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  1. Howard aint making 118, he's gonna have a hell of a time making 125 next yr.
  2. Regardless of an 11th weight, The nattys should be a 24 man brackett. 33 out of 77(this yr. 33/72) make the show,thats over 43% of all participants
  3. What has Scott done? Carolina should be a top 5-10 team every year. Way overated
  4. 1 of those aint a rumor....
  5. No injury,Lipari has won all wrestle-offs, as a matter of fact Chlebove has yet to score an offensive pt on Lipari in multiple wrestle-offs,the last being right before conference. Lipari got screwed,plain and simple. Upside-Lipari is about to get his Masters degree
  6. good question, dont know of or heard about any injury. JMO but its gonna be a struggle to make '25.
  7. Looks like no Howard (at least in the IU match)
  8. assume the undercard is being broadcasted-I cant seem to get in,have a rokfin acct. how do I get it?
  9. Ashnault probably walks around within 2-3 lbs of 150
  10. I dont think we'll see Glory this yr
  11. Aragona is no where close to T10,geez he's not close to T20. Can he jump levels? its possible BUT the jury is definitely still out. Doubt he gets the 49 spot anytime soon
  12. Rivera,Suriano & Alverez...who's the 4th top 10 guy? maybe I missing someone?
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