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  1. Sorry if I missed another thread. What happened here? http://www.queensathletics.com/news/2018/1/31/mens-wrestling-queens-announces-transition-in-wrestling-program.aspx?mc_cid=3a968cc763&mc_eid=1933e3ff08
  2. Would be cool to see them bring Mark Cody back to the area.
  3. That's not really the issue though. The issue is reporting accurately. "Has accepted" and "will accept" are two very different things. In addition to rules of attribution, and using primary sources.
  4. If/when they address their engineering concerns, they need to seriously consider hiring someone to handle communications for them. Having someone like Willie, in particular, act effectively as your spokesperson is embarrassing. Not to mention others, like Kyle Bratke, having temper tantrums about the "journalism" police when Flo is publicly flaunting their ignorance of journalistic practice and ethics. Given how Flo has gotten to where they are today, their complaints about "bullying" are comical. I'd have far more sympathy if they hadn't thrown so much shade for similar issues at UWW and others in the past.
  5. Nothing about Flo's response in any way suggests this will NOT happen again. The CEO giving pre-canned answers to pre-cleared questions asked BY HIS OWN EMPLOYEES for a couple minutes on your own podcast answered absolutely no questions, and just repeated what this thread shows to misled claims at best. What specifically caused the website to crash and what specifically is Flo doing to make sure it won't happen again? Why is Flo not compensating long standing customers for the service they were NOT provided, but instead asking them to sign up for another YEAR of service? Does Flo put out great content? Yes. But quit wrapping yourselves in the flag of wrestling. Flo exists to make money. They are going after a different audience than NBC Sports, but both produce content simply to make money.
  6. Speaking of firsts, the Russian wrestling for Spain, would he have been theirs if he had taken bronze?
  7. So was this a case of jitters for Khubezhty? I didn't have a chance to watch the match. No disrespect to Yadav. He is tough, beat MacDonald from CAN who is no slouch at the Commonwealth GAmes.
  8. Mine is down too: "Forbidden You do not have permission to access this document. Web Server at fila-official.com"
  9. They are having an impressive tournament so far. Does anyone have insight on their emergence? Seems they have improved dramatically over the past 4 or so years.
  10. ...are we then added back as a core sport? Or will we have to go through this process every 4 years?
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