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  1. Don't forget Abdurakhmonov
  2. If Cox tried to make a run at 125 he might win a few matches but he'd end up injured like Gatsalov and Lowney. The only reason Kyle Snyder can still wrestle is because he did short seasons at hwt.
  3. Imho Steveson doesn't get enough credit for his technique. He's always in good position and his timing is what sets him apart.
  4. I think overall Kudakhov is my choice. For Canada we have Gia Sissouri 1x gold 1x silver 2x bronze at worlds and silver in 96. Tonya Verbeek probabaly the best woman to never win gold. Three time Olympic medalest with her only loses coming to Yoshida. Also should have beat Yoshida in 2011. Christine Nordhagen won 6 world titles including 1996 and 2000 before women were in the Olympics.
  5. Balfour was supposed to wrestle for Canada at the Olympic qualifiers but has been informed his Olympic trials win is no longer valid. Looks like cawa messed up the rules and now he's paying for it. https://torontosun.com/sports/other-sports/scarborough-wrestler-jevon-balfour-has-his-olympic-dream-pulled-out-from-under-him
  6. In Kurts book he said he weighed like 210 at the Olympics and never had to cut to make 100kg/220lbs.
  7. I think it's going to come down to who can defend the takedown better and I think that's still Gwiz.
  8. Do you know why Makhov didn't wrestle greco? I wonder why Russia is so weak at heavyweight in both styles
  9. Gatsalov loses badly. Does not seem himself. I wonder if he will still be the rep for worlds.
  10. I think so as well. All American medalists converted to Greco from folk. And with the unfortunate state of Greco the last few years you can win with a very limited (although refined) skill set.
  11. Plenty of guys go up and win matches against good competition. I'd say Adam Satiev was undersized for 85 when he won in 2000. Dabir went from 58 to 63 and was a bad clinch call away from winning gold. Paslar won his gold the same tournament standing a foot under everyone else. The list can go on and on. Including guys going down a weight and doing worse. Hwts are at a disadvantage in this because they can't go up and beat anyone so they either beat a smaller man or lose to him, a lose-lose situation. I love Gatsalov and his hwt world championship was great to see but styles make matches and it's not like Gadisov or Sadullaev would be able to accomplish the same thing. We should also bring up the football and basketball stealing larger athletes argument. Even though worldwide soccer is way more popular and I don't see too many potential heavies out on the pitch. Most wrestling cultures care way more about heavies than any other weight. The Russian's are doing another hwt only tournament for a bunch of money. The only Iranian to win gold at hwt became a huge celebrity and pretty much retired after his gold. Ghasemi was the flag barer for the closing ceremonies because he medaled at hwt, despite having a few gold medalests at other weights. The Indo-Canadian community shares these feelings too having hwt only tournaments and they used to give $5,000 to the winner of the 96 vs 120 match at the Hargobind. All of this leads me to believe anyone who thought they could have success at hwt would try to.
  12. Great points. But I think the mentality shouldn't be to focus on the moves with your dominant hand. Yes it will give you an initial boost, but in terms of investing for the athletes future training both sides should develop their overall coordination. Developing your skills as a wrestler should be about putting yourself in uncomfortable situations not sticking to what you're good at naturally.
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