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  1. Evan and Ethan Ramos are Twins. Evan AA @Shippensburg, Ethan AA @UNC.
  2. Always been a big fan of Goody...Dude gets it #rollhorse
  3. how do i put photo on my profile?

  4. Interesting potential match up: RU vs UNC @165...Perrotti vs Ramos 2 AA's from NJ #RollHorse(s)
  5. Kyle Kiss was the sole reason Ramos was a AA last yr.?? BS Ramos would have AAed at any D1 school-its about Ramos not an assistant coach.
  6. tightwaist-any idea how many mats Deep Run can accommodate? looks like its about 10-12 mi from Arthur Ashe Ctr.?
  7. hearing that The NCO has been moved from Arthur Ashe Ctr. in Richmond to Glen Allen HS,Glen Allen Va. Can anyone confirm or has any other info.. Sucks if its true
  8. Billy Ashnault beat Port in '11 @Clarion...
  9. 149: I was not at all expecting Hamann to defeat Castillo and am very anxious to see how Hamann does aginst Grajales. in the last 2 weeks Hamann has beaten #15 Ervin(Ill.) and #14 Castillo...real good somewhat overlooked Jersey kid,RainMan is off to a good start in college....
  10. I could see tOSU or NW....dont see '84 in the future though, more like '74 (not a real tall kid)
  11. I could see tOSU or NW....dont see '84 in the future though, more like '74 (not a real tall kid)
  12. Wonder how long it will be before he transfers to tOSU Dont know about tOSU but Lincoln could be his next stop.
  13. Not surprising, Smith is pretty good - took Lawson to OT last year. Very surprised by the Realbuto result. Mostly chalk elsewhere. Lopez must be pretty good - true freshman. Lost on a late reversal to Gardner yesterday. Bounces Cruz today. Not surprised by either...both RS Sophs,both state champs..Perrotti is 4 Real and Smith has Top 10 talent
  14. Wayne Catan...Tenn and Syracuse lost to Mel Douglas 2x in finals while at Syracuse jr and sr yr...AAed his soph yr @Tenn
  15. The software did not have Winstons name in the line-up but they had Scott Goodales name in the line-up so we went with Goodale cause he was the only other Scott,had to adjust on the fly
  16. He's in the 2012-2013 Iowa Central team picture
  17. Ethan Orr(labette) JUCO National Champ @165..should be red shirting this year then off to D1, a real sleeper...watch out
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