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  1. Rivera is 7-2 @Northwestern, he's wrestled 9+ matches for Puerto Rico? (dont think so...)
  2. Be surprised if he didn't get a degree..he's very close(1 or 2 sems away at most) to 1 already
  3. My Favorite wrestler, Randolph NJ
  4. Zane had 12 unanswered pts,the last 4 were sloppy,but Zane gassed him and dominated the last 3 mins. Hard to call stock down on Zane but stock up on Joey?
  5. he also lost on a video review vs ZV, he wasn't healthy all that much during the rest of his career at CH,tried to wrestle thru though .
  6. Evan and Ethan Ramos are Twins. Evan AA @Shippensburg, Ethan AA @UNC.
  7. Always been a big fan of Goody...Dude gets it #rollhorse
  8. how do i put photo on my profile?

  9. Interesting potential match up: RU vs UNC @165...Perrotti vs Ramos 2 AA's from NJ #RollHorse(s)
  10. Kyle Kiss was the sole reason Ramos was a AA last yr.?? BS Ramos would have AAed at any D1 school-its about Ramos not an assistant coach.
  11. tightwaist-any idea how many mats Deep Run can accommodate? looks like its about 10-12 mi from Arthur Ashe Ctr.?
  12. hearing that The NCO has been moved from Arthur Ashe Ctr. in Richmond to Glen Allen HS,Glen Allen Va. Can anyone confirm or has any other info.. Sucks if its true
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