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  1. I was watching a show called Food Paradise on the Travel Channel. On the this episode they showed a deli in NY that had a huge hero sandwich called The "Piccininni". They said it was named after a local state wrestling champ. They didn't mention Nick, but still pretty cool.
  2. Wrestling Lee has that effect on people. He also came from behind and pulled away in the 2nd against Robb and Teemer in that same tournament. Other than a loss to Carr up at 157 all of Lee's folkstyle losses last season were 1 or 2 point, and most of those were riding mistakes, such as just missing riding time, giving up too easy an escape, or not getting a ride out to end a period. If he can shore up this part of his game he will be tough to beat. Maybe Schlatter or Ness will even teach him some turns.
  3. There are all different body types obviously. Most wrestlers seem to have a longer torso length to leg length ratio for their height than the general population (long torso/shorter legs). In other words, lower center of gravity, better balance, etc. Short legs, long arms is a good combo. Of course there are exceptions, like Evan Wick who has long legs and arms and a more average torso.
  4. I've seen him wrestle since 7th grade when he took Minnesota high school wrestling by storm. Just incredible balance and that internal gyroscope that allows him to keep his hips down and head up no matter what kind of attack his opponent brings. His parents also gave him every opportunity to succeed by bring him to every competition and training opportunity available.
  5. I seem to remember him beating Matt Nagel (5x Class A champ) during the regular season, when they were both Seniors.
  6. Marcus had some losses in high school. One loss in 9th grade, and 11 losses between 7-8th grade, which is considered high school in Minnesota.
  7. No one ever complains about my ink.
  8. Minnesota Gophers Top Ten Transfers (that I can remember) 1. Marty Morgan NCAA Champ, 2nd, 6th 2. Brock Lesnar NCAA Champ, 2nd 3. Ryan Lewis NCAA 2nd 2X 4. Shelton Benjamin NCAA 3rd, 5th 5. Michael Foy NCAA qualifier, Olympian 6. Bobbe Lowe NCAA AA 7. Devin Skatzka NCAA AA 8. Sean Russell NCAA Qualifier Ranked top 6. 9. Steve Bleise 2x NCAA Qualifier Ranked top 10 10. Gerald Carr NCAA Qualifier Ranked top 8
  9. Do you think Lee would have participated in the trials if Gilman wasn't in the picture?
  10. I'm not a fan of either guy, but PD3 did jump on him and continued to wrestle for about 5 seconds after time expired.
  11. The matches started kind of similarly. At the US open Sasso got Lee in a leg lace and it was over in less than a minute, so he never had a chance to gas.
  12. The legs do most of the work in rock climbing. The big paws are mainly beneficial for holding on and wedging into cracks.
  13. I don't have the exact weigh in numbers but Steveson was around 250 all year. I've heard Cassar say he gained 30 lbs in the offseason, but don't know if he meant 197+30 or some other higher weight +30.
  14. Did pops takes his shirt off and start flexing his abs.
  15. Plus Patrick McKee, Brayton Lee, Ryan Thomas, and Garrett Joles coming of redshirt could all contribute significantly. Qualifier Carson Brolsma could drop to 157, opening 165 for Sophomore Jake Allar. 133 is the biggest question mark, may be watching the transfer portal.
  16. They did reverse one call. In the Hwt semifinals, after review, Cassar's riding time was reversed from 1:02 to 1:01.
  17. He has a brick left to throw. Why not?
  18. Why would you try to help someone up while standing over and straddling them. Poor body awareness.
  19. Head official Mike Allen has been known to wear some interesting suits.
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