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  1. Minnesota needed upsets at 125, 157, and 174 to upset the Wolverines at home.
  2. I wouldn't call Joey Silva's last second takedown meaningless. That td, along with his simi's win over Decatur certainly increased his value as a recruit.
  3. Not to rehash all this for the hundredth time, but lets remember that no one was prosecuted, let alone convicted for any drug crimes.
  4. Mark Coyle at the press conference after firing Robinson by email (because his voicemail was full).
  5. Has there ever been 2 olympic medalists with NCAA eligability remaining in the same year?
  6. I hate when summer storms pop up between my router and my computer.
  7. A can of Budweiser is an illegal drug to at least half of most college teams.
  8. Fix was also in McKee's corner and McKee was wearing his singlet in match 3 of the finals. Just sayin.
  9. Maybe Minesota should get a little credit for this win. Kevin Jackson didn't slap those cradles on the Rodriguezs.
  10. Just watched the Jordan match on BTN in 60 highlight show. What I can't figure out is why everyone talks about Bo...Seeds him higher, ranked higher, but Isaac always wins the match. I don't get it?
  11. I would settle for just not being a douche.
  12. Thanks for the replies. It sounds like a lot of people had issues the first couple matches of the Minnesota/Rutgers dual. I thought the announcers were really good.
  13. When you subscribe to btn+ for a month do you get a full 30 days or just the remainder of the current month? Are there commentators or just a stream? Thanks.
  14. I laughed when Brands was walking up to Carver and their was some construction going on off camera and he said something like, "What are they doing over there...building a bigger statue of Gable?"
  15. The wrong guy won....if you're an Iowa fan. Zillmer fun fact: Wrestled 130 his senior year of high school, so was probably expected to wrestle 141 collegiately.
  16. Minnesota's Hwt Michael Kroells is also an aerospace engineering major and an honor student. Maybe after their next match they can compare notes on building a big arse space ship.
  17. Zero. Must be a Minnesota nice thing.
  18. Angel needs to tuck those elbows in (Red Alert), and possibly bend in the knees a bit.
  19. And that helped long term, exactly how? The only change that helped was reducing the time between weigh in and competition.
  20. There has been at least a dozen from Minnesota that have won 4 or 5 state titles, and not been all-americans. Some might be considered small school (Eric Sanders, Jeff Pfaffinger, Gabe Mooney) and some were AA in D2 or 3 (Levasseur, McCauley) and a bunch are still active in either high school or college (Mark Hall, Cameron Sykora, Tommy Thorn, Mitch Bengston, Jake Short, Brandon Kingsley, Lance Benick)
  21. I never really got the whole weight switch thing to prevent weight cutting. The low and middle weights were all 8 pounds apart, so they added 7 pounds to each weight. Apparently so that people cutting 30 lbs wouldn't lose that one extra pound. It reminded me of the old spinal tap movie where they made all their sound equipment go to 11 instead of 10.
  22. I'm not sure why people would complain about rosters, depth charts, and weights not being correct in August. Don't you think some of this is TBD after the season starts?
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