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  1. It turns out ping pong ball welts look a lot like the ringworm, and can be used to fail skin check.
  2. I sense some hostility in your words.
  3. Parris has great straight on shots but he lacks the lateral movement and footwork to compete with Gable on scrambles and re-attacks. That will be the difference.
  4. Gable tweaked a hammy or glute during the Hilger match. You can see him hobbling during/after the match.
  5. He did twist his foot, but normally when it happens in a flurry like that it's called potentially dangerous.
  6. Flap, you gotta rap that rascal up before you get the stabbin cabin rockin.
  7. In a 3-3 match, with riding time not a factor going into the 3rd, taking down is the standard choice, so it's hard to fault it. However knowing the skill set of both wrestlers, I think I would have picked neutral, especially if it's a must win match.
  8. Totally disagree with the criticisms directed towards Eggum. He has had to deal with some bad choices by some young men, and has made the best of some tough situations. Even with some mediocre recruiting classes they are coming off a 4th in Big Ten (just 6 pts behind Iowa) and 8th at NCAAs. Some of you are overreacting to the ugly Rider match, which was lightning in a bottle for the Broncs. Ski-U-Mah!
  9. You all are using the term "stronger" like it is an exact quantifiable term. Is it possible that Cassar had more upper body strength, while Steveson had stronger legs and hips. That's the way it looked to me. From the looks of his barrel chest and short arms, Derek White probably out benched both of them.
  10. I remember reading an article back when he was competing, that said he didn't lift much, and that 200 lbs was the most he had bench pressed. I think that bodyweight exercises like pull-ups and push-ups can be just as effective as weight lifting for many athletes.
  11. Lowney and Lesnar did wrestle once in college (Bison Open) and Lesnar won. This was Lowney's true freshman year before his neck injury. Lowney probably was a better P4P wrestler, but the problem was he only weighed about 225.
  12. MNRodent


    Brandon Eggum DNP, 5 , 2, 3 Tim Hartung DNP, 3, 1, 1 Brett Pfarr nonstarter, DNP, 3, 2 Ryan Lewis D2, nonstarter, 2, 2
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