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  1. Looks great! Can't wait until they get the wrestling area finished.
  2. ​​Marcus was coaching in high school last year. Not sure about this season.
  3. Was that before or after Uncle Rico's brush with fame?
  4. Dresser talks about the situation with Flo. https://www.flowrestling.org/video/6096675-kevin-dresser-on-storr-leaving-isu
  5. How can you tell if he's all buffed or not under that Christmas sweater?
  6. If I'm remembering right Hall signed his LOI in November 2015, and the JRob thing went down spring of 2016 right after nationals.
  7. He brought 3 national team championships and 12 top 3 finishes to a program that was never a title contender in the 60 years before that. Most of the others on the list coached at strong programs in strong wrestling states, which Minnesota really wasn't at the time (middle of the road caliber).
  8. Most elite gymnasts would not be great wrestlers. They are top-heavy...too much weight in the arms and chest, not much lower body power.
  9. Who's the worst guy who could kick anyones ass who has posted on this thread.
  10. Let's not like act like U23 is a tournament that anyone has lifetime dreams of winning. It is a nice opportunity for international experience, that's all. Michael Kroells talks about how he never knew about it until a month before the qualifier.
  11. At the olympic trials in Iowa last cycle, not only was he in the trials, but also the junior event that was going on at the same time. He was running back and forth doing both tournaments at the same time, with like 10-15 minutes rest at times. I think he had about 6 matches in before lunch.
  12. They didn't meet. Both lost to Berger.
  13. Not a super exciting Match. I thought Thorn and Marko looked good for the Gophers. Mitch McKee started slow, but got two 3rd period takedowns against Gross.
  14. Brayton Lee interview https://twitter.com/mrgood_bhstv/status/930580108540305408
  15. 133 is a pretty big cut for M. McKee. I wouldn't be surprised if he redshirts next year and then moves up to 141 after Thorn graduates.
  16. Well at least ASU doesn't wrestle Apple Valley this week.
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