1. I heard that Cal might start a program but they found out that everyone is like so over the La Brea tar pits
  2. The UWW rule could require that the licenses be reset to the position they were in before the Euro Olympic qualifier. At the time when Ukraine was in violation of WADA rules, Georgia had not yet qualified With the Ukraine rep booted, the qualifiers from that tournament are Poland and Georgia. Moving forward to the Mongolian qualifier, now that Georgia is already in, the 65 kilo qualifiers become Batirov, Turkey and Novachkov. Then at Turkey, Since Novachkov is already in, the bronze medalist on his side should move up, i.e. Molinaro
  3. It's obvious. DUH. Any program that does not win a team championship, or produce Olympians/ multi-time national champs has a failure of coach. (Let's ignore Shawn Bunch's impressive run on the Senior-level) This failure is compounded when said coach has the audacity to articulate his objective to win a national championship and falls short (it's not like Missouri, Minnesota, Michigan, Virginia Tech, Illinois, Penn State, Oklahoma State and Nebraska, teams that finished behind Edinboro, all set national championships as a goal every single year. Oh wait, they do? LOSERS) We should dismiss out of hand any arguments in favor the coach in question which appeal to his accomplishments relative to situation, i.e. scholarship money, facilities, budget, name recognition and things like the fact that Edinboro University of Pennsylvania is a school designed to service residents of a sparsely-populated corner of a single state, yet despite this and an athletic department designed for NCAA Division II-level competition, the school's wrestling program routinely outperforms program's from ultra-prestigious name-brand national Universities with Athletic Departments that have annual expenditures which dwarf the annual operating expenditures of all of Edinboro University. Those arguments are just excuses in disguise, and excuses are for losers. Though you may be tempted to refer to Rider's BJ Clagon as "All-American" BJ Clagon or "5th in the nation" BJ Clagon, we should only refer to him as "freshman" BJ Clagon. We want to avoid obfuscation. We definitely should point out how Cael Sanderson made a national champion out of the totally under-the-radar recruit in Matt Brown. This amazing bit of overachieving is due to Brown's Intermat ranking of 88 in the country (as in, he was rated the 88th best wrestling recruit, at any weight, out of the the half a million or so high school wrestlers in the country. He clearly sucked before Sanderson got his hands on him.) Be sure not to mention Intermat top 100 Sanderson recruits like #7 Jake Kemmerer, #34 Sam Sherlock, #52 Hank Stinson and #64 Dirk Cowburn, who never had any accomplishments of note on the national level. They do not count. DEFINITELY do not mention the Altons. Oh yes, don't you dare bring Tom Ryan into this discussion. After all, by any reasonable standard he is the only truly successful head wrestling coach in all of NCAA Division I in 2014-2015, and he has neeeeeevvvveeer had a big-time recruit underachieve. (every other coach in the nation this year was a total failure, take off the kid gloves). Finally, when someone brings up the fact that Tim Flynn (the loser coach) has made national champions out of not one, but two wrestlers ranked not only lower than Matt Brown, but outside of the top 100 (Koscheck never made it to a state finals), we cannot fail to point out that the Intermat rankings are invalid because NHSCA nationals are the be all and end all, and Gregor Gillespie placed 3rd. Also conveniently forget that we relied on Matt Brown's intermat ranking to point out what a great job Sanderson did with him in the first place. (also, let's interchangeably appeal to overall recruit ranking and national weight class rankings. They are totally the same thing.) Wow. I have no idea why I stopped posting on these boards.
  4. I haven't heard much out of Joey Davis this year, how is he holding up?
  5. This Mike Riordan guy gets it, if only there were more high paying positions in the world of wrestling writing, he'd be rich
  6. making all feet to back moves 4 points promotes a number of smart policies
  7. per VaTech's social media. Torn hamstring
  8. I saw a ref bust out a flagrant in a state tournament a little while ago for biting. It was the right call, but watching make the signal was so weird. Like seeing a unicorn
  9. Great heavyweight match with both guys trying to score the entire time. Heavy has been fun to watch for the most part this year.
  10. the two, along with David Taylor have done lots of back and forth on twitter over the last couple years. Not the nice kind of back and forth. Now Bubba is rubbing in the win on Twitter
  11. it's absurd to have youth clinics at major wrestling events? why? College golf and tennis have worse attendance than wrestling how many revenue college soccer and baseball programs are there? I bet you could count them on your hand. Wrestling has problems, but this diagnosis of the problem is too flawed to be taken seriously. It also provides no suggestions as to how to fix the problems.
  12. of all the points of view on here, this fervent objection to FILA's dropping of grappling and amateur MMA is the weirdest. I don't understand it at all. What is the downside of FILA dropping grappling?
  13. You shouldn't say nasty stuff about large groups of people but since when is Armenian a race? that makes no sense
  14. You shouldn't say nasty stuff about large groups of people but since when is Armenian a race? that makes no sense
  15. he ain't 6'3''. maybe, MAYBE 6'1''
  16. I too have had issues, but it worked itself out
  17. We've been over this before, in the 2012 Olympics Iran had 4 former world medalist 2 were placed in the easy side of the bracket and two in the tough side How could Tsargush and Goudarzi both get tough draws? They didn't, Goudarzi got a gift. Rahimi had an easy draw and choked it away. Lashgari was on the easy side of the bracket as well. Mahov was on the other side of Tamizov, the reigning Olympic champ, and the reigning world champion. Urishev's side of the bracket was vastly easier. Kudukhov had fewer past medalist on his side of the bracket. you explain the easy draws for Georgia, because they are pro western...really? Azerbaijan is western friendly as well, do they get good draws? facts do not support your claims
  18. He can beat Jordan, definitely, we ought to be worried about him, one leglace locked up in the right place and it's over. I think that he and the Azerbiajani, Aliev? I can't recall his name, represent Jordan's only two threats if there's no Goudarzi. We'd be fools to think that Burroughs is invincible, there's no room for error, no blank slates at the beginnings of periods, and no room to lose a match during pool competition. Jordan, particularly against a Russian who can put up big points fast, is at greater risk than ever
  19. Oh yeah, because both were in the semi finals at Yarigin the year before, Cormier got fourth, Gatsalov 1st. I'm sure Gatsalov's skills were totally unknown to Cormier at that point though. But congrats, you completed your transparent troll attempt, even though it reveals vast ignorance on your part.
  20. You said he was a relative nobody which is laughable And you can make no rational argument that he was not already vastly more accomplished than Cormier at 96kg at that point. In 2004, before that Olympics, at 96kg he had already won probably the second third and 4th toughest tournaments in the world: Russian Nationals, Yarigin, and Europeans. At the European championships in 2003 he beat Eldar Kurtanidze, who was then the reigning world champion and would win it again later that year. Gatsalov's Olympic victory in 2004 was expected. His only real envisionable competition was an aging Heidari, Kurtanidze over whom he had already beaten, and maybe the Uzbek he faced in the finals. Just like Otarsultanov's was in 2012, past world teams or not. Cormier up to that point had never won a tournament in the Eastern hemisphere, he beaten nobody of consequence at those Olympics leading up to that match, and his most meaningful career win to that point had come against Wilfredo Morales of Cuba. You need to start paying attention to little things called facts.
  21. might I add that Gatsalov was already vastly more internationally decorated than Cormier at the time and nobody who followed international wrestling expected Cormier to win
  22. Before that point Gatsalov was a two time European champion, won gold at two world cups, and won Russian nationals where he had been a runner up in the past. He also had been a Yarygin finalist, if not winner. He had beaten multiple world and Olympic medalists at two weights and held wins over Eui Jae Moon and Cael Sanderson. He was regularly discussed on these very boards in the years before his Olympic appearance. He was also a Junior world champion He was about as far from a nobody as one can come That was a statement steeped in the deepest ignorance
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