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  1. 2021 NCAA standings. Not a huge difference, and Cal Poly's best wrestler, Bernie Truax (174 4th NCAA) is a good partner. 23 Wisconsin 18.5 - - 24 Oklahoma 17 - - 25 California Poly 16.5
  2. MNRodent


    That match would go a lot like Hulk vs. Loki. (176) Hulk vs Loki (Funny Scene) - YouTube
  3. 16-17 redshirted 17-18 3rd NCAAs 18-19 4th NCAAs 19-20 NCAAs cancelled...season counts 20-21 Olympic redshirts during this free year. Wouldn't that just leave him one year?
  4. Gable doing a Jimmy Snuka off the top rope > supposed 665 deadlift.
  5. Sean Russell and Pat McKee seem to be having a really good effect on each other as well. The Gopher Wrestling Club RTC is paying dividends for the college team and vice versa.
  6. The one weigh-in I heard mentioned this year was like 254 I think. I'd say he is 5'11 or 6'.
  7. Let's see him stop this backflip.
  8. UV light travels at the speed of light, which is kind of fast.
  9. Well, might as well pay the extra $300 for the battery pack.
  10. Just an all sport monthly pass. I think it was around $12.
  11. Gophers trounce Northwestern 29-10. Get upsets from Patrick McKee and Michael Blockhus, and true freshman Isaiah Salazar gets a pin coming off the bench. Minnesota 29 Northwestern 10 157 Ryan Deakin (Northwestern) maj. dec. Brayton Lee (Minnesota) 12-0 165 Andrew Sparks (Minnesota) dec. David Ferrante (Northwestern) 14-11 174 Jake Allar (Minnesota) dec. Troy Fisher (Northwestern) 6-5 184 Isaiah Salazar (Minnesota) fall Jack Jessen (Northwestern) 5:32 197 Garrett Joles (Minnesota) dec. Jon Halvorsen (Northwestern) 10-8 285 Gable Steveson (Minnesota) tech fall Jack Heyob (Northwestern) 16-1, 5:05 125 Patrick Mckee (Minnesota) dec. Michael DeAugustino (Northwestern) 9-6 133 Chris Cannon (Northwestern) fall Boo Dryden (Minnesota) 4:13 141 Marcos Polanco (Minnesota) dec. Colin Valdiviez (Northwestern) 3-1 sv-1 149 Michael Blockhus (Minnesota) dec. Yahya Thomas (Northwestern) 3-2 Northwestern at Minnesota Extra Matches 133 Jake Gliva (Minnesota) maj. dec. Matt Vinci (Northwestern) 16-4 149 Jakob Bergeland (Minnesota) dec. Trevor Chumbley (Northwestern) 2-1 157 Maxx Mayfield (Northwestern) dec. Ryan Thomas (Minnesota) 7-4 174 Bailee O'Reilly (Minnesota) tech fall Ankhaa Enkhmandakh (Northwestern) 16-1, 6:42
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