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  1. The matches started kind of similarly. At the US open Sasso got Lee in a leg lace and it was over in less than a minute, so he never had a chance to gas.
  2. The legs do most of the work in rock climbing. The big paws are mainly beneficial for holding on and wedging into cracks.
  3. I don't have the exact weigh in numbers but Steveson was around 250 all year. I've heard Cassar say he gained 30 lbs in the offseason, but don't know if he meant 197+30 or some other higher weight +30.
  4. Did pops takes his shirt off and start flexing his abs.
  5. Plus Patrick McKee, Brayton Lee, Ryan Thomas, and Garrett Joles coming of redshirt could all contribute significantly. Qualifier Carson Brolsma could drop to 157, opening 165 for Sophomore Jake Allar. 133 is the biggest question mark, may be watching the transfer portal.
  6. They did reverse one call. In the Hwt semifinals, after review, Cassar's riding time was reversed from 1:02 to 1:01.
  7. He has a brick left to throw. Why not?
  8. Why would you try to help someone up while standing over and straddling them. Poor body awareness.
  9. Head official Mike Allen has been known to wear some interesting suits.
  10. Hayden Zillmer was coming off a 112 pound state championship as a Junior when NDSU recruited him. He is now wrestling 214 internationally for the Minnesota RTC, and probably watching his weight to make it.
  11. He clearly gets out to the side against Gelogaev.
  12. This might be the same instance you're thinking of, but I seem to possibly remember Gable holding out a top 5 type in Wes Hand against a #1 Kerry McCoy with an important dual within reach. But I may be mis-remembering.
  13. I'm distantly related to him. Grandma's 2nd cousin I think.
  14. Minnesota 27, Wisconsin 13 125: Steve Polakowski (Minnesota) wins by forfeit 133: Ethan Lizak (Minnesota) over Jens Lantz (Wisconsin) (Dec 5-4) 141: Tristan Moran (Wisconsin) over Mitch McKee (Minnesota) (Fall sv.) 149: Thomas Thorn (Minnesota) over Cole Martin (Wisconsin) (Dec 5-2) 157: Steve Bleise (Minnesota) over Garrett Model (Wisconsin) (Dec 6-2) 165: Evan Wick (Wisconsin) over Carson Brolsma (Minnesota) (MD 8-0) 174: Devin Skatzka (Minnesota) over Patrick Spray (Wisconsin) (TF 18-0 2:52) 184: Mason Reinhardt (Wisconsin) over Owen Webster (Minnesota) (Dec 5-0) 197: Dylan Anderson (Minnesota) over Beau Breske (Wisconsin) (Dec 3-0) 285: Gable Steveson (Minnesota) over Trent Hillger (Wisconsin) (MD 11-2) At 141 McKee was leading 5-1 at one point but got tossed to his back twice, once in regulation, and again in sv for the pin.
  15. He was listed on the Shakopee roster at a dual tournament about a week ago at 152. He had workout gear on but not the team uniform.
  16. I'd say Gable is between 6'0 and 6'1. Snyder maybe 5'11 to 6'.
  17. Gopher practice, getting ready for Big 10s. https://www.flowrestling.org/events/6305684-2019-big-ten-wrestling-championship/videos?playing=6382589&limit=60
  18. Minnesota tops Illinois 26-15 while conceding 125 MINNESOTA 26, ILLINOIS 15133: No.9 Ethan Lizak (MN) dec. No.17Dylan Duncan (12-9)141: No.4 Mike Carr (IL) dec. No. 7 Mitch McKee (5-2)149: Tommy Thorn (MN) dec. Christian Kanzler (11-0)157: No. 7 Steve Bleise (MN) fall (6:17) No.13 Eric Barrone165: Carson Brolsma (MN)dec. No.19 Joey Gunther (3-2)174: No.11 Devin Skatzka (MN) major dec. Carver James (12-4)184: No.2 Emery Parker (IL) dec. Owen Webster (10-4)197: Andre Lee (IL) dec. Rylee Streifel (7-3)HWT: No. 1 Gable Steveson (MN) fall (1:47) Deuce Rachel125: No.15 Travis Piotrowski (IL), Forfeit
  19. I don't know that he has ever even tried football. He didn't play in high school. He said his favorite non-wrestling sports is basketball and he plays pick up games with the Jones brothers from Apple Valley who are elite (Timberwolves, Duke). Watching him run sprints, do backflips, one handed cartwheels, dunk a basketball, and just change directions while wrestling, it's hard to imagine he wouldn't excel at pretty much any sport.
  20. From the OTC you have Tony Nelson, Hayden Zillmer, Brett Pfarr. Michael Kroells comes in some too, not sure how often. Eggum also said Coach Brandvold rolls with him all the time. Plus about 5 197 pounders on roster.
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