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  1. Spencer Lee wearing pajamas on the bench instead of the team uniform is very unsportsmanship-like to me, and should be the tie breaking criteria.
  2. Yes, Minnesota is very deep 133-149. 133: Nagao, Fr and Gliva, Jr, met in the U23 National finals, plus VomBaur was Flo's RS of the year at this weight., Eisch, TSo 141: Bergeland, Sr. AA, Jamison, Fr., Polanco, JR, NQ, VomBaur could move up. Thao, So 149: Blockhus, Jr., Roberts, Fr., Brenner, Fr., Lunn, So, Jamison likely move up at some point., Swiggum, Jr.
  3. 2X NCAA wrestling champ and 3X Super Bowl winner Stephen Neal.
  4. Angelo Ferrari was a Cadet (16U) summer of '21, so I don't think he is 18 now.
  5. The thing I like about WrestleStat is that it lets me see actual results, quickly in one place. I don't even notice their projections about outcomes. I can make my own decision about that if I have all the data.
  6. following on social media or unofficial visits = flirting official visit = casual dating verbal commitment = serious bf/gf sign NLI = engagement enrolled = marriage transfer = divorce
  7. Seeing those old thread topics and posters is pretty cool. I wish more of them opened.
  8. The acting and wrestling scenes are pretty terrible in Takedown (1979). Go to about 1'44'' for the dramatic last match. Lorenzo Lamas is the star and Stephen Furst who plays Flounder in Animal House is also on the squad.
  9. He's been head coach for 30 years, makes around 400K/year and probably has some type of state pension. Plus, camps, merchandise, endorsements, broadcasting, etc. I think he could squeak by financially.
  10. The interviewers just have keep a straight face and let the wrestlers say their crazy $h@+.
  11. Yeah, I would guess 235-240. I find it funny that when he committed to NDSU he was a 112 pound HS Junior, but they had the foresight to project him as 141/149 because of his lankiness.
  12. This was at the last chance NCAA qualifier thing in Ames, I believe. Jamison was listed at 141 the day before, but ended up wrestling as an under weight 149. Jamison is very close right now with Gopher starter AA Jacob Bergeland, and actually had a 3-1 takedown advantage in losing a strange match to him this winter.
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