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  1. I don't think he will redshirt, but he does have one more year of high school left, so yes he finished 8th grade in 2014.
  2. Verballed to Minnesota, so we're hoping he doesn't grow too much. He was planning to go 85 kg this weekend but changed his mind the last few days, according to his post-match interview. Heard he walks around at about 200.
  3. Tommy Thorn tech fall over Kaid Brock. Put him to sleep with a front headlock for a few seconds. When the corner complained, the lady ref just shrugged her shoulders, lol.
  4. He knocked off Nick Raimo today.
  5. He had all he wanted from freshman Patrick Kennedy, winning 4-3.
  6. They have live matches going, but I can't find any brackets??
  7. Some are saying Webster could make 174.
  8. Choosing top when trailing 2-1 reeks of desperation and is too much of a gamble. The coin flip was big here, would have liked to have Lizak defer.
  9. Great news for Minnesota fans. I might have a Guiness to celebrate.
  10. Oddly enough a guy I work with (MS teacher) did get press credentials for the MN tournament this year. He writes articles for the school website and I think does some freelance for the star tribune. He is not a wrestling specialist (writes about all the local sports).
  11. Well, Downey is still undefeated and he certainly scores high on the #6 criteria, sportsmanship/citizenship.
  12. Minnesota 40 Iowa State 7 174 Christopher Pfarr (Minnesota) over Lelund Weatherspoon (Iowa State) (Dec 10-4) 184 Brandon Krone (Minnesota) over Carson Powell (Iowa State) (MD 10-2) 197 Brett Pfarr (Minnesota) over Marcus Harrington (Iowa State) (Fall 2:36) 285 Michael Kroells (Minnesota) over Quean Smith (Iowa State) (TF 18-2 3:00) 125 Ethan Lizak (Minnesota) over Kyle Larson (Iowa State) (Fall 4:44) 133 Earl Hall (Iowa State) over Mitch McKee (Minnesota) (Dec 16-9) 141 Thomas Thorn (Minnesota) over John Meeks (Iowa State) (Fall 1:56) 149 Gabe Moreno (Iowa State) over Benjamin Brancale (Minnesota) (MD 8-0) 157 Jake Short (Minnesota) over Colston DiBlasi (Iowa State) (MD 9-1) 165 Nicholas Wanzek (Minnesota) over Logan Breitenbach (Iowa State) (Fall 3:20)
  13. TheOSU held out Snyder today. They said he had some world cup thingy.
  14. MNRodent


    You have a cleaner mind then me.
  15. In about 2 monthes I fear my answer will be Thomas Gilman.
  16. http://www.gophersports.com/sports/m-wrestl/spec-rel/012617aab.html Congratulations Coach Eggum!
  17. Minnesota 18, Wisconsin 15 at Minneapolis, Minn. 184: Hunter Ritter (Wisc) dec Jordon Rothers (Minn), 7-2 | Minn 0 – Wisc 3 197: No. 2 Brett Pfarr (Minn) dec No. 13 Ricky Robertson (Wisc), 11-5 | Minn 3 – Wisc 3 285: No. 2 Connor Medbery (Wisc) dec No. 8 Michael Kroells (Minn), 3-2 | Minn 3 – Wisc 6 125: No. 6 Ethan Lizak (Minn) dec No. 20 Johnny Jimenez (Wisc), 2-0 | Minn 6 – Wisc 6 133: No. 16 Mitch McKee (Minn) fall (1:20) Eli Stickley (Wisc) | Minn 12 – Wisc 6 141: No. 13 Tommy Thorn (Minn) dec No. 15 Cole Martin (Wisc), 8-3 | Minn 15 – Wisc 6 149: Andrew Crone (Wisc) maj dec Carson Brolsma (Minn), 13-3 | Minn 15 – Wisc 10 157: TJ Ruschell (Wisc) dec No. 9 Jake Short (Minn), 5-4 | Minn 15 – Wisc 12** 165: No. 3 Isaac Jordan (Wisc) dec No. 14 Nick Wanzek (Minn), 7-4 | Minn 15 – Wisc 15 174: Chris Pfarr (Minn) dec No. 20 Ryan Christensen (Wisc), 7-4 | Minn 18 – Wisc 15
  18. This was written by one of the underlings. Willie and CP both picked Cox in their podcast.
  19. With the current state of the U of M athletic department, the only way Eggum doesn't keep this job is if he gets caught with cocaine and hookers. In all seriousness, he is doing a great job.
  20. Apple Valley administrators pulled the team out of the tournament because of the weather (which isn't even bad yet, but supposed to be tomorrow). This is about a 1 hour drive. It didn't start snowing in the TC area until an hour or two after this tournament started.
  21. Still don't understand. Maybe use less punctuation marks and more words.
  22. In there defense, the B10+ guys do comment on riding time about every 10 seconds.
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