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  1. And these were the weights you felt most confident commenting on? Better stick to farming.
  2. The entire Iowa team did that in Williams Arena a number of years ago. I thought the NCAA made a rule about that after that instance. I don't know just what I heard. I remember that. I think it might have been Becker and some of the other guys starting running past the Iowa guys when they came over, to go to the center where you are supposed to meet.
  3. It shouldn't have to be a rule. Just common courtesy and self respect.
  4. I did it twice, changing 2 answers and got Illinois and Ohio State.
  5. I believe Kevin Steinhaus was the quarterback for his high school team that won a state championship.
  6. MNRodent


    Much like Gilman's deep waste stall ride or DSJ's devastating ankle ride.
  7. I did quit ballet because of the tutu they made me wear, so there is that.
  8. Chad Erickson from Apple Valley was an all american for the Gophers.
  9. Agreed. Nick Wanzek should also be in the running for 165.
  10. Nice win for the goph's. Also Dardanes over Sakaguchi in another key matchup.
  11. LOL at people that get mad about trolling. Either ignore or enjoy!
  12. Maybe wore a shirt with shiny buttons?
  13. Steiny will be the man at year end, but with Pfarr in there they are not going to rush him. This kid can flat out wrestle and has a gas tank like you wouldn't believe.
  14. It depends on your teams needs. If you have a quality senior or junior starting and have a blue chip freshman coming in, I would redshirt him, unless he has at a whole another level as your veteran.
  15. Call and McCrae didn't tolerate any dawdling service from a barkeep either. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlRHVg40Kw4 One of the countless great scenes in Lonesome Dove.
  16. Am I correct in assuming that one of those glaring obstacles is that there's no college wrestling in Hawaii? Am I correct in assuming that one of those glaring obstacles is that there's no college wrestling in Hawaii? Yes.....and the Pacific Ocean.
  17. That's weird that a storied program that prides themselves in developing talent, would already know in early October (RF year) that a top recruit isn't going to pan out.
  18. Are we talking about Lizak or Nevills? Yea, I think California to PA is a little more of a climate shock then PA to MN.
  19. Jacob Leinenger (or something close to that) was a Pennsylvania native that transferred from Pitt about 10 years ago. He was a spot starter at 197.
  20. You didn't mention the champ. What's he got going these days?
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