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  1. The frustrating thing is that there are two mats on either side of the one we want to see where the feed is apparently working just fine.
  2. I want numbers, a list, the top ten! But thanks.
  3. Was looking at the team point leaders and Spencer Lee scored 27, 2 points ahead of Zain. Seeing that Lee is a freshman, that got me wondering... What is the record for most career team points scored by an individual at the NCAA tournament? Does anyone keep track of this stat?
  4. JB's "clutchness" is also illustrated by the fact he's made 7 teams in a row, beating guys who would also be medaling, if not outright winning themselves.
  5. Happened when we won the Greco title in 2007, but it wasn't head-to-head in the last match. Russia had to lose to Cuba.
  6. I think that's the case. Can anyone confirm?
  7. The other alternative might be that they did not rule it a lift, but that he kind of leveraged him over using his leg as a fulcrum, so it would be scored more like a gut than a lift. Not sure if that was the case, and I'm not sure if he exposed either. I would have called 4. Vlasov was fortunate to not get the pin called against him in the semis as well when he passed out. Great wrestler, but it took some favorable calls for him to get the gold. The calls had to go one way or the other, I guess. Would have loved to see Bisek wrestle back though.
  8. Voted. Tough wrestler and an even better man.
  9. I have it on good authority that Ethan Bosch will be playing the part of the referee in the match from the '84 Olympics where Mark breaks the Turk's arm. Here is the match in its entirety. Rumor has it that Bosch studied this film meticulously in preparation for his debut on the silver screen: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Tried to delete this double post but apparently I'm not smart enough.
  11. Hey, wasn't Greco Johnson right? Yes he was.... Its a great cheesy quote! I was hoping he'd show up in the conversation....lol Your wish is my command, DeBunker! I am humbled to be remembered here on the board. Haven't been posting much lately... I don't think Terry would be the ideal hire (not a Greco guy, and I wonder if he might be more interested in Zeke's job now...?), but I do think he would do a good job because he knows wrestling and he is driven. That said, I think there might be a Greco guy out there who would be ideal for the position.
  12. "Though not clearly stated, there did seem to be an indication from Marks social media that he may not have been completely satisfied with what he saw from the film." Oh, it was pretty clearly stated at the time! He was seeing red! If he's backed off that stance then good. I remember thinking at the time that emotional reactions like that are are good reason to stay away from social media.
  13. JHRose, good call with Loukides. I have to admit that I didn't even think of him (despite having competed with and against him), but I would think that he certainly warrants consideration.
  14. Really intrigued by the rules - no clock, first to ten points wins. I see that registration starts this week (http://touracw.com/Athlete-Registration.htm) and there is a $2500 prize for winning. Anyone hear any rumors of wrestlers who might be participating? With high-level competition, this could be a very cool event.
  15. Classic. I like Iowa, but that took some effort and was pretty funny. Good old JTTS.
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