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  1. A couple of things... Rose beat Benick last year (preseason tournament). There is a chance Rose could go 184. There is a chance Benick could be a Hwt in 3 years. The gophers would be crazy not to go after both these in-state prospects.
  2. Totally agree with this assessment. The upperweight backups and redshirts are very underrated at this point. The future at 125-141 is a little shakey, as you mentioned, but they do have Tommy Thorn (Sr. next year) commited, and he will fill one of those weights.
  3. Camp. goes to hwt then? I guess...watch this video: http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/25 ... th-174-lbs He's breathing hard...sounds like he could use a "Buckeye Breather"
  4. Would love to hear more of your stories. I remember that....Crusher got "a tousand stitches in my head!"
  5. I remember Rowlands beating him once their freshman year. They may have met more then once though, not sure.
  6. Randy Lewis. It was either fall of '83 or early January '84, when he kicked my arse wrestling up a couple weights from his college days, at an open tournament. It was a nice welcome to colege wrestling for me and he would of course go on to win the olympic gold the following summer.
  7. Not many other sports...the only thing comparable might be MLB where the manager dresses just like the players, and either he or one of the coaches usually throws batting practice.
  8. I like Eggum a lot, from what I have seen and the few times I have had interactions with him. He seems to be more of a thinking mans coach, not a yeller and screamer. Some athletes like this type of coach, wheras some need/want someone yelling at them constantly to get them going. He didn't seem to have much trouble getting the team ready during the time that J missed this year.
  9. The Vermonster....one of the greatest wrestling nicknames ever.
  10. Sometimes you just don't do well, not really one specific reason, just the way the universe works. We could ask the same about Steinhaus up in Minnesota.
  11. Anyone (competitor or fan) who celebrates when the opposition gets injured is a loser, who truly doesn't understand the competitive nature of the sport.
  12. Seriously, Is this your first rodeo? 10 alive after 2 sessions is hardly a collapse.
  13. I personally had a very good esperience with flo, which surprised me after hearing som of the stories on here. I watched the Southern Scuffle and the Clash, plus some technique videos....just for the one month fee. No complaints...will resubscribe for key events.
  14. Yes, and No. As far as an opponent perhaps on paper they are. As far as the fans..... different story. Both teams bring some numbers to the events, and because of that there are some real doosies (nicest way to put it) on both sides. This is where the rivalries happen. Let's face it, MN fans are too nice ;) Not all of us. Read Jason Bryant's blog following the national duals.
  15. Chris Dardanes is also in a weird situation for Big 10 seeding. He is ranked 5th in most national rankings, but could be seeded as low as 7th in the big ten if they go just by conference record.
  16. High school sections. Exactly. There was probably almost no high school coaches, wrestlers, parents, or fans there. Our section wrapped up around 7 (an hour drive away) otherwise there would have been a lot of us going. I think the finals on Sunday would have been much better, when it didn't conflict with the high school tournaments.
  17. Jayson Ness showed him some half nelson technique.
  18. I wouldn't want to participate in the next Iowa workout.
  19. Ness is a gamer. He always shows up for the big matches.
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