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  1. For the Minnesota Gophers, Marty Morgan and Brock Lesnar both won an NCAA title, without winning a state championship in high school.
  2. Until sometime in the 80's D2 champs (and I think runners up also) qualified to wrestle in D1's the same year.
  3. In Minnesota teams are allowed 18 competitions and individuals are allowed no more than 36 matches prior to the post-season. Our school usually has 6-8 dual meets (as a stand alone event), about 8 Saturday events (dual or individual tournaments), and maybe a couple of tri's or quads. This is pretty typical, I think. The trend overall is towards more dual tournaments and less individual tournys, although we usually do about half of each.
  4. How long was DSJ at NDSU? Doesn't seem like it was even a year.
  5. I think NIck "the East Lansing strangler" Simmons and brother Andy Simmons were both undefeated in high school. Not sure if this included all-star matches.
  6. Imar seems big for the weight. If he moves up he will have to deal with both Jordans for several years, plus whoever Okie puts out next year, Dieringer, Marstellar, etc.
  7. Disagree, that was clearly clasping. Reaction time on clasping applies to after a takedown, not so much while riding.
  8. I don't really agree with Jammen on this particular issue, but I'm glad he and the Guillotine worked things out. In watching Eggum's recap video I sensed that he was frustrated with the conflicting advice being yelled from the bench to Dardanes during the closing seconds of the match. I think it's likely that some were telling ND to ride out while others were yelling to cut him. Wrestling, unlike sports like basketball and football, doesn't allow you to take a timeout to stop and discuss options in the closing seconds. I would chalk this up as too many cooks in the kitchen or coaches in the corner as it may be. I do agree that it should be one persons job to just monitor score, riding time, etc, and not worry so much about yelling advice during a match.
  9. The Gophers have about a half dozen 125's on their roster, who, at least to me, seem pretty close in ability. It would be a shame not to put one of them on the mat. With that many guys there is only going to be so many opportunities to compete.
  10. For those of you not familiar with Zillmer, he was a 130 pounder as a senior in high school and 112 as a junior. It wouldn't shock me to see him at 197 next year. He just keeps growing.
  11. Not really. I saw a very traditional and boring crade, arm bars,etc. He did mix in a cement mixer though.
  12. Dylan Ness and Johnny Knoxville
  13. Heil was a half-step quicker then ND early in the match, but the veteran wore him down.
  14. Okay. The other two are NQ's and Gasca will likely be one. My intent wasn't an analysis of the MSU wrestlers past accomplishments. Just pointing out Gophers that quality wins.
  15. He just didn't want to say he toe-d you so.
  16. No pin for Ness, but he did a cartwheel before shooting a td at the end of the 3rd to get the major. CD, Wanzek, and Pfarr had wins against respectable national qualifiers.
  17. Both Minnesota guys at 165 (one of Minnys question mark weights coming into the season) had nice days today. At the Luther college tourny Brandon Kingsley had two tech falls and two quick pins without giving up a point before falling 3-2 to Nick Moore in the finals. The freshman Nick Wanzek beat two ranked opponents from Air Force and Wyoming, almost majoring Jesse Stafford, who beat Isaac Jordan last week. Wanzek won the head to head between the two at the Bison last week on an end of match td, so I think you got to keep him as the starter for now.
  18. Gophers looked a little flat overall today. I'm not worried at all though. I really like the look of this years team.
  19. The interviewer doesn't even know how to respond to that craziness. Wait until you've at least been a full time starter before saying you're better then a multiple time national champ.
  20. He has blood coming out of a bodily orifice and you are looking for what.....a more detailed explanation? Isn't that enough?
  21. sgallan, I'm not sure if you are actually a dart player/fan like myself, but there was great matches from the dartslive Las Vegas Open streaming live on the internet today.
  22. No, according to Coach Eggum, but he did consider it.
  23. I don't think they are identical twins. Hope this clears things up for you all. :roll:
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