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  1. Mineo has correctly called 35 of the last 4 transfer rumors.
  2. Terry told him to "throw me", but Spencer said no, my knee hurts, Coach.
  3. Dan Gable isn't above making money on his NIL.
  4. That was a good win for Mendez, but it should be noted that McKee was registered at 57 kg for this event, but bumped up at the last minute.
  5. Are Feldman and Carroll doomed to be tweeners in college? Last I heard Carroll was planning on being 197 and Feldman a Hwt. Carroll said in an interview recently that he was 5' 10-3/4" tall. As much as these two have already filled out, I can't see them getting a lot taller.
  6. Must be that new 1M fancy locker room with a lounge and a kitchen that I saw on my facebook feed.
  7. I thought Seth Gross was wrestling his clone in his match against Carter Young.
  8. Another Minnesotan, Baron Von Raschke will be teaching him the Claw hold.
  9. The Gophers were 7-2 last year with only losses to Neb. and Iowa and were around #7-10 all year in most of the rankings. Eggum's first recruiting class since being named head coach (Steveson, Lee, McKee, etc.) are just hitting their stride. Since then recruiting has been solid (except for maybe 2019), and most needs have been addressed. Also, an outstanding practice facility has been built and an RTC has been developed with a full time coach. Things are looking up in Gopher-land!
  10. Greco, not Freestyle, but Brandon Paulson wrestled 2 years for the Gophers after his Olympic Silver medal at 114.5 lbs. The first year back after the Olympics he lost in the blood round and his last year he did AA at 7th place. Garrett Lowney won a Greco Bronze medal while still having one year of college eligibility remaining. However nagging injuries forced him to retire and turn the Hwt. spot for Minnesota over to his young high school teammate Cole Konrad.
  11. This probably isn't the one you're thinking of, but a poster circa 1999.
  12. Also the other three guys in the room.
  13. I had Junior National FS and 16U on pretty much all day for 4 straight days and saw maybe 5 or 6 commercials the whole time. They were mostly just once in the first 15 minutes or so after logging in. A couple mats had a camera freeze once in awhile but not too often.
  14. "Old school" and "Finesse" are kind of subjective terms and can mean different things to different people. What I have noticed in the coaching and recruiting is a preference towards the "short offense". By "short offense" I mean lots of hand fighting, head snapping, shots from in close, front heads, drags, and re-shots. This has really been noticable since after the 2015 class :( and makes sense because Eggum and Becker both wrestled this way. I would put Lee, Steveson, McKee, Gliva, Kattiger, Sparks, Salazar, Carlson, Blockhus, Bergeland, Nelson, Chittum, Spratley, Jamison, Tabor, Lyden, Roberts, and others in this category.
  15. Those classes were great, along with 2018 which brought Steveson, Lee, McKee, Joles. But in my opinion the best class ever for Gopher wrestling was the '98 class that brought in Luke Becker, Jared Lawrence, and Garrett Lowney who were all #1 or 2 at their weight and wrestled in the Dapper Dan/Pittsburgh classic together. Also Leroy Vega came in underrated and was 3x AA, and later Ryan Lewis would transfer in from this class. This was the foundation for 2 national championships including the 10 AA year. They bookended this class before and after which is really the key, and what the Gophers are hopefully currently doing. One good class won't win a championship by itself. You have to tie together several top 10 years and get a few key transfers.
  16. I'd agree that 149 is most likely, with 157 also being a possibility. He has bumped up to 160 and beaten good people like Cael Valencia.
  17. He doesn't cut much, that's just the way he's built. He certified at 125 last year.
  18. Mike Poeta Actor, Jeremy Sisto
  19. 2021 NCAA standings. Not a huge difference, and Cal Poly's best wrestler, Bernie Truax (174 4th NCAA) is a good partner. 23 Wisconsin 18.5 - - 24 Oklahoma 17 - - 25 California Poly 16.5
  20. MNRodent


    That match would go a lot like Hulk vs. Loki. (176) Hulk vs Loki (Funny Scene) - YouTube
  21. 16-17 redshirted 17-18 3rd NCAAs 18-19 4th NCAAs 19-20 NCAAs cancelled...season counts 20-21 Olympic redshirts during this free year. Wouldn't that just leave him one year?
  22. Gable doing a Jimmy Snuka off the top rope > supposed 665 deadlift.
  23. Sean Russell and Pat McKee seem to be having a really good effect on each other as well. The Gopher Wrestling Club RTC is paying dividends for the college team and vice versa.
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