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  1. There's going to be some bad weather coming tonight so some people may have left early because of that. Not a great excuse since yesterday was even more deserted than now. To be honest it is a little embarrassing as an Iowan. I asked on another thread about other USA World Cups, if it cleared out as bad as it is here when USA isn't wrestling. On the other hand, I'm sitting second row right in between the mats now, so... Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  2. How does the post-USA dual crowd here compare to LA? I was a bit surprised to see 90% of the crowd leave after the Japan dual. There were only a couple hundred fans left. Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  3. Looks like there's nothing stopping you from voting multiple times from the same device, just refresh the page and vote again, or open multiple tabs, etc. Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  4. Here's Mojo's post that I had saved. He may have told it more than once but here's the one I have. You never know who you are going to be up against. This story happened back in 89, while I was still a member of the US National Greco Team. We had a US vs. USSR dual meet scheduled in Ft. Lauderdale Fla. As was typical, my club (Sunkist Kids) flew my fellow US team member and best friend James Johnson down a day early to get acclimated. The morning of the competition, JJ and I are sitting around reading the paper or something when Gene Mills comes over to say hi. As we were shooting the breeze, Gene mentions how lucky I was that the reigning World Champ -Igor Rostorosky did not make the trip and the Soviets brought a 18 or 19 yr old kid on his first international trip. I smiled thinking "Oh yeah, old Mojo is gonna kick some serious Ruskie butt in front of the home crowd! Maybe get my picture on the cover of the Ft. Lauderdale Times or better yet, AWN!" We get over to the venue (some high school) early to warm-up. After JJ and I finish rolling around for a half hour, we were sitting on the mat when JJ points out a unassuming young Russian man sitting in the bleachers reading a book. He is wearing glasses, squinting and holding the book real close to his face. JJ starts laughing and says "Yo Morris, look at that. That's the Russian heavyweight kid they sent over. He's probably retarded, look how he is holding that book. I laughed as well and made some comment like "Yeah, it was probably his 1st trip on an airplane. The dragged some scrub out of the gym and offered him a free ticket to the US and he was out the door with his bag packed, ha, ha!" I didn't think too much more about it until the ubiquitous opening ceremony, where both teams face-off and exchange a gift, shake hands and curse at each other under our breath in our native language. It was hard to estimate his size, as he was not much taller than me and was wearing an oversized warmup that covered any definition. He as very polite and meek, barely made eye contact and gave a soft handshake, which I took as a clear sign of his weakness. When we went to sit down, I remember saying to JJ, "Man, this guy probably REALLY is retarded, I'm going to feel bad hammering him". JJ said, "Be careful Morris. You know how some of those retarded guy have the special 'retarded' strength. You might scare him and he could freak out and snap your neck". We both just laughed at this image and went about our stretching. When it came time for my match, I was full of confidence, which lessened a wee bit when the Russian kid took off his oversized warm-ups. I thought "Damn, that dude has some telephone poles for legs", but I still felt pretty good about my chances. After all, he was a 19 year old kid, and I was a 25 year old pan am champ and Jr. world medalist. We shook hands and, as was my style back then, I immediately hit him with an arm throw. It was picture perfect until my shoulder made contact with his leg, which felt like I had ran into a concrete wall! I dropped down into par terre hoping for a "slip throw" call, but no such luck. The kid dropped down on top of me, and to my amazement, squatted into a reverse body-lift position. Just as I was thinking "There is NO way this kid is going to reverse lift 269 lbs of me, no way, no how" when suddenly, as easily as a grown man lifts a newborn infant from his crib, he had me upside down and was treating me to an aerial view of the mat! He quickly tossed me over my own head (where I hit a sweet granby roll across my head to a rolling stand up position- no points but lots of style!) and slowly advanced toward me. He gave me a little smirk that say "And now large American man, I am about to destroy you, then this country and then the rest of the world!" or words to that effect. A quick duck-under, two or three more reverse lifts and it was over. The US crowd stood in applause and welcomed a heretofore unknown Alexander Karelin to the US on his 1st international tour!
  5. I just checked out their website (thebeast.biz) to see where I could get it and it looks like there is no Beast this year.
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