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  1. Totally disagree with the criticisms directed towards Eggum.  He has had to deal with some bad choices by some young men, and has made the best of some tough situations.  Even with some mediocre recruiting classes they are coming off a 4th in Big Ten (just 6 pts behind Iowa) and 8th at NCAAs.  Some of you are overreacting to the ugly Rider match, which was lightning in a bottle for the Broncs.  Ski-U-Mah!



  2. 15 hours ago, Molsen said:

    Cassar is definitely stronger then Steveson. You either have to be trolling or are just plain naive to think otherwise. 

    You all are using the term "stronger" like it is an exact quantifiable term.  Is it possible that Cassar had more upper body strength, while Steveson had stronger legs and hips.  That's the way it looked to me.  From the looks of his barrel chest and short arms, Derek White probably out benched both of them.


  3. 11 minutes ago, russelscout said:

    Cael didnt lift weights? I dont believe that.  Has John ever said he didnt? I dont think it has happened in the modern era.

    I remember reading an article back when he was competing, that said he didn't lift much, and that 200 lbs was the most he had bench pressed.

    I think that bodyweight exercises like pull-ups and push-ups can be just as effective as weight lifting for many athletes.


  4. On 9/26/2019 at 1:39 AM, TripNSweep said:

    Lowney had a serious neck injury from the Olympics that left him unable to really compete at a high level.  I believe he finally called it quits after 2 or 3 seasons of college wrestling.  The Lowney that we saw competing in college was about 70% of how good he really was.  Even that 70% was a lot better than Lesnar.  

    Lowney and Lesnar did wrestle once in college (Bison Open) and Lesnar won. This was Lowney's true freshman year before his neck injury.  Lowney probably was a better P4P wrestler, but the problem was he only weighed about 225.


  5. 4 minutes ago, treep2000 said:

    I think he's got a good shot, but his gassing at the Jr. WTT vs. Brayton Lee causes me pause.  He has NC level skills.  But does he have the NC level gas tank?  Maybe it was just an offseason dip?  If he gets challenged, I'm definitely concerned about that tank.

    Wrestling Lee has that effect on people.  He also came from behind and pulled away in the 2nd against Robb and Teemer in that same tournament.

    Other than a loss to Carr up at 157 all of Lee's folkstyle losses last season were 1 or 2 point, and most of those were riding mistakes, such as just missing riding time, giving up too easy an escape, or not getting a ride out to end a period.  If he can shore up this part of his game he will be tough to beat.  Maybe Schlatter or Ness will even teach him some turns.


  6. There are all different body types obviously.  Most wrestlers seem to have a longer torso length to leg length ratio for their height than the general population (long torso/shorter legs).  In other words, lower center of gravity, better balance, etc.  Short legs, long arms is a good combo.

    Image result for jayson nessImage result for luke pletcher wrestling

    Of course there are exceptions, like Evan Wick who has long legs and arms and a more average torso.

    Image result for Evan wick wrestling

  7. I've seen him wrestle since 7th grade when he took Minnesota high school wrestling by storm.  Just incredible balance and that internal gyroscope that allows him to keep his hips down and head up no matter what kind of attack his opponent brings.  His parents also gave him every opportunity to succeed by bring him to every competition and training opportunity available.


  8. 1 hour ago, WillieBoy said:

    Wrong direction. But, Marcus Levessaur from Minnehaha to DIII Augsburg College where he won 4 titles with a perfect 155-0 record as well as playing Quarterback for the football team for part of  two seasons.

    High school and College record was 296-0 and included a HS win over Ben Askren.

    Sadly, he never went up in class to wrestler D1 competition so we could see how good he really was on the mat.

    Marcus had some losses  in high school.  One loss in 9th grade, and 11 losses between 7-8th grade, which is considered high school in Minnesota.


  9. Minnesota Gophers Top Ten Transfers (that I can remember)

    1.  Marty Morgan  NCAA Champ, 2nd, 6th

    2.  Brock Lesnar  NCAA Champ, 2nd

    3.  Ryan Lewis  NCAA 2nd 2X

    4.  Shelton Benjamin  NCAA 3rd, 5th

    5.  Michael Foy  NCAA qualifier, Olympian

    6.  Bobbe Lowe  NCAA  AA

    7.  Devin Skatzka  NCAA  AA

    8.  Sean Russell  NCAA Qualifier  Ranked top 6.

    9.  Steve Bleise  2x NCAA Qualifier  Ranked top 10

    10.  Gerald Carr  NCAA Qualifier  Ranked top 8



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