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  1. Dave and Mark Schultz would have been very good, I think.
  2. The man does know how to strike a pose. There is no denying that.
  3. Not totally true. The Gophers have had capacity crowds (around 14k) on campus at Williams arena at least twice with Iowa. The event's I went to off campus didn't draw that many.
  4. Stop crying, Gopher Fan... Ok State is hosting becuase they earned it, as the #1 seed with wins over two of the other semi-finalists. If it was just going to be awarded to the #1 seed then why wasn't that announced earlier, so that people could make travel plans? Why all the mystery? Wasn't this all about promoting the sport and putting it in the national spot-light, yet they put in the place that would have the worst attendance of any of the other finalists. Will the NCAA want to pick this event up when they see the empty seats this Sunday? For the sake of the sport, I hope I'm wrong, and it is a sell out.
  5. Just wondering about the logic of this? 1. It's the most isolated location of all the other final 4 teams, and the hardest to fly in to or drive to. 2. They draw fewer fans for duals then do Iowa or MN (not sure about IL) 3. No chance the big ten network will provide TV coverage. 4. The Cowboys already hosted a regional last weekend (stands looked half empty). 5. JRob has been the biggest supporter of the National Dual concept for a quarter of a century, and the Gophers have never missed one. 6. MN has an arena on campus that seats 14K, that has sold out when Iowa comes to town. The fact that the location was announced near the end of the OSU/OSU regional final leads me to believe that this had already decided, pending an Oklahoma State win. It all seems a little strange to me.
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