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  1. I think his lack of foot speed hurt him more than those other attributes.
  2. You can think he weighs whatever you want, but that doesn't change the fact that he is under 260.
  3. He hit 260 the preseason of his senior year, but I doubt he's been that since.
  4. Hahn was a pretty big deal in high school. He had a freestyle win over Sanderson who was in the midst of his collegiate run. I think they were two years apart.
  5. Minnesota's attendance was hurt this year with a home schedule of: Air Force Fresno State Michigan State Illinois Michigan Northwestern Iowa, Penn State, Oklahoma State, Ohio State, South Dakota State, were all on the road this year.
  6. I'm not seeing Gable Steveson or Dan Gable in the flo brackets.
  7. Frankfurth was thrilled to go :17 seconds. Gable pinned him in last years state finals in :11 seconds.
  8. I thought that you did not get advancement points for a pigtail match unless you win the following round.
  9. Looks great! Can't wait until they get the wrestling area finished.
  10. ​​Marcus was coaching in high school last year. Not sure about this season.
  11. Was that before or after Uncle Rico's brush with fame?
  12. Dresser talks about the situation with Flo. https://www.flowrestling.org/video/6096675-kevin-dresser-on-storr-leaving-isu
  13. How can you tell if he's all buffed or not under that Christmas sweater?
  14. If I'm remembering right Hall signed his LOI in November 2015, and the JRob thing went down spring of 2016 right after nationals.
  15. He brought 3 national team championships and 12 top 3 finishes to a program that was never a title contender in the 60 years before that. Most of the others on the list coached at strong programs in strong wrestling states, which Minnesota really wasn't at the time (middle of the road caliber).
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