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  1. assume the undercard is being broadcasted-I cant seem to get in,have a rokfin acct. how do I get it?
  2. Ashnault probably walks around within 2-3 lbs of 150
  3. I dont think we'll see Glory this yr
  4. Aragona is no where close to T10,geez he's not close to T20. Can he jump levels? its possible BUT the jury is definitely still out. Doubt he gets the 49 spot anytime soon
  5. Rivera,Suriano & Alverez...who's the 4th top 10 guy? maybe I missing someone?
  6. Real good 25 lber(Cardinale) available
  7. Hearing rumblings that they did NOT GOOD
  8. Way too many commercials. What did JFK actually do in his 1000 days as president? Im not sure he would have been re-elected in '64
  9. son of a bit*h-DIII just got cancelled, would imagine DII also
  10. just talked to a few of my guys, everything ready to go tomorrow morning(doesn't mean it can't change though,they cancelled the Big East BB tourny in the middle of a game)
  11. gonna be a lot of eyeballs on track this weekend, last live college wrestling 4 awhile
  12. any chance of a different(smaller) venue? probably too late I would imagine
  13. Aragona progressing well? looks like he took a step back....
  14. I know Graff is in the bracket but he was at The RAC today coaching Rutgers?
  15. Griffith just won 4-0 Dude is chill-doesn't ever get rattled,was like that in HS
  16. very minor pt but how in the world does it take 12 hrs to go from Lakewood Ohio to East Stroudsburg Pa.(I know its a bus ride,but jeez)
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