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  1. Yeah, he trailed 8-6 but had :56 seconds advantage on the riding time clock late in the 3rd. He took a lot of shots in the last 20 seconds, knowing that a takedown with a few seconds on the clock could give him a one point win. Very solid effort.
  2. The takedown stat is more a testament to how good Iowa is, especially on their feet. Nebraska (#6) has a pretty solid squad this year and they only scored 5 total takedowns against Iowa in a 31-6 loss last week. Most of these takedowns were by Labriola against Iowa's backup at 174. If Kemerer wrestles in that dual they beat the Huskers even worse than they beat MN last night.
  3. MNRodent


    Gopher starters go 18-2 on the day. MSU was probably favored at 6 weights.
  4. John Smith should have told him отвернуться !!! That means "look away" according to google translate.
  5. Here's video for those that want to further relive the glorious moment!
  6. As an older fella myself, I can really appreciate the older guy giving up size and 9 years, could dominate the second period like that.
  7. Last year as a junior he was 26-1 at 160 and won a high school state title. I think it was the year before (sophomore year) that he missed almost the entire season.
  8. The pandemic, the crooked politicians, civil unrest, world hunger......and now this!!!!
  9. Not exactly current.... Mike Evans and Daniel Day-Lewis
  10. It turns out ping pong ball welts look a lot like the ringworm, and can be used to fail skin check.
  11. I sense some hostility in your words.
  12. Parris has great straight on shots but he lacks the lateral movement and footwork to compete with Gable on scrambles and re-attacks. That will be the difference.
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